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Zach King Learns Arabic in Dubai ! زاك كينغ يتكلّم العربية

– Hi!
– Hey! – What’s up?
– What’s up? Hello! Today we are at Burj Khalifa We have a special guest with us! If you are familiar with Zach Zach King! He’s got some special moves like these We will go to the top of Burj Khalifa then we will have lunch Stay tuned! Hopefully, I will have a new partner for Season 3! Layla is busy shooting another show and I will have a new partner I hope you’ll enjoy the third season! It’s going to be so much fun! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share! There’s a lot of people on this floor so we should stick together to not lose one another Rouhana is definitely getting lost because he’s tiny We can’t see you Here’s Rouhana. You don’t see him often. He’s always behind the camera shouting 24/7 – I’m always shouting but you can’t hear it after editing
– He’s always shouting but you don’t hear him This is from Guinness World Records It states that this floor has the highest balcony in the world So you have the highest balcony in the world? – Hey guys, I think we’re in the wrong spot. There’s a balcony
– What? On the other side Oh my God! – Like an open balcony?
– Open balcony…exactly We are going outside now, on the highest balcony in the world! We’re going to feel the wind! If we fall, we’re falling to our deaths – Like we’re skydiving
– Exactly Omar, do you want to go skydiving from up here? – I jumped from a higher altitude
– Higher than this? It was higher – Way higher
– Really? – I swear
– Okay – Burj Khalifa appears as tiny as this
– That’s right! The view is amazing Honestly, the view is incredible We have DJ Bliss with us this episode But we should have him….What is this low angle? – Look at us…can you bring the camera higher? I told you Omar, use yourself as the stick – Hi
– We look better – Hi
– Hi Thumbnail Dj Bliss, say something in Arabic Something in Arabic We want to teach DJ Bliss how to speak Arabic You have Omar for Arabic and me for English – We got him to speak Arabic
– He speaks Arabic better than both of us Omar Exactly – Hello …that’s all I know
– See, he already knows One point for Zach – That’s the only word you know?
– That’s the only one I know – Okay so let’s try…like you said Marhaba (Hello)
– Marhaba – My name is
– My name is Zach King – You know that? Come on!
– Hello, my name is Zach King – I’m a sea??
– I’m afraid… I’m afraid – From ….heights
– From….heights *Tries to repeat the sentence*
I’m “a spray” from I’m “crepe” “Bahalya? Good enough Say cheese Okay guys, 3,2,1 – Tell me how you feel
– I’m getting a little… – Is this your first time on this deck?
– On this deck…yeah I’ve been to the restaurant but never on the balcony It’s the wind. When feel the wind on my hands it makes me start feeling like… – We did skydiving here
– I did skydive…yes So when you’re skydiving you see Burj Khalifa – It is actually very tiny, that’s true
– This tiny, right? Rouhana’s really happy because we are going to the restaurant Sometimes we are shooting for 5 to 7 hours and Rouhana gives us nothing to eat Do you know that I’ll edit this video and remove this part? Today I’m taking him to the most delicious and most expensive restaurant – You’ll see it on camera
– Liar! He’s not the one taking us of course Wow – Yeah?
– Wow – Hello my loves, how are you?
– Hello my loves, how are you? Hello my loves, how are you? If I had a YouTube channel, I’d be angry all the time – I know
– Would you like to watch these types of videos? – Me just breaking stuff all the time
– I wish! It would be nice It is nice, isn’t it? We are done for today! We went to Burj Khalifa with… – … DJ Bliss…
– Subscribe to have a chance…. – Let him finish
– …and Rouhana and Zach Rouhana has a gift for you Subscribe, comment and like and two lucky winners will be chosen to be win a tour of Burj Khalifa and lunch at Atmosphere. – The restaurant up there
– Will you come with the winners? – Will you accompany the winners?
– I’ll join the winners for lunch, what do you think? Okay See you!

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