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WWI Through Arab Eyes | The Arabs | Episode One

WWI Through Arab Eyes | The Arabs | Episode One

World War One, Four years of bitter conflict. Known as the Great War. Or the war to end all wars. It’s grim trench warfare, with Europe, the main theater of war. But this was a war fought on many fronts. So there another story rarely told. Of huge importance during the war and of lasting significance. A story of troops who fought and died but who are often forgotten. And of an outcome that shaped the Middle East of today. This is World War One through Arab eyes. Malek Triki the Jerusalem writer and broadcaster takes us on a personal journey. His grandfather’s generation fought in the war, now Malek goes in search of what happened to these men. Who they were, and why their stories often died with them. In this episode, he tells the story of how thousands of Arabs were conscripted by the British and French in North Africa. Their treatment and mistreatment. How Muslims were forced to fight against Muslim. And of the vital role Arabs played at Gallipoli. In episode two, the Ottoman side of the story, the young Turks rise to power. Their alliance with Germany. Their tyranny in the Levant, and the seeds of Arab revolt. And in episode three, how the first world war ended four centuries of Ottoman rule. But drew the lines in the sand that would shape the Middle East for the next hundred years. In the second week of November 1914, the Ottoman Empire officially annonced it was joining Germany and it’s allies in the war. The grand mufti in Istanbul, also called the Muslims around the world to join a jihad. A struggle against Britain, Russia and France. [Praying] So Arabs were forced to fight on both sides. For the triple [name] European powers. And for the central powers, Germany, Austria, Hungry and the Ottomans. The grand muftis call an Ottoman entry set Muslims against each other and created a comple tension that rand throughout the war. To compete with the enemy, the British and French needed to draft in large numbers of troops from across their respective empires. Britain recruited over a million troops in Egypt in different roles across the four years of the war. And France conscripted over one hundred and seventy thousand men for Algeria and a further eighty thousand from [name] The French invasion of Morocco in 1911 had installed general [NAME] as colonial governor. At the start of the war, he prepared to ship thousands of men to Europe from Moroccan ports, including [Name].

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  • Lord Gaylord Ondor says:

    Finally, a series about World War One in the Middle East 🙂

  • Achmad Baihaqi El Yazid says:

    Muslim should united, Nationality should not separate us.

  • Romesh Bhattacharji says:

    Muslims have been fighting each other for centuries. Don't forget that Christians also fought Christians- also for centuries. What is shameful is that it was a war fought for little reason. 

  • Boss Kelso says:

    give me more! great thanx 

  • Sefa Turgut Altınkök says:

    300.000 Arabs in gallipolu??? Are you nuts?Nearly double the size of ottoman army?Simple its not true.

  • Edward Ashton says:

    Why isn't this available in the United States? I'd really like to be able to watch it. Seems strange because I get the Al Jazeera English channel here (or I would if I still had my cable TV subscription). Anyone care to help me out (particularly someone at Al Jazeera)?

  • Dave Powers says:

    Interesting documentary from #AlJazeeraEnglish regarding little known but important contributions of the Arabs to the Great War, on both sides of the conflict. #WorldWar1  

  • mike g says:

    What is this sacrilege talk about 'Muslims fighting against Muslims'? why not people fighting each other in a pointless and stupid war. To denominate people according to religion is divisive and stupid because it somehow suggest that it would have been OK to fight non muslims. Everything is about power – that include religion. Common humans must unit and stop obeying their leader – religious political and otherwise.

  • Yadisf Haddad says:

    I'm very, very glad that this kind of informatic resources exists, that present us (even though after a hundred years of the great war) the story, insights and ideology of a group of people, as humans as us, as important as us. I'm very glad that this as other historic events, are revisited by diffrent perspectives, not only by western europe's eyes.

    I hope this documentary foster greater understanding between races and cultures, rather than divide in binary fights for true or reason that has teared us (humans as a hole) apart.

