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Writing Tag | Writer Habits [CC]

Writing Tag | Writer Habits [CC]

Hello lovely humans. It is Molly from Molly Reads and Writes and
today we are going to do the writer habits tag. *upbeat music* So, I haven’t talked
nearly enough about writing on my channel, as I would like to, so we’re- we’re working
on fixing that. Other than my writing vlogs, but… those-
that’s different. Anyway. I decided to do the writer habits tag which,
the original does not exist anymore. So, cannot link that for you, but I will still
do this tag even though it is old. I tag myself in it. I should just get straight on into it so that
you can listen to me talk about my writing habits. Question number one is typed or handwritten? I handwrite all of my planning and outlining
and then I type all of my drafting and then I handwrite all of my editing. So, both. Very much so both. Question number two, cursive or printed? My writing is very much so a strange mix of
both… Sometimes I can’t even read it and I don’t
know if I was supposed to be handwriting or printing. We just go with it. Number three, show us your favourite pen. I so don’t have a favourite pen, she says
as she lies. It’s this pen. It is- it is a purple pen, and I’m totally
that kind of person that walked into Staples one day as was like, hey, so, I’m tired
of buying packages of pens which are all different colours just to get the purple ones, so I
special ordered a whole bunch of them. This- this jar of purple pens just makes me
happy. But yes, I- I special ordered those so I will
not run out of my favourite pen for a very long time. Question number four, where do you like to
write? Uh, I like to write right here in my library,
or in Starbucks for the background noise. It is very hit and miss as to what I’m gonna
feel like on the day that I am writing, so it’s pretty much 50/50 for both of those. Question number five, who are you five favourite
authors in terms of authorial style? This was a very difficult question. I- I managed to come up with five but it took
me very long time to do that, so. Number one is James Rollins, who, is my favourite
author. His books are always so jam packed with action
that they’re always moving and I can read one of them in just- in one sitting cuz they
just keep going. So, I love that. Number two is Jeff Vandermeer, who is an author
that I recently discovered this summer. It’s weird. I… Yeah, I couldn’t even describe to you what
the writing style is. But, you read the entire book scratching your
head and being like, what the hell is going on? And I love that. Number three is Thomas King, who I’ve read
some essays of his and, I think I read one book a while ago. But, I just- I love the way they’re put
together. They just flow so nicely even though they
jump around, and again, they’re very weird. A lot of times you read it and you’re like
what the- what the hell am I reading? That’s a theme here. I love books that make- make me do that. Sometimes- Sometimes it frustrates me while
I’m reading but I love it in the end. Number four is Seanan McGuire for… just
the very straight forward style of telling the story like, this is- this is what’s
happened. Uhm, I just really enjoy that. I don’t know that I’d ever particularly
write like that, but I just, I love it. I love reading it. It’s just, it’s beautiful to read. And the last one is John Searles. More specifically, Help for the Haunted, which
is all over the place and the story is just put together so nicely, in these shorter scenes
that are not chronological, and it just… It was so good. And that is a style of story that I love,
and a style of writing that I love. So. I- I- I came up with answers! Question number six. What are you three favourite books on writing. I should have pulled these. I’ll pull them right now. I have The Kick-Ass Writer by Chuck Wendig,
which, this book had me giggling the entire time, so, it’s so good. It’s just so sassy and a lot of it is, like,
he’s an asshole in it, and it’s wonderful. So, whenever I need kind of like a pick-me-up
after a rough writing day or to start me into a day when I’m not feeling it, I’ll read
some sections in this because it’s so good. I also have Stephen King On Writing, which,
do most people mention this? I really- I loved this. I mean, it’s not so much on how to write,
it’s about his writing journey, but again, it’s put together in all of these mashed-up
memories, and I just- I love that style. So, this one really spoke to me. Plus, I’ve read a lot of writing books that
I was really underwhelmed by, so it was really hard to pick there favourites. And the last one is Plot Perfect by Paula
Munier, and I just finished reading this one, and most of it was very useful and very good
and I will definitely be using this in the future. *closes book* for more drafting. Question number seven, have you ever competed
in NaNoWriMo? If you do not know, NaNoWriMo is National
Novel Writing Month and that takes place in November every year. And, yes. I have done it several times. Question number eight, have you ever won NaNoWriMo? Yes. Not nearly as many times as I’ve competed
in it though… So, that’s a thing. But you know, whatever. I wrote words. Some words is better than no words. Let’s be honest here. Because I’ve done NaNo so many times, I
usually set fairly obscene goals for myself now. *laughs* so yes, you’ll find that out once
we get closer to November. I already know exactly how many words I’m
gonna try to write and my fingers are crying. Question number nine, have you ever had anything
published. Not yet, but I’m currently working on finishing
up a young adult fantasy novel so that I can query it, so I’m just waiting to get the
last of my feedback in from beta readers, then I can do some touch ups and hopefully
be ready? There’s a spider in here. *groans* That’s gonna distract me. And there’s no one at the house to kill
it. I should be ready to query soon. Oh that’s… *inhales* I hate spiders. I hate- I hate- I hate spiders. Question number ten, what projects are you
working on now? I’m working on my young adult fantasy. I have a young adult science fiction that
I am plotting and figuring out and then I’ve got another writing project, my secret projects,
which- which I’m just kind of writing on the fly as I come up with things and I’m
really enjoying that one. So, three-ish things. That I’m currently working on. Question eleven, what is your soundtrack to
writing? I will listen to anything as long as there
is no words that can distract me. Question number twelve, which is the last
question, is, do you have a writing pump up song? No. I pep talk myself and then I git ‘er done. So, that is everything for this tag. I’m gonna… yeah. *throws pen* Those are some of my writer-ish…
habits. Yes. Words. I have two questions for you today. Question number one is what is a totally weird,
off-beat, whatever, writer habit that you have? You should tell me this in the comments down
below. The second question is, while I myself am
not a Taylor Swift fan, if you are, I’m curious to know what you think of her new
song. *laughs* So, you should tell me that as well,
and maybe I- Just- I’m not gonna share my opinion. That is everything. If you enjoyed this video, you should like
and subscribe to see more in the future and I hope that you have an awesome morning, afternoon,
or evening, whichever it is, wherever you are. See ya! *upbeat music*

