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Winter Calligraphy Application in Sumi-e Painting

Winter Calligraphy Application in Sumi-e Painting

Here is another video demonstrating what I teach in my Sumi-e online courses and the method of how I use, how I paint Sumi-e Here are the three scripts of the winter character. The first script is the standard script.As we practice with the Standard script, we become familiar with the order and the individual shapes of individual strokes. Through practicing the stroke after stroke, we start feeling the connection of the strokes that they’re not separate. Then we go forward and we practice the semi-cursive script. As you can see, the strokes some of them are more connected. There’s more a feeling of a flow. And then this is the cursive form. It is more fluid and more the strokes connected. By this time the body feels the flow. The language of expression, the body’s language of painting becomes the way the calligraphy is executed- the way the strokes are painted. That’s what we apply in our painting. The manner we do the calligraphy, we apply the same principles and spirit of calligraphy in oue painting. I teach all this in great depth including the execution of the calligraphy and application of the calligraphy into our Sumi-e paintings in my online Sumi-e courses. I invite you to visit.

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