  • Jaime Lannister says:

    The documentary is based on fundamental wrong information!! First of all Turks defended their country themselves at Gallipoli!! It is not enough that Arabs hit the Turks from back to get independence, now they want to share the success of Gallipoli with Turks! Come on man get some honor before producing such documentary! As Arabs, If you want to show some victory in the future you have many chances (even now) to practice it in the Middle East! And moreover 300 000 is such a wrong number to pronounce considering the population, casualties and the size of the war at Gallipoli!

  • Ali Saleh says:

    hi there was somali army with turkish mane ahmed gurey but you didn't talk about them

  • 연님Yonnim says:

    Muslims didn't want to fight against Muslims.. very impressive! 

  • MIR Hasham says:

    what were the ottomans doing when their land was taken by british and french?

  • Unshackledmind says:

    You can not even rely on Al Jazeera English to get the story right!..

  • Dollardeath says:

    Well the Ottoman Empire did last 800 yrs or so so. One of the few Millennium empires. They had a good run.. The British empire lasted for about 200 yrs and the US is already crumbling after fewer than 100. 

  • FreeClient01 says:

    Battle to control it all

  • annabel lee says:

    What a fuck?
    I'm just listening to the music I like, and this "thing" comes over!!!!

    I'm realy interested in history, my brothers muslims, but it would be better to stop to dramatize….

  • Pradeep babu says:

    Through out the document it is repeatedly said that no Muslim wanted to fight fellow Muslim which is far from truth. Many Arabs felt that Turks are suppressing them. Many sects from today's middle east felt discrimination by other sects where both were Muslims. Many Muslim kingdoms fought each other in subcontinent. I do not wonder this kind of presentation by Al jazeera..still many know the fact.

  • Sadman Faiz Haque says:

    thanks for revealing the unknown….

  • Joseph Stalin says:

    This film kept saying: "Muslims made to fight muslims"…..what a joke….Muslims like to kill fellow Muslims and everyone else….especially fellow muslims! Just look at the middle east! Arab love to blow up arabs…..Syrians? This commentator spoke with such hypocritical tone as if Arab and Muslims never love to kill each other…..but in fact they butchered each other most! This always make Muslims such a laughing stocks to the rest of the world, watching the middle east! couldn't watch anymore…..completely nonsense…you mean those Arabs didn't join the army for money? Stop the lying Al Jazeera…..

  • 007raad says:

    And by the way the only 2 places I ever found this Utopian ideal was in Makkah during prayer, 1 side I had some rich Arab, I could tell he was rich because the Oud he was wearing was a super expensive 1, his clothes pristine white and beard well trimmed.
    The other side of me was some poor Pakistani, all 3 of us, equal, same obligations, rights and prayers in front of Allah, in the house of Allah.
    This only happens in Islam, nowhere else will you ever find this.

  • eugenlitwin says:

    as usual an anti-colonial narrative full of BS
    France  lost 24%
    Moroccans 26%
    other N Africans 11%
    so where the heck did they find a racial conspiracy here?  

  • eskiss reno says:

    Nice video which provides another angle to wwi

  • Elizabeth Rhaney says:

    Can you make this available in the US? There's an error message that says it's not available here and I really want to watch it.

  • mrkylexx says:

    i wish muslims would be reunited all together and stand against others..i wish Arabs would stick with Turks and defeat the New crussaders..we must know..together we stand; divided we fall..

  • sartredenis says:

    I need portuguese subtitles.

  • My Monsters Wont Die says:

    Arabs/Muslims never give up

  • Jack The Skipper says:

    So proud of the Muslims who rebelled 

  • Marouan Jaguar says:

    FUCK YOU france.

  • TheKeithvidz says:

    i suspect the Ottomans would have disintergrated much later than the 1920's had they excused themselves from European blood shedding.