6 Replies to “Writing Tag | Writer Habits [CC]”

  • Lana Jordan says:

    I have to be closed in when I write, like I have to be 100% sure I'm alone because always scared someone is reading over my shoulder.

  • Jes Kameron says:

    When I write, i prefer talking with one or two people, where I live Im already lonely and isolated so keeping social in my life helps me in my stories.

    i can write fine without it, it's just comforting to be able to pause and say something to a friend and resume (and them understanding)

    not a swift fan, saw pieces of her mv on the news and I don't want to see the video or anymore news with her in it.

  • sageinthesky says:

    "some words are better then no words" ME xD ahhh I've seen this tag too, but keep putting off writing related videos for some reason. big shrug ahhh I tend to zone out when I write?? Like, I'm sorta aware that I'm writing but also not, and come back in to see lots of words written on a screen. Its weird pfft. Heh….not a Taylor Swift fan, but I have a feeling we think similarly about the song in question based on your expression.

  • BookAholic 12 says:

    Which books would you recommend by your favorite authors?

  • Kerri B says:

    Stumbled upon your channel while watching other writing videos. So glad I did! My weird writer habit is that I, unlike a lot of writers I know, have never been afraid of people writing my work. I've always been like, "Here, I'm done! Read it! What do you think? What can I improve on?" And while I like a few of Taylor Swift's songs, I wouldn't say I'm a fan. I do like her new song. It fits a story I'm working on.
    I love that you have a jar of purple pens! That is so awesome!

  • Charles Fetters says:

    You are so cute, I was hoping this video would last for an hour. 🙂 I find that if I read my last chapter then I can continue writing the next day. I don't know any of Swift's songs. lol

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