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World’s Smallest Pistol – 2.7mm Kolibri

Hey, guys! Thanks for tuning into another video episode on We’re here at Rock Island Auction, taking a look at the guns for their september 2014 premier auction And I figured this would be a good chance in addition to the military stuff I normally look at to find myself a concealed carry pistol with some cool historical provenance So, I went looking through, see what they have, what’s out there The first thing I came across was a Walther PPK They’re good and they got the James Bond thing going, cool Walther history there But it’s a little bit big. You can’t necessarily just stick that in a pocket So, kept looking to see what else I could find And low and behold I found a Walther Model 9, now that’s pretty small .25 Auto, still Walter still cool but you know what? This still wouldn’t always conceal well enough, so i kept looking And I think I found the answer, Lot #1587 is a 2.7mm Kolibri Now that is small So the Kolibri is actually the world’s smallest centerfire pistol It is, in fact, a centerfire cartridge 2.7mm These were designed and made by a gentleman named Franz Pfannl He was a professional watchmaker originally, which kind of explains some things And he developed a series of automatic pistols, this 2.7mm Kolibri is the smallest of them He did also have a 3mm design And then a few things that got a little bigger He did a 4.25mm which I believe was the largest he ever worked on This is a straight blowback pistol Believe it or not, this isn’t you know a replica or a miniature this is a real full sized gun It actually has a detachable magazine in order to remove it we hold down…. it’s really tiny We pull down on the magazine catch Then we can pull out the magazine It looks just like a normal magazine except it is absolutely tiny And that leads into the gun just like that You can see the magazine catch right there on the back Little click when it goes in As I said it’s a blowback pistol, so you can see the ejection port there. Slide comes back There is a spring on top of the barrel that’s the spring guide rod And then there’s a compression a coil spring in here getting tightened when you pull the slide back The cocking piece, so that indicates that it is cocked No trigger guard So these were actually manufactured as legitimate self-defense pistols although obviously Well these were considered underpowered, way underpowered, ludicrously underpowered even for the time This fired a 3-grain projectile at about 650 feet per second that’s a total of 3-foot pounds of energy or 4 joules for European folks There were about a thousand of these manufactured They were made shortly before World War 1 And it was World War 1 that ended production cause of course facilities started going towards military arms You can see in the grips, the grips have an FP that’s Franz Pfannl And the word Kolibri that’s the name of this pistol which is German for Hummingbird which is an appropriate name for this thing Total loaded weight is about 7.7 ounces I’ll show some the cartridges here too In fact, this comes in its own presentation case Open it up We have the pistol We actually have a little tiny cleaning rod for it And this is a metal box of cartridges Carefully open here And there you go, let me bring this up These are the world’s smallest ever centerfire cartridges See if i can pull one out It does have a little projectile there If we look at the back…. And see it is a centerfire primer So there are witness marks in theory for seven cartridges on the magazine there In fact, it only really likes to load five you can kinda get a sixth in And it’s not happy with seven You know this functions just like any other semi-auto pistol magazine, just really really tiny

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