  • Mr.Sandman says:

    Ohh freedom freedom freedom they always say, The west is beautiful the west is advanced the west is the creator of freedom blah blah blah, Yet france occupied Morocco and took both of MY GRANDFATHERS BY FORCE to fight for france's freedom.

  • CanaryCaia says:

    I wish I could get this documentary with subtitles. English isn't my first language and it's very difficult to understand a non-native speaker in some parts of the presentation. Nonetheless tyhis is a very interesting documentary. Thanks!

  • Rashid S says:

    British imperialism the root cause of all the mess in this world.. The british as major empire back stabbed all the countries in which had british interests, the middle east & far east countries..
    It is the fundamental & root cause of all worldly atrocities happening now. They had either a direct or indirect hand in creating the mess the world is experiencing now..
    Shame on the british..!!

  • Tiago_R_Ribeiro says:

    "Muslims against each other?" What about human beings agaisnt each other?

  • make way says:

    meanwhile the media portrays the Arabs like they've always been killing each other for centuries. Arabs had to be dragged to the Europeans childish wars. We should honor the Arabs and Muslims who refused to take part and remember them instead of having them blacked out from history. maybe then, the new generations will learn a thing or 2 about how it's supposed to be.

  • Peter Connelly says:

    What the hell do you mean, "forced to fight fight fellow Muslims?" Christian's from England fought Christians from Germany, and you don't hear respectable historians of today saying that Christians were forced to fight other Christians. They were citizens of the British, French, and Russian empires, or those fighting for their freedom. Why don't you be proud (Muslim, Jew, whatever) to be part of the human race in the 21st century.

  • SleepingChicken3 says:

    they sent Moroccans to the front lines not because they were courageous but because they were expendable

  • Yunus - Jonah says:

    Remember what Allah says in The Holy Quran ?

    "If you take non-Muslims as friends over Muslims you have no connection to Allah and hellfire will be your dwelling"

    The Arab hashimities fought against their Muslim brothers the Turks for the christian British because the British promised them their own arab country

    What happened to the hashimities

    The British betrayed them and they lost the hedjaz and the British gave Makkah and Medina to the saudi bedouin family while the hashimites were given Jordan

    And Allah punished our Muslim ancestors for going against The Quran

    Now todays Muslims must come back to The Quran and soon Allah will unite The Muslims and being back the caliphate

    Nationalism is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger

    Follow The Quran yaaa Muslimin

  • Yunus - Jonah says:

    Word war 1 was preplanned and a means to bring down the caliphate from the inside out and bring nationalism to the Muslim world and therefore use the tactic of divide and conquer and of-course to secure the holy land aka Palestine for satans followers

    World war 2 was a means to deport millions of jews from Europe to Palestine and create Israel

    The whole world has been deceived

    But Allah knows all

    Like Allah says in The Holy Quran.. "They plan but Allah is The best of Planners.."

  • ShivEmUp says:

    cry me a river. martel would laugh at your plight.
    -the usa

  • Anne Harwood says:

    I'm listening to the Martyr Made podcast which talks about this in an attempt to understand the Israelis and Palestinians. I'm tired of the name calling and accusations. Nothing is accomplished. Whether everyone agrees with these videos or not, it's an opportunity to gain some insights and understanding.

  • IBRAHGR8 says:

    It's great to have a view from the other side. Good job!

  • Taariq Smallman says:

    My dad did this get in my son.

  • van rob says:

    if you read the histori true west eyes its islam that always wants to conqur the world!!And people from the west has to stop them with pundering,slavery etc!!!like today isis is doeing,islam did that fore several ages!Why miljons of muslims fled to the freedom of the west?

  • Ralf Rath says:

    The arbs were not free – there were slaves of the imperiialist British Empir and Imperialistic France in own country. So why did the arabs fought for their own slave holders? We do not know this today – maybe they did not understand why they were born? So they had paid a high price until today. But Many arbs did nto fight for their slave holders and agreed mor and more with Germany that had no colonial past in the arab world and di not made any arab a slave – but moslems who were with Germany were punished and killed like the indian moslems by the british and french.

