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WIKITONGUES: Nawal speaking Moroccan Arabic

WIKITONGUES: Nawal speaking Moroccan Arabic

Hello, my name is Nawal I am 33 years old I work as a teacher for foreigners I teach foreigners Moroccan
Arabic (Darija), classical Arabic (Fuseha) Many students come from all over the world>From France, Italy, Asia, America, Canada
and other parts of the world They come to learn some Fuseha but
some also want to learn Darija There are some students who learn Arabic
because they use it in their universities There are some others who just want to
learn Arabic as tourists They come to visit some Moroccan cities
and also learn Darija It helps them to speak with people in
the streets, taxis, restaurants And in other places Morocco is a beautiful country Many people come to visit it Because of the nice weather
and the diverse landscape There are mountains, beaches and desert The weather is alway nice and warm Many foreigners like it Because the weather is very good and sunny My experience in this job is very good I worked for six years and a half I have a very good relationship
with my students Especially because they are young
and they want to learn many things In Darija, there are many expressions
that we use only in Darija Darija has some French words Out in the street, people use Darija
and some French For example, popular expressions
like ‘bzaf’ (too much) Like in ‘shukran bzaf’
which means thank you very much We use this word too much Sometimes when someone is surprised
we use the expression ‘wili wili wili’ or ‘awwaaa’ when someone is surprised We also use the expression ‘mashi mushkil’ Which means no problem And there is ‘safi’ Which is used to tell someone to stop These are some of the most used
expressions in our Darija Subtitles by the community

9 Replies to “WIKITONGUES: Nawal speaking Moroccan Arabic”

  • Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    How different is Moroccan Arabic from Libyan?

  • isaac thrash says:

    similar to saudi arabic??

  • Slashplite says:

    Why does it sound a bit French?

  • Sriram NA says:

    Wish there were subtitles, so we can understand what she is saying.

  • Jan Siolkowski says:

    I've been told that Moroccan Arabic is the most unique of all the dialects/versions of Arabic. Is that true?

  • Mad or nah says:

    good initiative. but i feel the need to mention that the term "moroccan arabic" is inconvenient as moroccan (the big Maghreb in general) speaks darija which is a language of it's own

  • Azirar Brahim says:

    الدارجة المغربية هي جزء من اللهجات المغاربية المنتشرة في المغرب الكبير مثل الدارجة الجزائرية والتونسية والليبية والموريتانية، وهي لهجات هجينة من العربية والامازيغية وبعض اللغات الاوربية خاصة الفرنسية وحتى من الاسبانية والايطالية ، وتتفرع الدارجة المغربية الى عدة لهجات مثل الشمالية المنحدرة من الاندلسية وفيها مفردات كثيرة من الاسبانية ومن الامازيغية الغمارية ، وكذلك لهجة شرق المغرب القريبة للجزائرية ، ولهجة غرب المغرب وهي اللهجة القياسية في المغرب ، ولهجة جنوب المغرب وهي مثل الموريتانية وتوجد لهجات اخرى للدارجة ولهجات متعددة ايضا للأمازيغية

  • Christyn Jeffries says:

    It sounds like MSA with a strong French accent.

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