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Women of Madinah – Stroke of Faith

Women of Madinah – Stroke of Faith

you painting to me is trying to express the beauty of Islam I’m trying to show that Islam is beautiful everything in Islam is beautiful and to me painting is just an action that brings me peace this shows you know the place where I come from it’s in Austria and it’s called Canton and it’s a mountain landscape with lakes and trees and beautiful nature basically this picture reflects our heritage if you look at this picture you can find embroidery of many women in my family for example my great grandmother my mother my aunt the frame from my great grandmother from my father’s side and then my own embroidery so I combined all the women in the family in one picture I grew up in a family of artists I can say so even when we were small children we always used to paint for birthday Christmas or any occasion our parents gave us colors papers and we were so we were inspired to paint when I became Muslim I learned that you are not supposed to paint faces and images so I stopped painting these and I started writing Arabic calligraphy I went to the library and looked at our calligraphy books and tried to see what are the basic rules it’s not like any other writing no it has a I don’t know it has a light movement and it’s like you know like a living thing like a living picture so it was really fascinating to me and I kept doing it I started writing things that I learned every time I learn a new ayat of Quran or I hear a new hadith or I memorize the doís I write it down and I make a picture out of it I thought it would be a nice idea for the children to learn the Quran to write it in a beautiful attractive way and at the same time to put it all on one page so every time they learned one surah everything is on one page I did this project basically for my own children but after it was finished and I saw that it came out so beautifully I was thinking I would like to make it as a book that people can purchase if they are interested for their own children like a children’s book if you come from Europe you are not used to silence it’s like people are so used to being in their mind thinking and actually life is full of noises and thoughts but when you come to medina you realize there’s a quietness and that every thought that you have is actually very loud so when I first came and I was 18 it was like a place of peace and silence I felt immediately at home and I decided this is my home and this is where I want to stay my heart felt it at rest here and that’s where my artwork comes in in a way because through my art I try to inspire people and to reflect the beauty of Islam I want my art to be like a mirror to people you know that’s why I blanched Islamic writing into nature because I want to show that that everything is alive you know each flower each tree the sky everything that Allah created is alive and it’s worshiping him that’s what I’m trying to reflect with my art

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