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(With CC) My heart is like big cream macaron’s🍧 🍨 love taste cream💟

(With CC) My heart is like big cream macaron’s🍧 🍨  love taste cream💟

Yong Bin: Hello everyone Yong Bin: Followed by making fish-shaped bread,
today I’ll be taking a cooking class to make macaron Teacher: Hello, I’m Min Young Koo, he maraon teacher for today Teacher: Good to see you Teacher: To tell the truth, there are no “big cream macarons” in France Teacher: So the big cream macaron (ddungcaron) that we’ll be making today is Teacher: Updated version of macaron after it was imported to Korea Teacer: Actually I learned to make macaron in France,
which is the birthplace of macaron, to bake them without failure Teacher: So.. Yong Bin: So is macaron French? Teacher: Macaron? Teacher: Actually pronuncing in French, it’s like ‘macau’
that has slightly different pronunciation compared to macaron Yong Bin: Can you try it one more time Teacher: Macaron Yong Bin: It seems like you don’t know it well Teacher: It’s been long time, so Yong Bin: Do you think I’ll be good at making this or not? Teacher: I think you’ll work well since you look like a sweet macaron Yong Bin: Okay Teacher: Good Yong Bin: First, Teacher: Yes, that’s right Yong Bin: Put the egg whites in Yong Bin: Oh, meringue Yong Bin: I just found out that this good
machine to mix meringue exists Teacher: Oh wait, you shouldn’t separate this all of sudden Teacher: Hold it on hand, Yong Bin: I thought this button was for turning the machine on Teacher: No, the middle one is the power button Teacher: Yeah, it’s working now Yong Bin: I think this is too fast Teacher: No actually it’s not. Don’t be afraid Teacher: Good Teacher: Put in approximate 1/3 of the total amount Teacher: Feel some rhythm Yong Bin: Sugar Teacher: You are doing great. Don’t worry Yong Bin: I need to put all this in, right? Teacher: Yes, pour all of it in Yong Bin: Oh I can feel that it’s getting thicker Teacher: You can feel it right? Yong Bin: This sounds like a helicopter Teacher: Oh it is Teacher: But you know, you have to look at
the meringue while making meringue Teacher: You need to see the lines Yong Bin: Oh right Teacher: Yes right, good Teacher: Oh okay, meringue making succeeded Yong Bin: This is more difficult than I thought Teacher: It is. Most of people get sore arms during this process Teacher: As so, bakers don’t need any extra exercise Yong Bin: But isn’t it still better to do exercise? Teacher: No it’s not. Baking is great for
making arm muscels without any exercise Teacher: Mix it like you’re cuttinig it with a sharp edge Yong Bin: Is there any reason to mix it like this?
Why not just stir and mix it? Teacher: Oh yes. This is so the meringue
can be mixed well with powder ingredients Teacher: Check the last drop point Yong Bin: It needs to be shaped like an alphabet ‘Y’ Teacher: Right. Now it’s done Yong Bin: Done Yong Bin: By using the corners, Teacher: Good, use your hands to fix it Teacher: It’s better to use your hands to hold itin order to
prevent the cream from getting on your clothes Teacher: Pull it Teacher: You’re right handed, right? Teacher: Yes hold it like that,
and spin it after holding it upside down Teacher: Spin it until this cream to pop up Yong Bin: Oh my, Teacher: Don’t worry, it won’t come out Teacher: Start it from here, squeeze it out Teacher: Squeeze it, and loosen your hands Teacher: Loosen it, cirle it, and finish it Teacher: Remember this step and repeat this work.
Would you like to try it on your own? Yong Bin: It’s easy Teacher: Yeah it is Yong Bin: Wait, this one’s too big Yong Bin: Oh no, this is hard Teacher: It’s okay. This one will come out as very unique macaron Teacher: Don’t hurt yourself Teacher: Good, pour about 1/2 of the amount Teacher: This is very hot right? I’ll turn the gas off Teacher: Let’s mix the butter after cooling it down Yong Bin & teacher: Okay it’s now chilled Teacher: Now using paddle, right very good Yong Bin: When you watch these kind of works,
it kinda makes you feel good Teacher: Agreed Yong Bin: But I realized that this requires hard work Teacher: Are you getting tired? Yong Bin: No way Yong Bin: Can I try this? Teacher: Of course. It won’t give any stomache Teacher: Its good, right? Yong Bin: Lit Teacher: Lit Yong Bin: Why’s this…why’s this difficult? Teacher: Yippee! Teacher: So, are there any flavors you prefer? Teacher: Like green tea or Yong Bin: Tomato Teacher: Um… tomato? Um.. Yong Bin: By the way are there any macarons with
tomato flavor? I don’t think I’ve never seen it Teacher: Um.. Me too but I believe it’ll taste good Yong Bin: Really? Then what’s the reason? Teacher: Um.. Teacher: Oh right, the tomatoes are cherry-tomatoes right? Teacher: Oh no. I’ll shorten my words. I think there