  • Renee-Marie Krug Krug says:

    Manipulating the Laws of Nature's spells Catatrophe

  • Renee-Marie Krug Krug says:

    LAWS of Nature.. ..

  • OXYMORON says:

    if ottomans still exists ottomans was the most powerful country in this planet right now imagine all oils and resources being control by ottomans. that's is the reasons you destroy the ottomans fvck you

  • Svart Skalle says:

    It is sad that millions of Arabs, even moslems from India( 1 million Indian soldiers) from English and French colonies fought against the moslem Turks(ottomans)… It is a very interesting documentary. However it has some flaws: Arabs did not contribute to warfare at Gallipoli! There were no Arab soldiers in ottoman army, except a few officers who got their their military education at ottoman war academies and later joined the English and French to fight against the ottomans. Ottoman armies at Gallipoli and all the other fronts consisted of Turks and Kurds from Anatolia, NOT Arabs. Anyway it was a long time ago, better to forget the bitterness and live happily together as sovereign nations. My Best greetings to Arab brothers.

  • Soma noma says:

    Mustafa kamal and his fellow officers had brought down the Ottoman Empire with their erratic and monstrous governing before the war and then won using Arab soldiers and after that he built a country based on the hatred of Arabs

  • Ibrahim Khan says:

    the Muslims the betrayed the ottoman empire ruined the lives of their children, with the ottoman empire, there was peace in the middle east and Muslims had a caliphate and not tyrant rulers. the Muslims that aided the ottoman empire (any nationality) they deserve paradise

  • HumanityFirst says:


  • Logen Bogen says:

    Nice documentary thank you! But at 30:48 he says 1946 but it's written 1964, so which date is considered right ?

  • Mal Fabian says:

    The present problems in the middle east can not be understood without listening to the Arab version of the problems , sadly most western people have only ever heard the western versions of the problems , this 3 part documentary will be essential for anybody really wanting to find a solution the the present wars in the region .

  • Agent 99 says:

    Thank you for this informative documentary. I am learning more about the East-West history. The British are truly disgusting to me. I am an American. I NEVER wanted to visit ENGLAND. THEY CAN KISS MY A**. Our DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT'S are a disgrace. Democrat Woodrow Wilson, in the dead of night on Christmas, forced the the Federal Reserve on our country, hence, Central Banks which allowed USA to become enslaved to the JEW BANKERS and the WAR MACHINES. AND the League of Nations, which destroyed Country's and created so much HATE , RESENTMENT AND DEATH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. We Republican's hate the PROGRESSIVE Democrats for their NATION BUILDING. Death to them all!!

  • Idontknowwhattoputhere Mmmm says:

    Both the Ottoman Empire and the rebels funded by the U.K. Had very very high levels of desertification….

  • John Doe says:

    Stupid people from moroc, tunisan and algeria because fighting for the infidel. Until today arabs from these countries are stupid. Make sense

  • robinhood Sherwood says:

    No comments on Saudis and Qataris role on siding with the Brits?

  • Lightman0359 says:

    While it's a horrible practice, I'm happy to hear this Documentary use "Decimate" properly.
    So many ignorant use it to mean "wiped out".
    While technically a smaller number of casualties, Decimation is far more horrifying than Annihilation, since Decimation [to reduce by 1/10th] is done by officers to their subordinates.

