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Writing Cursive Italic Calligraphy : Setting Up Calligraphy Pens & Ink

Writing Cursive Italic Calligraphy : Setting Up Calligraphy Pens & Ink

In this clip, I’ll be showing you how to get
your materials together to be doing the calligraphy italic cursive hand. First you need to have
you pen nib and your pen nib holder. Typically, I like to have several different sizes and
styles of calligraphy nibs. But for these purposes, for learning the italic cursive
and working in the calligraphy workbook, I use a C-O nib and it’s a broad, large nib,
flat edge, and I put it into the nib holder nice and steady and tight. And sometimes I
need to use a rag or cloth to help push it in there. And you do end up getting some ink
on your hands. I also often will use a match and run a match through the nib very, very
briefly, maybe five seconds, to burn off any film that the nib has been shipped with to
protect it, because they always coat the nibs. And that way, you won’t have any beading of
your ink when you get started in writing. Once I get the nib in the nib holder, then
I get my ink ready. And I like to work with black, opaque ink for teaching calligraphy
because it’s an easy way to see when you’re making mistakes or if you’re doing well because
it shows very clearly how you’re working with ink. So I will dip the nib into my ink and
try to get the ink into the reservoir. And so once I get the ink into that reservoir,
and I also try to take some of the ink off so that it doesn’t end up in a big blob on
the paper. And I use another piece of paper or a piece of blotting paper to blot the nib
to get the excess ink off.

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