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Write Name: Perfect Prewriting to Handsome Handwriting Techniques.

Write Name: Perfect Prewriting to Handsome Handwriting Techniques.

Trace, copy, write. That’s how kids learn to
write their names. Yes, but how do they learn to trace? How can they learn to
copy? And, how would they begin to write? Let’s break it down to help facilitate
this learning process. Hi, my name is Mimi Somsanith and you’re watching One
Mom’s Perspective on How My Daughter Learned to Write Her First Name. My
daughter’s name is Alice. I call her Ally. She is four years old
and was born with trisomy 21 also known as Down syndrome. Before Ally learned to
trace her name, she met three conditions. There’s a video for each of these three
conditions you can watch in detail on my channel, One Mom’s Perspective. First, Ally
recognized and knew all the letter names and letter sounds. Secondly, she
understood to respond with Alice when asked for her name rather than Ally
which is her nickname. Thirdly, she was able to spell and read A L I C E as Alice
so she was already familiar with the shape site and structure of A L I C E. These
three conditions provided the concept of name; therefore, expedited the learning
curve for Ally from tracing to writing her name within a two-month span at the
age of four. Do you want mommy draw the car or do what mommy color it?
… color it okay here color color color… Coloring is one of Ally’s favorite
activities. She learned to differentiate coloring an image from drawing on the
lines of an image. Drawing, in this case, is actually the skill of
tracing. Ally’s interest in actual drawing independently and drawing
prewriting strokes, before she began tracing her name, were also helpful in
facilitating the learning process. Tracing activities can be on paper, on
board, on cards, even on junk mail. (beautiful writing honey) Almost anywhere
or on anything limited only by a ceiling on creativity. Tracing on, through, or on
the back of images are also tracing activities. With letters, start with
clearly visible dark color then lighten it up as tracing improves. Mark with dots
where the strokes begin and remove them as tracing improves. Introduce lines. Similar to tracing, copying activities
aren’t limited to letters or numbers. Copying imagery can be quite riveting to
see the image appear or even the imagination of the image itself can be
motivating. Copying is a skill more challenging than tracing. One best
brought out with confidence. With writing, it is important to have begun practice
with precise stroke patterns. Minor deviations can be readjusted. Without any
guidance on stroke patterns, it may seem like the learning to write process would
restart from scratch at some point. Writing in capital or lowercase letters
first do not need to be of concern because writing is writing. And, writing a
name or writing anything improves with practice over time once writing is
learned… you write your name, high five!… One cat, more than one is cats. That’s right. This is
plural. Plural. Good saying the word plural. Thanks for watching.

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