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Writing Tips & Teaching Strategies : How to Teach Beginner’s Cursive Writing

Writing Tips & Teaching Strategies : How to Teach Beginner’s Cursive Writing

Hi, I’m Laura from Youngwritersworkshops.com.
I’m going to talk about how to teach beginners cursive writing. Now I have terrible handwriting
so this is good for me to talk about. Teaching cursive is a little bit more difficult than
teaching regular handwriting just because the kids have already learned, in general
most children have already learned how to write their script letters when they begin
cursive, so they almost have to unlearn some of the letters that they’ve already memorized
how to make. So the way to get around that is to begin by teaching letters that are similar.
So for example an A, a lowercase A is similar to a cursive lowercase A. So begin by teaching
the, letter by letter. Have the children learn the ones that are similar to what they’re
already familiar with. Now when you’re teaching cursive you emphasize the direction that the
pen would move for each letter and you also emphasize keeping the pencil on the paper
which is very different than when children learn to write their script letters. They
pick their pencil up at different points. So emphasize keeping your pencil on the paper,
is really going to help them master the skill of writing in cursive. After the children
have learned the letters that are similar like A or C you can begin with other letters
like R that are much more new shaped. So having a chart that the kids can look at is really
helpful. And then having them practice making the letters. The way that you’re going to
do your work is on the special kind of paper that has three lines. It has two solid lines
and then a dashed line in the center and this gives the early writers a chance, or some
guidance of where their letters will come and the mid-point between the two lines. The
last tip that I have for helping children learn cursive is to have them write their
name in cursive. This is a word that they know very, very well and will enjoy writing
and practicing their name in cursive just gives them practice with having their pencil
on the paper and doing the flowing writing of cursive. And they’ll enjoy making their
name in cursive. So those are some ideas about how to teach beginners cursive writing.

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