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Zai Miztiq – Fuckup Nights SG

Zai Miztiq – Fuckup Nights SG

hi guys how is everyone doing good good great good ok so the top is what the f moments do you react or do you respond because if i can share a bit about reacting and responding while they set up that middle part yeah a lot of times when we are in a effort moment right we’re like are you just react and then you become depressed and then you interaction you just morning about it and then you don’t move forward so there’s a choice between reacting or responding and then executing you know I mean yeah so slides please obviously my name is I mystique that I’m sirens item budget but it’s a mistake on social media and whatever not so yeah I’m a coach at the speaker or something it’s like school first then it’s good yeah so I’m a coach out the speaker basically I help people renew your aspirations I help people turn your dreams into reality with confidence and clarity because you just then dreams into reality without confidence and clarity you move two steps forward ten steps back through yes ok call so i also found a sisterhood mentorship program i’m not families just I feel that when women a happier we have a happier household help your community happier world through ladies and gentlemen yes so I started out of my first business was misty cart things 2014 baidu head and body at I took it to Japan and i’m sharing with you too extreme became a six months he was super fun and then after that something happened I couldn’t go out to work so you guys know the story coming out i set the mystic shoppy animistic green so Miss and i was learning arabic i was a enjoyed it more cause Yemen for two years and I thought I came back create a program called right speaking Arabic not Arabic sir everybody Arabic the language okay and then eventually as you can see I don’t collect boyfriends I collect friends and boyfriends ok anyway I eventually two years ago I happened was I thought that a mystic Academy under the wing of mr. international because I could do my hannah i could sell things online i could teach the language i was happy and then I had a call from a random person on my facebook and she went like can I speak to you for like 10 minutes or so I’m like okay give me a call and call her what happened was she supposed to me just before hang-ups it thank you for speaking to me because I was just thinking of committing suicide I feel better now so I like doing what do i do know there is something that I need to do right ok so that’s the story of Japan so just after I I didn’t quit school I’m not like a school dropout something I finished school but I was a model i was doing make that always make up at least I i was introduced to hannah and i took Hannah into Japan superfine to extreme became a stay and then my favorite student and then the Japanese students as living in japan by turning my passion into profits that is one of the things i did i was so excited I wanted to set that I had a school in Japan was interviewed by Tokyo fan magazines radio was just so if I was as I on Japan you know I mean I was only 20 then was so fun and then I want to set our hands square came back to Singapore there was off course when you become foreign talent then they recognize you right so I George Jung came to my house this video interview this isn’t ocular fam of weight you know magazines TV suddenly become a ft laughs or intelli right again so that happened and everything was good i had like bookings for corporate events for bridal henna for classes two years in advance but into a crow 205 i was in a shouldn’t sound so happy right yeah I’m Evan accident fracture dislocated my spine dr see I cannot walk anymore before yeah this is a miracle a dissimilarity so I happened was I fractured this look at my spine notice it you cannot walk anymore even if after the operation the chances of you walking again is five percent that’s it so this is a living miracle and miracles happen this was i can react to this and feel like a victim for life but of course you didn’t was not automatic I’m not like superwoman a year into the game into entry/exit my one-year anniversary i ask myself do I want to be a victim for life or do I want to come out victorious what is my purpose for being why didn’t I just died in the accident that got me thinking so I travel there was when I travel I went to London cyprus Syria was not wearing the hijab before the accident didn’t inspire me to look for spirituality of God because it was huge ego right let your got your awesome but no but anyways I started wearing the hijab it was a journey as well a big challenge and I was in London cyber Syria i found a hijab fashion that was nine years ago before everything you to pass on now not everybody sells everything on facebook way so that was nine years ago pioneer batch selling stocks online Matri 25 be working from home couldn’t go out to work so i brought my my business home and was awesome good one but anyways just after the accident I have broken spine our jobless all my savings were depleting right because i had to go for doctors appointment physiotherapy Mets then I had to get like fixtures in the house to feel comfortable and after 10 months of the accident only had 10 USD to my name country and the boys u10 what you have done something to think about what you react to a situation or respond instantly to your Lance’s laughs I decided it out we’re victim for life come on Victoria is what I want to do and the best part was half the time family don’t really support you you’re on your own right not all of us are fortunate to have like yeah I have siblings I have everyone’s there but you’re on your own do it so whenever you want to do something don’t think too hard what would be putting what people say people will talk let them talk you just move forward and do what you need to do can good so it now is didn’t mean I said I wanted to discover what was my purpose for being i say i desire to redesign my life I wanted to be a brand-new mean I want the world to know that you can be whatever you want to be what everyone will be your faith in love you must be happy because only you can make you happy it’s great if you have a partner makes you happy but here so quick access that which you have