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Yeshu Masih Ep 01-51- subtitles: English, Arabic, Russian

Yeshu Masih Ep 01-51- subtitles: English, Arabic, Russian

The Truth unto whom, The heavens, the sun and the moon,
Planets, the stars, and the earth bow down. Without ME, the life of every human being Is vanity.
It is Incomplete! Because I AM ETERNAL, and I AM PERFFECT!
My Presence is from Everlasting! I AM present today; also be present tomorrow;
And I was also present when God, Used to speak to mankind,
Through the prophets. Do you know who a prophet is? A prophet is a man from God; a voice from God;
And that the prophet speaks in God’s name, If anyone does not listen to the words,
God will call him to account. You may say to yourselves: How can we know:
When a message hasn’t been spoken by the Lord? What a prophet claims in the name of the Lord,
If it doesn’t take place or come true: That is a message the Lord has not spoken.
That prophet has spoken presumptuously! From now… about 2400 years ago God, through the prophet Malachi,
Spoke to the people : Ever since the time of your forefathers…
You have turned away from My decrees: And you have not kept them. Return to Me and I will return to you! See… I will send My messenger:
Who will prepare the way before Me! Then suddenly:
Lord you are seeking will come! And you will again see the distinction:
Between the righteous and the wicked; Between those who serve God,
And those who don’t. Then come: Let’s go to country-side of Judea-
Whose king is Herod and where: Prophecy foretold by prophet Malachi Is fulfilled:
BUT HOW? Let’s see! Looking at the state of this world,
In such a way, mercy He bestowed, Leaving His heavenly abode:
He made His dwelling on earth! Still, why do you turn from HIM your face,
All you simple ones? Just for your sake did HE…
Sacrificed Himself on the Cross!!! Offered He, sacrifice of Self, For the sake of the Sinful-world, He was mounted on the cross, For the sins of the whole world For the sins of the whole world Granting the world with Freedom, Sacrificed Himself, Messiah, This Tyrant world has brought What condition to my Messiah. How do I give the description, For the hardships of my Messiah. How do I give the description, For the hardships of my Messiah. This Tyrant world has brought What condition to my Messiah. How do I give the description, For the hardships of my Messiah. For the hardships of my Messiah. For the hardships of my Messiah. This is priest Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah belongs to the priestly division of Abijah;
Elizabeth is a descendant of Aaron. Both of them, husband and wife
Are upright in the sight of God; Observing all the Lord’s commandments;
And regulations blamelessly. But they have no children because…
Elizabeth is barren.
– Amen! Amen! Aye … Just look… Today, she is drawing water before us.
Who is it? That Elizabeth, who is barren.
She is a shame to womanhood! – Hannah! You shouldn’t speak like this, Hannah,
After all, we too are women. Yes, but not barren with the grace of God,
We’re blessed with children. But look at her: She married before us, yet she has not
Given birth to even one child. Why? Only God knows what sins she has committed,
That she is barren! – Be quiet! Hannah! There isn’t a single day that passes-by,
Without you insulting this helpless woman. Look at her! She doesn’t like my speaking,
As if not Elizabeth, but she who is barren. Hannah! – Why do you scream?
Aren’t you ashamed to talk like this? She should be ashamed!
In the life of God’s servant, Zechariah… She is the cause of unfruitfulness.
Hannah! She should have jumped in this well to die: The moment the Judean country came to know
That she is barren. Now enough, Hannah !
You are a woman too.It doesn’t mean that… Because God has graced you with a child,
You become proud. Oh ho, oh ho…
Forgive her Elizabeth. I can understand the pain in your heart. Only God knows, what sins she has committed,
That she is left barren. She should have jumped in this well to die… The moment the Judean country came to know
That she is barren. No… No… O Lord, O my God…
Why this injustice…? Why am I barren?
Why… why am I barren? O Lord my God…
Why? Elizabeth, look at me.
