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Why you should write instead of typing

Why you should write instead of typing

this is the right it’s 2018 they still use a retro plenary distel yep yes I do and here is why hello and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is gumse and I’ll give you a bit more information about this channel in a minute but before let’s talk about writing things down I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while especially because I have a planner Brandon I have been producing and selling planners letter pages and notebooks and I’m a huge believer in climbing and writing things down but I didn’t make a video yet about why you should never electronically plan or you should always have write things down instead of typing them and today is the day of course this video is not solely based on my personal experience I also did a good research about topic and I’m gonna leave in the description below some links that I’ve found if you’re interested in a topic I think you should click them and read them as well because so many people are talking about this especially lately and I even found this article the scientific article on this topic and it just convinced me to talk about this on my channel here with you guys for starters especially for kids writing is definitely much much much much better than typing things down there were a lot of research about this and the results have shown that for kids handwriting may facilitate reading acquisition which is great but today here we’re gonna focus on us adults three reasons that you should write instead of typing things down number one it helps you remember things better do you remember the article that I just showed you this one here it says exactly this writing things down instead of typing them makes you burn them better number two it makes you think faster and number three it helps your creativity to unleash and reaches full potential because I’m like typing you can make sketches you can form diagrams maybe you can create a mind map you can’t do those things while typing so it kind of boosts your creativity as well and I’m not giving it to calligraphy and all that stuff successful living this channel is the platform where I share my tips and ideas with you on how to live a more successful life if that sounds interesting to you join the family by clicking subscribe button below and make sure you ring that Bell notification there are even videos and articles about why you should write especially your goals down instead of typing them and I will leave some links down below as well but more importantly I’m gonna leave the goal setting worksheet that I created for you guys and it’s completely free and it is again linked down in the description box below here I’m showing you one of the resources that I found the pen is mightier than the keyboard acting awesome name so many research like I said here especially about goals I want to read something really really small and I’ll let you do your thing afterwards mirror size has proven that when you write something out that takes deep thought like your goals you built over thousand thousands new neural pathways in your brain in one sitting whereas when you type your goals out of the computer you’re only building six hundred new neural pathways that’s all I’m gonna say all the research all the links are down below in the description if you’re interested try it out try writing instead of typing and I’m sure you’ll feel the difference and now it’s your turn to contribute if you agree with me put this emoji down in the comments below and if you disagree with me put this emoji down so we can see what you guys think thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]

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