    For those who don't know: The roman consul Appius Claudius Sabinus Regillensis [and those inspired by him] implemented a disciplinary protocol of having a unit that broke ranks or retreated without orders [usually at Century level, 80-100 troops] muster and have 1 out 0f every 10 step forward, those selected would be executed in front of the rest as an example of what happens if ANY of them show cowardice or treachery [as those punished are chosen randomly, and not necessarily those who abandoned their posts]

  • Skanzool says:

    That Tunisian so-called historian at the beginning of this report is fabricating his own version of history. The Tunisians and other troops from the Maghreb were not sent to the front as he contends and the casualty figures clearly show this. France mobilized about 8 million men in WWI and suffered 1.4 million killed and about 4.4 million injured. The casualty rate approaches 75%. The total number of troops from Algeria. Morocco and Tunisia killed was only 36,000, and most of these were Algerian (26,000). Tunisia lost 2,000 killed. When you compare the killed ratio between France and the Maghreb it's obvious this so-called historian is blowing hot air. The fact is these colonial troops were often the least disciplined soldiers and sometimes caused more problems than they were worth. If you include those soldiers who disappeared and died of disease, the total number climbs to 68,000 for the Maghreb troops and over 2 million for French troops. The numbers tell the real story. Beware of propaganda posing as historical facts after all this is al jazeera.

  • Marcos 989 says:

    "Religion (and it's pertinent so-called prophets) isare regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful". Seneca, Roman orator and historian, c.37 B.C. Some things are true and stand the test of time.

  • Elliot Bovill says:

    Religion is the Opium of the masses. People have had their spirituality hijacked by people offering religion. The workers of the world must unite and take power, and live in peace and harmony instead of dying for the powerful.

  • ابراهيم النواسي القضاعي says:

    Glory for Arab the heroes

  • Dfw Fqdefqw says:

    WW1 was started by the English to destroy the French Empire. Look at the numbers. How many English died? How many French? How many colonials?

  • Ljubijana11 says:

    True winners of ww1 are the bankers who funded both sides

  • devilred1971 says:

    If you can find people of any and all different races or religions in the world that don’t have a problem with one another than please let me know who they are and where they exist! I don’t know of any! I believe all human beings including myself are guilty of it none of us are perfect but we cannot continue to exist unless we all admit we are guilty and imperfect beings!!!

  • Boktiar Hossain says:

    plz upload english version, not the subtitle. it is ok for the arab speaking country but we muslim are from Asia cant speak arabic. Subtitle is boring to follow.

  • James Whitehead says:

    Brits are the roots of all evil!

  • Sam My says:

    2023 is near

  • C Dillard says:

    Very interesting and generally balanced reporting. This is an aspect of the Great War that I was previously unaware of. It's historically important and hopefully more research can be done to enlighten us.

  • 1dogeez says:

    MY GRANDFATHER FOUGHT IN WORLD WAR 1 AND WW2, when he died in 1995 my mom got 2 flags she cried and cried, she died in 2014 watching this and other ww documentary's, i understand why now she always said you will never understand. my grandma use to talk about the wars she use to say your faster than a p38 my grandpa never talked about the wars iam sure hes rolling in his grave as we head for a 3rd thinking about it we have not learned a thing its all about greed and power

  • Coretta Ha says:

    The French were so monstrous throughout the African continent. They still carry on with monstrous policy there to this day. May the lord invade their hearts and teach the French to act like human beings.

  • Uğur says:

    Arabs cursed in the world and the hereafter. because arabs fighting against jihad. There are no in peace or no in refreshment

  • Katie Meeks says:

    All roads, have always lead to Britain, France, and the USA! When will it end?

  • Fatih Cengiz says:

    Nothing new they still are backstabbing the Turks

  • Fpelit 473 says:

    Idiots arabs. no more women and money (başını alıyolar şimdide)

  • Taib Bajaber says:

    Arab blood.. forgotten abused betrayal

  • Curtis Clary says:

    One simple answer, stamp out all superstitions now. Now is the time for humanity to grow up and truly step out of the cave.

  • Sana Bougossa says:

    So the french hide in trenches and die there due to illness or a bullet but algerian they are sent to the front line attacks because they do not like being in trenches ???? Dying in a trench is definitely not like dying during an attack. Some like dying in acts of bravoure while others prefer to wait for things to happen in a trench . Well if you were avoiding death , you would still find it in a trench. French historians really ??

