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Yeshu Masih Ep 14-51- subtitles: English, Arabic, Russian

Yeshu Masih Ep 14-51- subtitles: English, Arabic, Russian

In the Beginning was the Word.
And the Word was with God And the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made;
Without Him nothing is made that has been made. In Him was Life!
And that Life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness:
But the darkness hasn’t understood it. He was in the world and…
Though the world was made through Him The world did not recognize Him.
He came to that which was His own But His own did not receive Him. Yet to all who received Him, He gave
The right to become children of God. To those who believed in His name. Children born NOT of natural descent;
Nor of human decision or a husband’s will: But born of God. The Word became flesh! And full of Grace and Truth:
Made His dwelling among us. We have seen His Glory: of the ONE and ONLY-
Who came from the FATHER. From the fullness of His grace
We’ve received One blessing after another. For the law was given through Moses;
Grace & Truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God!
But GOD the ONE and ONLY: Who is at the FATHER’S side
Has made HIM known. Looking at the state of this world,
In such a way mercy He bestowed Leaving His heavenly abode,
He made His dwelling place on earth Still why do you turn from HIM your face
All you simple ones Just for your sake did HE…
Sacrifice Himself on the Cross !!! Offered He sacrifice of Self For the sake of the Sinful-world He was mounted on the Cross. For the sins of the whole world. Granting the world with Freedom: Sacrificed Himself Messiah. This Tyrant world has brought… What condition to my Messiah. How do I give the description For the hardships of my Messiah. How do I give the description For the hardships of my Messiah. This Tyrant world has brought… What condition to my Messiah. How do I give the description For the hardships of my Messiah… For the hardships of my Messiah… For the hardships of my Messiah… [Murmuring of people] Is it lawful…
To heal on the Sabbath? Get up and stand in front of everyone. I ask you… Which is lawful on the Sabbath:
To do good or to do evil? Rabbi, to do good. To save life or to destroy it? Rabbi, to save life. If any of you has a sheep… And it falls into a pit on the Sabbath Will you not take hold of it;
Lift it out? How much more valuable…
Is a Man, than a sheep! Therefore it is lawful,
To do good on the Sabbath. Stretch out your hand. In this life full of darkness,
He fills it with brightness. To the weak and the helpless,
Support, He provides them. Amidst all miseries,
You will progress by following Him. From the agonies of our life,
We will find liberation… We will find liberation. This sinful soul, this body defiled,
Lord purifies it with His grace infinite. Lord purifies it with His grace infinite…
This sinful soul… The Pharisees went out… And began to plot with the Herodians…
How they might kill Jesus. Aware of this Jesus withdrew to the lake.
And a large crowd from Galilee followed: From Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea and…
The regions across the Jordan and… Around Tyre and Sidon
Many people came to Him: When people heard all He was doing…
To hear and to be healed of their diseases. Those troubled by evil spirits were cured. And the people all tried to touch Him because,
Power was coming from Him; healing them all. We come from Judea,
And my sister is very sick. Master, please heal her. I am healed… Thank you Lord;
Praise and Glory to you! AAAH… Lord…Lord…Lord…
O Lord, my brother is possessed by demons. We have come from Jerusalem.
Have mercy on us. Who ever trusts in Jesus Christ Will he only receive salvation. From the agony in body and soul Receive in moments liberation. Who ever trusts in Jesus Christ. [ Murmuring of people ] Lord…
I come from…the regions across the Jordan. I’m partly paralyzed
.I believe that only YOU can heal me. Help me, Lord…
Have mercy on me, Lord. Have mercy on me,
O Son of David. Have mercy. Son, be healed!
Be it to you, according to your faith. Lord… I’m healed! Lord…
I am from Tyre and I’m a leper. Please heal me, Lord.
Help me please. Daughter, be healed!
Your faith… has healed you! Lord, thank you! Lord, I’m from Sidon,
And I’m a leper, too. Please heal me as well.
– Daughter, according to your faith be healed. I’m healed. Thanks be to God.
See, See…I’m healed. Peter, have a small boat ready…
To keep the people from crowding Me. You are the Son of God. Be quiet! And come out of him! When ever your life is encircled,
With shadows of evil spirits When ever your life is encircled,
With shadows of evil spirits Only the Lord will cleanse you,
From all of your impurities… From all of your impurities. Who ever trusts in Jesus Christ. What was spoken through the Prophet Isaiah,
This was to fulfill: Here is My Servant whom I have chosen:
The One I Love in whom I delight. I will put My Spirit on Him and…
He will proclaim justice to the nations. He will not quarrel or cry out;
No one will hear His voice in the streets. A bruised reed He will not break and,
A smoldering wick He will not snuff out: Till He leads Justice to Victory…
In His name the nations will put their hope. One of those days…Jesus went out,
To a mountainside to pray. And spent the night praying to God. He called His disciples to Him. After showing passion for Jesus,
He began to follow Him. Behind this face was a betrayer… A face in disguise. O… after showing passion for Jesus… The rich live a life of comfort and luxury. O, Judas…
Where have you 3 been? And where is the Master?
He is on the mountainside – So early today? He has been there praying the whole night.
Whole night? Yes. He has called us all over there.
Inform the others and come soon. Yes.
Come…come, lets’ go. Take this… Now eat this also. Eat this fruit…
No… I’ve already eaten more than required.
You eat. O generous man…
Please give me some left over food. I’m…Go! Go away! We’ve no left over.
Mercy, I haven’t eaten since many days. Mercy. You have come here as well, huh?
Halleluiah… Halleluiah! Go; bring for him food to eat.
Halleluiah. For him there is food, but not for me! These beggars don’t tire begging at the temple,
And now, they even bother us at our homes. You are right.
This is very delicious. Have mercy, I’m very hungry.
Mercy, please, you give something… Praise be to God…
Praise be to Him ! I won’t leave you…
Nor will I – I hate you. I hate you! Why are these two fighting?
Weren’t they good friends? A curse come upon you…
And on your household. Hey, listen…
Why are you fighting? Stop. What is going on there?
Run, soldiers… You – Come here!
Me? What have I done? Come near and we will tell you. You only know how to fight;
Now carry this load for us. It is too heavy for me, alone…
How do you dare to deny us? Don’t you know, you are obliged
To carry this load for us upto a mile. Lift! Pick it up! Move on! Forgive me friend.
What is the matter? My friend had borrowed my cloak…
But now, he denies returning it. Did you see him?
Yes, he went there. Come, let’s go. Return this loan with interest.
Yes Master. Thank you very much.
I will soon return it with interest. Master, my need for money is urgent.
Please lend me also. I will return to you at harvest time. I know that you are an honest man But all I had…in front of you,
I gave to the other man. But come tomorrow…
I will see if I can do anything. But you’ve been calling me since 3 days.
But you’re late. You always come late. And come,,,
After I have lend it to somebody. Where are the disciples going?
The Master isn’t with them. Where is the Master? – I don’t know.
Even the disciples aren’t seen today. I just saw them going towards the mountain.
Was the Master with them? – No. I think they must be going to Him.
Come let’s inform the others and go there. Jesus called His disciples to Him,
And chose Twelve. That they might be with Him and…
That He might send them out to preach; To have authority to drive out demons and,
To heal from sicknesses and diseases. His invitation is to all mankind Come sinners return I am the way to liberation Come… come to me everyone Such a summons is for you Which is the desire of my Lord. From Calvary there is flowing This stream of blood. Just for you and me this is This is the love of my Savior From Calvary there is flowing This stream of blood.

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