Sit beside me. I understand the reason you are crying.
The world may say many things… But you shouldn’t keep their insults In your heart,
Elizabeth. Being a barren…
Is it your fault? After all, I’m a woman too.
Elizabeth… My ears have longed to hear the word,‘Mother’…
Yet I endured… Yet I hear Barren…Barren…Barren…
I’m … Control yourself, Elizabeth.
How much more control? You have always encouraged me.
But our whole young-age has passed with a hope: That if not today, then tomorrow…
God will answer our prayers. But, all in vain. I do understand that you have lost patience. You have a brokenness in your spirit,
Elizabeth. Yet I want to remind you regarding barren-women,
Wwhat God has said: Don’t forget it. God has said:
Sing O barren woman, You who never bore a child;
Burst into song; Shout for joy…
You who were never in labor; Burst into song,
Shout for joy… Because more are the children of the Desolate woman
Than of her who has a husband. Yes, I remember. Elizabeth, there are times…
We don’t understand the will of God. But I know one thing, whatever happens…
Let God be glorified. May God forgive me. Yes, for my lack of self-control-
I had truly forgotten God. God is the potter and I am the clay.
And He has the right… To make me the way He wants me to be.
Halleluiah! You too eat your food.
Then, pack my things. I have already packed. You know what I see,
Years have past… But your habit is the same as:
Since you first came in this house. You have not changed at all.
Why? Before I was young, now I’m old. Yes… In body, not in heart. And this is the reason,
You always care for me. Stop flattering me. And now, take rest.
You have an early morning journey to Jerusalem. Yes, come, Elizabeth. Once when Zechariah’s division was on duty; And he was serving as priest before God, He was chosen by lot…
According to the custom of priesthood: To go into the temple of the LORD…
And burn incense. [Murmuring of people] Quiet.. quiet please.
Zechariah has been chosen…so listen: It is time for burning of the incense:
So let us all assemble and pray. Praise be to God!
Glory be to God! At your doorstep, I come to worship…
Have I come with outstretched arms: You have filled my empty bosom… You have Lighted the Lamp of Life. At your doorstep, I come to worship… What is the matter?
Why has Zechariah delayed in coming out? Nothing as such has happened before.
You think something must have happened? Don’t be afraid, Zechariah.
And listen: your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth,
Will bear you a son. And you are to give him…
The name JOHN. He will be a joy and delight to you.
And many will rejoice because of his birth. For he will be great…
In the sight of the Lord. He is never to take wine…
Or fermented drink. And even from birth He will be…
Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Many of the people of Israel, he will bring
Back to the Lord their God; and glorify Him. And in the spirit and power of Elijah,
He will go on before the Lord. To turn the hearts…
Of the fathers to their children – And the disobedient,
To the wisdom of the righteous – To make ready…
A people for the Lord. How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and…
My wife is well along in years. Please tell me.
I am Gabriel. Gabriel?
Yes, I am Gabriel. And I stand in the presence of God;
And I have been sent to speak to you. And to tell you this good news. And now… and now, listen Zechariah:
Because you didn’t believe my words, You will be silent…
And unable to speak: Until the day this happens…
Which will come true at their proper time. My soul was without any hope,
Expectations were shattered. Within a moment in my life,
You gave me a wonderful delight. Lord, you did out of your compassion,
Blossom my desolate garden… Blossom my desolate garden. At your doorstep, I come to worship, [Murmuring of crowd] What is the matter?
Why did it take you so long? Why don’t you speak?
He’s probably lost the strength of his voice? When he went inside, he was normal.
Suddenly this dumbness. How? I think the clue behind his dumbnes is…
That he must have seen a vision. Yes, I too think the same.
Zechariah, have you seen a vision? Or, have you seen an angel from God? [Murmuring of people] But, what kind of a revelation is this,
That makes a man dumb? God’s way is different; But whatever He does,
It is always for the good of everyone. Come, Let us go.
