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Why Learn Handwriting in the Computer Age?

Why Learn Handwriting in the Computer Age?

John Miller: Obviously you’re a teacher, you
need a chalkboard. You write on it, people need to be able to read it. Typing, though,
is incredibly important, more than it was a generation or two ago possibly. I sometimes
say, only half jokingly, that the most important class I ever took in my K-12 education was
typing in middle school. Does that mean handwriting matters less today than it once did? Daniel
B. Coupland: I understand the argument that we’re moving much more in a technological
direction and we’re using handheld devices and computers in order to express those ideas,
but I’m concerned about the loss of other things connected with handwriting, as I talked
about in the lecture, even of the development of the motor skills that kids develop by actually
holding a pencil and actually being able to write. In addition to that, I think it’s a
great learning tool as well, in that if you have to form the letters with your hands … Even
now when I talk to undergraduate students, I ask them how do you prepare for a particular
test or exam, and they say that they’ll often write out their notes or rewrite their notes
out, because there’s some kind of connection with using your hands to form those letters.
It cements it in your mind a lot better. I understand that we’re moving in a particular
direction in terms of technology but I mourn the loss of those things if we move completely
away from it.

2 Replies to “Why Learn Handwriting in the Computer Age?”

  • Dale Russell says:

    The loss of cursive handwrighting is the loss of an art form, motor skills and thouhght.
    Schools are no longer teaching this skill!

  • Red Kraken says:

    The irony in this video is how succinct the guy on the left was. Loss for words mate? Need a pen?

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