  • Mike Feeney says:

    As a comparison to the Moroccan 1 in 4 casualties (25%), in World War I 16,697 New Zealanders were killed and 41,317 were wounded during the war – a 58% casualty rate. Approximately a further thousand men died within five years of the war's end, as a result of injuries sustained, and 507 died while training in New Zealand between 1914 and 1918. Luckily my maternal grandfather survived so I'm here to let you know 🙂

  • Lone Wolfgang says:

    As a Moroccan Berber and a Muslim it brings so much sadness to see what France and Britain did to our ancestors. There's another opportunity to correct the course of history looming in the horizons in the next 5 years: Side with Russia and China against the western powers ( USA, Britain, France, Israel, and Their puppets) by way of military and economic cooperation. I wanna see that day and i will !!!

  • Mustafa Mohamed says:

    So what lessons did we learn from those wars?

  • Jarod Farrant says:

    WARNING! Don’t read the comments section, it’s full of historical buffs and self righteous people.

  • your babygirl says:

    It’s heartbreaking seeing you country suffer

  • Ricardo Winterdal says:

    the ever remaining complain of mankind is war

  • Karslı Kel Kürşat says:

    The Soldiers from so called " greater syria" and Irak who fought in Gallipoli are Turkmens not araps… and producers inflated the number of araps on purpose… Atatürk emphasized that the arap soldiers did not fight and some of them especially the officers and NCOs are members of secret arap nationalist organisations and they deserted to the allied forces…

  • Oyun Havaları says:

    Türkler Arap Değil

  • King Kong says:

    Most of the Moroccans who fought in the First World War were Amazigh

  • Axel Durman says:

    For the sons and daughters of Ham……..

  • Gee Varghese says:

    Fake news aljeseera broadcasts fake documentary

  • Denis Alekandru says:

    Very good documentary. Thanks to aljazeerah

  • lone wolf says:

    Let Aljazeera Prevail throughout its journey 👍🏻

  • Memer Munna says:

    Al Jazeera what about the Armenian genocide?

  • Tobi Walker says:

    If anyone would imagine that North African, Arab and other non-European soldiers weren't used as cannon fodder both in Europe and elsewhere to fight this stupid, stupid war…

  • Mo Baba says:

    Estagfirullah estagfirullah estagfirullah. Comparing filthy ataturk to khalid ibn walid. Ataturk did it to destroy islam while khalid ibn walid did it for islam

  • Ulvi Akarcay says:

    All this is nationalist arab propaganda.
    There were never 300.000 arabs fighting on the side of the Turks against the colonialist states Britain-France in Galipolli. There might be some arabs there who fought..but never 300. 000 !!! Those who did fight there were Turks from Anatolia and the Balkans.
    The muslim Arabs together with their crusader british and french allies ploted a revolt against the muslim Ottomans. While the so called revolt incidet by the crusaders the muslim arabs killed many muslim turkish soldiers. They derailed the suplly trains and sabotaged troops bases. Arabs could't even prevent few jews of establishing an jewish state later. This documantary is solely a chauvinist Arabic propaganda which tries to overshaddow the victory of the Turks against the British and French in the Galipolli war.

  • CASTRO XD says:

    اكبر غلطة العرب انهم خانوا أخواتهم ولا عجب في ذلك فالعرب في العصر الحديث استمروا بالخيانة يا لغبائنا لأننا تركنا اخوتنا ولو ساعدناهم بدل ان نثق بالانكليز

  • sedecim says:

    What is an Arab ? I think the groups were more diverse

  • Unal Yucel says:

    The total Arabs that died in the Galipoli war was 1.600 syrians. Their names are written on the memorials of ÇANAKKALE. Don’t play with the numbers. Use documents and facts. 60.000 is a super exaggerated number.

  • CityHawk says:

    The Arabs are the most dumbass worthless people on the planet still today!

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