your baggages so clear all your past diagnose who you are i’ll share a bit about that how you how I brought myself to where I am today helping people so this is the New Paper article she broke her spine but not her spirit ok so the moral of the story is simple. It’s okay to be a glowstick sometimes we need to break before we shine right you know that anyways you know that party stuff and then you shine right? Yeah so this is a very powerful… this was a TV interview and also a business award I received earlier this year whereby the chambers of commerce nice and steady you like that i like it and there was recently I was in Japan launching my hangout therapy launching my book signing just in november i just came back like in november and I came back because I promised Angela was going to speak two days so thank you guys yes not i’ll still be in japan so don’t count your days may be a discount it’s very important have some copies of my book so I basically wrote in your passion to profits and five things I love about being a woman so basically i teach you to appreciate yourself respect yourself and trust yourself because if you don’t love yourself nobody’s gonna love you and is not about being self i’m all about me myself and I if you don’t be found and grounded you cannot help the world how many of you taking a flight before the flight airplane yes of course right and then why did the lady say put on your oxygen mask before helping the rest of the world yes so there’s the same thing for you guys ok so so basically just to share be because I went through a lot of stuff not a lot i’m sure of us had moments in our life whatever we went through i just want to share how did I get to wear empty i was training scorched two years ago help you get ahead of Gallup strengthsfinder personality tears go up yeah okay great so basically I was trying to coach how I help people is I help them diagnose who you are then I hope that what pass your past because as long as you have all those pass my mom’s a chance to be I’m not good enough my family called me sleep becoming lazy and sleeping hit but i got myself sleeping beauty in state so i right so I called i’ll be so people can say whatever you want to see identify who you are desire check as yourself what to you one truly personally not for my children for my mother for my girlfriend whatever know what do you want really this was a had not question i had two years ago ahead and i said i don’t know what I want then I live my life I have money I traveled but I don’t know then I wasn’t just any before they got no you are identified what you want to do is that why your heart desire and then this site what how you want to move forward for me I decided we’re gonna be a politician junkie APN inspire people all know my do but oh I was an option all be a celebrity of the international speaker travel the world help people so this was a path i decided to do so I end my speech with this we feel less than a percent of what sets your hearts on fire and be the strong surface access you are listening to be thank you question question question please you special place tough questions you perhaps relating to your accident or something else when I wasn’t the x-ray and e.on that bait strap top I the only thing that I thought of was my mom i said i cannot die i have to leave for my mom so sometimes you need to have a reason to live for maybe but eventually got to asking myself what was my purpose for being and then moving from their identify what my purpose was and then to get from their Christian I guess by it thank you yeah just wondering is ya era ok I mean secure the how do you pick yourself up the living about I mean unless feet n dot and US dollars after that yeah but you have to read my book then your passion into profit but what I did was really really let me show you something I had a cool cause five dollars you know the henna paste record five dollars so i said if i cannot draw him out because of my broken spine i can teach it to people so my basic book shop is about $50 my professional courses about four hundred dollars for two hours lesson and then from that saving money same thing is that i’m wearing right now DJ business empty i started before $200 supply and then I triple for portability and then buy stocks to buy stocks have my stocks and sell I mean by supplies and sell and that’s how I started having make money and they said you know you’re too comfortable you don’t think about moving forward so your stylist who I need to think i need to think how to get yeah so yeah any money and then I travel again i went to Jordan Morocco Yemen I learned the language and spend a lot of money two years overseas not cheap but then again and came back i started teaching our big and then I realized why I started coaching program on languaging program was because I wanted to do something that I could do I could be in the Caribbean is now I was in Japan doing my coaching program i’m not how I finally found the formula so that’s why do i do today is that small start believing your five dollar business before i went to japan my family is it we have half a million asset what can you find all the business do for you my fight all the business took me to Japan last man make me you know i appear on TV and radio and neverness underestimate what you’ve got and you all have inside of you yes yes down here in life who was the strongest ones that spot that energy question okay what was this idea that anyone get it well of course I had a very good friend who we were involved in the accident together by broke my spine and she didn’t know she was quite cool and we were very good friends then then then we were very good friends like you know yeah and well she was there for me very helpful very useful and eventually like I will have frequency and wipes doesn’t match anymore so we fall out reset there was a very big breaking down point for me it happened two years ago Lee and well I said do or die yeah toward I this is a people can top people are there one day and they’re not the next day but you are life you get up and do what you need to do is not easy find friends like minded people a bit crazy so get too crazy don’t get too close and then yeah well for uh-huh it thank you

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