must be a reason why there aren’t any tomato flavors Teacher: Good. Do it diagonally Teacher: Good (x2) Teacher: Right, place it in Yong Bin: Then I’ll place it in a unique shape Teacher: Okay, you can do whatever you want Yong Bin: This macaron’s name is, Yong Bin: Pinocchio Yong Bin: If it lies, its nose gets longer Teacher: Oh right, when the person whom is eating it lie Teacher: Oh, very good Teacher: Do you prefer grape, blueberry, or strawberry? Yong Bin: I like them all but I still prefer tomato.I’m sorry Teacher: Oh right, tomato Teacher: If you visit this class once again,
I’ll prepare tomato just for you Yong Bin: This friend has a name Teacher: It has a name? Already? Yong Bin: Frog Teacher: Oh frog. Right, it looks similar Teacher: It also looks like clam with pearl Yong Bin: Hey, are you a frog? You’re very handsome Yong Bin: Thanks Yong Bin: Now since it has lied, its nose is getting longer Yong Bin: Wait, your nose seems to be getting longer Yong Bin: Okay Yong Bin: I think this one requires most difficult work Teacher: You mean this one? Yong Bin: Right Teacher: But it looks perfect Teacher: I think the one that you’re holding is the best Teacher: You know, it’s always important to wear good accessories Yong Bin: You think this one is the best? Teacher: Then which one is your best pick? Yong Bin: Personally, I prefer this Pinocchio Teaher: Right… Yong Bin: Wow then would we have to pull these off while eating? Teacher: There are differences on people
but do you take the stalk off? Yong Bin: Then do you eat these? Yong Bin: My family (x2) lol Yong Bin: My family use to cut these off but Yong Bin: At our home, Teacher: Oh right, sorry Yong Bin: But you know what? I’d like to give
some kind of a present to this strawberry Teacher: Yong Bin, you are really INSSA.
How could you come up with these ideas? Yong Bin: It’s like hair, right? Teacher: Oh it’s like pigtails Yong Bin: Agree? This is insane right? Teacher: Yeah, it is Teacher: Which ingredient are you going to use? Teacher: Shall we use this coffee cookie,
since the cream is made up with same flavor? Teacher: Oh wow, tomato is here Teacher: The helicopter that passed by earlier must have dropped it off Yong Bin: Wow from the helicopter Yong Bin: The helicopter dropped tomatoes for us Yong Bin: Thank you! Yong Bin: Then, Yong Bin: Shall we make tomato flavored macaron each? Teacher: Oh let’s play a match Yong Bin: Good Teacher: Don’t hurt yourself while using the knife Yong Bin: Okay, you too Teacher: Thanks a lot Yong Bin: One, two, three Teacher: Wow Yong Bin: This is female Pinocchio Yong Bin: And this one has like a heart
in one’s face since it’s very shy Yong Bin: Hey, you look pretty Teacher: Thank you Yong Bin: Wait, give me a sec Teacher: What are you up to Teacher: Thank you Yong Bin: All right, this is big cream macaron school Teacher: Wow Yong Bin: Hello, my name is a shell Yong Bin: Hi, I’m frog Yong Bin: Hello, I’m strawberry Yong Bin: Goody guys, we are a couple Yong Bin: This one, it’s a table. A lecture desk Yong Bin: Attention Yong Bin: Bow to teacher Yong Bin: Oh, these big cream macaron have taken
a lecture on how to get along together Teacher: Oh, it’s so touching Yong Bin: And that’s all from the macaron school.
Thank you for watching Teacher: Actually it’s better to taste it after one day since the filling
in the macaron soaks into meringue and gives off a rich taste Teacher: The cream and macaron crock will won’t mix well right now Yong Bin: But it’s good Teacher: Oh really Teacher: Why did you take some crock out?
Are you trying to eat less? Yong Bin: No, I’ll take it to home and eat it later Teacher: Oh to save it Teacher: Indeeded, macaron looks much better with clothes on Teacher: It looks like macaron friends are about to graduate school Yong Bin: It looks very luxurious Yong Bin: I have this close brother Yong Bin: That brother loves to eat big cream macaron Yong Bin: There he is. Hey bro, Teacher: Oh he was right here.The brother who likes macaron Manager: Thank you for your effort today Teacher: Great. You are taking this one (my present) too Yong Bin: Right Teacher: Yes, sure Yong Bin: Okay Teacher: Okay, now the class is over and, Yong Bin: This ain’t right Manager: This is right Yong Bin: No way Yong Bin: It’ll be a shame to eat these all by myself Yong Bin: I’d like to give some to you and directors here Teacher: Oh you mean right now? Yong Bin: For you, I’ll give you Pinocchio’s girlfriend Teacher: Wow, I’m so honored Yong Bin: For camera director, I’ll present you this frog friend Yong Bin: How come no one is smiling? Yong Bin: Director? Here you go Yong Bin: And for the strawberry friend, I’ll give it to Yong Bin: Wow wait, can you take this scene for a sec? Yong Bin: I mean…I’m upset. Everyone seems to dislike my macaron Teacher: No, I like them. I even want to trade them with mine Yong Bin: Why isn’t anyone trying mine? Yong Bin: Frog boy, bbam bbam (singing) Yong Bin: This taste good Yong Bin: Do I have to donate these Yong Bin: Want some? Yong Bin: Yae Jin? Want some? Yong Bin: Man, I’m full

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