Yes, let us go. When his time of service was completed,
Zechariah returned home. What are you doing? How great is the Lord!
Nothing is impossible for Him. Praise and glory to you, Lord.
The Lord has done this for me. And taken away my disgrace among the people;
In these days HE has shown me favor. Elizabeth was pregnant and…
For 5 months remained in seclusion. You blossomed the garden of my life,
Cheering my soul and rejoice; You had such compassion on me,
That I walked beyond such a life. Granting me a motherhood, Lord, You blossomed again my soul… At your doorstep, I come to worship… Just look! That barren is coming.
How are you, Rebecca? How are you all, Hannah? – We are fine.
But past many months we haven’t seen you. How would she face the people? Zechariah bore the pain of her barrenness;
And now, this dumbness because of her. I am sure; it’s all because of her!
Enough Hannah! There is a limit to everything.
Let her say, because… She doesn’t know the reason of his dumbness.
– Reason? – Yes! In the temple: When the angel Gabriel appeared to him,
He doubted his words. That is why he became dumb.
What? Do you know what the angel said?
Do you not see any change in me? I’m going to have a child.
Really… – Really? Praise be to God!
At this age? Glory be to God!
And thanks be to Him, too. If you have any respect for yourself,
Go and ask Elizabeth for forgiveness. You – all these years you insulted her;
And she kept bearing them, but today: She went away laughing at your sarcasms.
Enough…Rebecca, enough. If you truly believe in God…
Then go… By your tears of repentance…
Wash away your blames on her. Your spirit will bring peace within you.
Enough, Rebecca…enough. Elizabeth…Elizabeth…
What is it Hannah? Why are you so terrified?
Is anyone after you? Yes, Elizabeth!
Who? – My conscience! Please forgive me, Elizabeth.
Forgiveness comes from the Lord. Yes, But Elizabeth Unless you will not forgive me…
How can I ask God to forgive? Because… I’ve hurt your feelings and insulted you.
Before my sins bring upon me a curse, And the wrath of God falls upon me…
Please forgive me, Elizabeth… Forgive me, Elizabeth, forgive…
Get-up, Hannah. I forgive you Hannah. Pray to God that…
He too, may forgive you. Blessed are you, Elizabeth…
Blessed are you. Go, go in peace, Hannah,
Go in peace. Go Hannah. Thank you Lord! And in the 6th month of Elizabeth,
Angel Gabriel was sent from God: To a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,
To a Virgin… Pledged to be married to a man…
Named Joseph, a descendant of David. The Virgin’s name was Mary. Greetings…
You who are highly favored! Blessed are you among women.
The Lord is with you. Don’t be afraid, Mary.
You have found favor with God. You will be with child…
And give birth to a SON. And you are to give Him…
The name JESUS! HE will be Great! And will be called:
The SON of The MOST HIGH. The Lord God will give HIM,
The throne of His father David. And HE will reign over…
The house of Jacob forever; HIS KINGDOM WILL NEVER END! How will this be…since I’m a virgin?
The Holy Spirit will come upon you. And the power of the Most High…
Will overshadow you. So the HOLY ONE to be born…
Will be called the SON of GOD. Even Elizabeth your relative…
Is going to have a child in her old age. And she who was said to be barren…
Is in her 6th month. For nothing is impossible with God! I am the Lord’s servant.
May it be to me as you have said. I will behold the star of my eyes in my lap,
Protector of the world! He will take away our pain,
And become the Refuge for us. This boon…the Lord has granted us. Praise be to the Lord! I, a virgin, will give birth?
But will the world believe me? His invitation is to all mankind, Come sinners return, I am the way to liberation, Come, come to me everyone, Such a summons is for you, Which is the desire of my Lord. From Calvary, there is flowing, This stream of blood. Just for you and me this is, This is the love of my Savior, From Calvary, there is flowing, This stream of blood.

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