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Why Learn Arabic? Arabic Lessons For Beginners #0/5

Why Learn Arabic? Arabic Lessons For Beginners #0/5

Today we are beginning we are beginning our journey of our 6 part ‘Learn Arabic Series’ my name is Mike, Arabic Mike on YouTube and today we’re going to talk about: why learn
Arabic? why learn Arabic? Well… where do I begin… welcome to Egypt
by the way I’m here in Giza at the one remaining seven
wonders of the world and what better place to think about this
question and ponder this question, why learn Arabic I learned Arabic, I’ve lived abroad I’ve lived in the middle east and I’m travelling
in the middle east and I spend an awful lot of time here and I’ll tell you what, if you’re ever going
to travel abroad, travel to the middle east learning just a little bit of the language and that’s what we’re aiming for here we’re not aiming to get fluent in 4 months
cos that’s probably not gonna happen but we’re aiming to get a kick start to the
language so that you can at least say ‘hello how are
you please thank you what’s your name…’ those are all the kinds of things we’re going
to be covering in this 6 part series but why learn Arabic? well… there’s the obvious reasons, you know,
and it allows you to connect more deeply with the people that you will meet when you’re
here for sure like I’ve just met some people on the way
up here a guy came up to this point where I’m filming
right now and asked me what I was doing the fact I spoke Arabic kind of helped me
I think he let me go and then gave me some chewing
gum so that kind of created a bond he was an Egyptian guy by the way I should
point out his English wasn’t great so we spoke mostly
Arabic and you know there is something invaluable
about learning a language whether that’s Arabic or German or Norwegian
or whatever whatever it is, Japanese, Chinese, anything now, there are some things money can’t buy and I think it was Naval Ravikant who said ‘a fit body, a calm mind, a house full of
love. These things cannot be bought – they must
be earned’. you have to train for them and learning a
language is one of those things you have to train to learn a language it does take commitment it takes time it takes energy and there will be times when
you feel like I’m done with this – and that’s what my channel
is all about it’s here to keep you enthusiastic and engaged
and you can come back to my videos and I hope that will kind of inspire you to
keep learning Arabic even if it is just five or ten new words a
day a few new phrases here and there that is going to be invaluable to your language
learning one thing just to be really clear about before we get going on this next 5 parts is
that there are several different dialects of Arabic what we will be learning in this series is
MSA Arabic that stands for Modern Standard Arabic and it can be understood anywhere in the Arab
speaking world right now I’m in Egypt and the Egyptian Arabic
they speak here is slightly different from the MSA just like the gulf Arabic is
slightly different from MSA but my advice and the advice of most Arabic
teachers in my experience is to learn MSA first and get a good grounding
in the root language which is the core language which is the MSA and then if you want to you can go on and
learn a dialect like Egyptian like Lebanese, like gulf Arabic or something
like that a couple of things to mention: on this journey
I strongly recommend you keep a notebook, in the next few lessons,
in this series, you will be introduced to lots of new words
and lots of new phrases now I really urge you to write those down in a word document or in a notebook or something
like that just to keep track of what you’re learning so that you can then revisit it and it will
then trigger what you’ve learned you will then recognise it and remember those
words and phrases you’ve learned so keep a record and that will really help
you with your progress if I sound like a teacher it’s cos I am one I do have a Patreon where you can if you have
a direct question for me you can get me on and if you would like to get yourself an online
Arabic teacher – I don’t teach online personally but you can find an online Arabic teacher
at the link in the comments with that said and done please consider supporting my channel

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  • Mike Still says:

    Join me on Patreon:
    Learn Arabic online with a native speaker:

  • eman ahmed says:

    Are you still in Egypt?

  • adam1324445 says:

    I like Arabic because it’s a pretty language my friends at school asked me 2 teach them

  • Dina Collins says:

    Yayy thank you so much for these new series ❤❤I'm currently learning MSA and i hope you'll post most videos about it ??

  • زهرة الجليل says:

    الله يسعدك يا مايك متبعتك من فلسطين

  • Eyeofeagle 905 says:

    Hi Mike why did u came to middle east?? Bcuz they say there terrorist tell what you think

  • peo _peo says:

    Anyone want exchange language with me iam Arabic native speaker learn English so if you wanna exchange with me massage

  • o7 01660801400101101 says:

    love from palestine

  • Noor Ahmad says:

    I love seeing people learning my language ?

  • Amy Isaacs says:

    You’ve inspired me! Shukraan

  • Amy Isaacs says:

    I’ve lived In Saudi Arabia for a year now I’m moving to Qatar! The Middle East is wonderful

  • Yannick Chaumont says:

    That's so useful.
    I am starting a arabic course next week so this video is perfect for me. I can't wait to learn this interesting language.

  • Abdelrahman Adel says:

    you are so nice man:) i hope that i can meet u

  • Reham Said says:

    Welcome to my country Egypt ???? love from Egypt

  • Yuzi Lee says:

    i would bet my entire life to just see you speak with a Hijazi dialect. i’m sure you can and will.come live in Jeddah for a while.

  • Samya Emad says:

    Hi Mike … learning Arabic related to know Islam religion, Quran, Arab Muslims history, middle east political…. soo it's one of the most important language I think … it's not hard to learn it but keep learning and practice it.

  • Noha Ahmed says:

    Have you come here in Egypt again mike?

  • Ed Judge says:

    Best of british, Mike? you're rather jammy for getting such a talent at speaking ,moreover teaching, Arabic. It's really a quite hard language to learn or to pronounce.

  • Nabila Rahma says:

    "You have to train foe them and learning language is one of those things you have to" IT SUCH A INSPIRING WORDS ,THANKS MIKE❤

  • A. B. says:

    Thanks for these great insights!

  • Toniyo XIII says:

    I'm 17 and in love with Arabian culture, just came here to get some motivation to start learning the language.

  • Mahmoud Mohamed says:

    I really appreciate that some people still aren't racist

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  • Abas 99 says:

    Cool hay man I mass you

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    Can’t wait till the day that my Arabic reaches a certain level so I can talk to my Egyptian friends in their language ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

    I’ve had wonderful experience with Egyptians love you guys so much (๑>◡<๑)

  • Zaynab Merchant says:

    Love this! Can't wait. Currently also learning Arabic on Duolingo!! They don't have Arabic for English speakers yet so I'm learning English for Arabic speakers, works well enough for me!! Hope this helps someone

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    I don’t make a subscribe to a channel easily but your channel is such an inspiration. As an Egyptian I know how learning arabic is a challenge. Keep going Mike you are amazing.

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  • 28tbas_ 7ob says:

    Nice work , I speak arabic as a first language , english fluently and spanish

  • Melodi Land says:

    للتصحيح في بداية الفيديو حيث قلت:
    "أهلا بكم في قناتي، حيث أتعلم اللغة العربية"
    والأصح أن تقول: ( أُعلِمُ )

  • فصوول المشعان says:

    You are a good person and you
    Are spreading our language to the world and Making them no that we are good people and. Not bad.Thank you mike you are inspiring ❤️ ما شاء الله عليك حبيبي انت إنسان طيب ان شاء الله تذهب إلى الجنة

  • Nour Tawfiq says:

    I'm from Egypt

  • Aly A says:

    Hey Mike…has anyone told you before that you're an amazing guy ! Arabic is such an impressive language( as you probably know! ) great choice?? Oh…and you have motivated me in learning english…thanks mate !

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    Aren’t you planning on coming to Palestine?

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    I live you to the moon and back

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    تحياتي من فرنسا ❤❤❤

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    Mike, R U Muslim?

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    Mike Allah keep u

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  • Maha Mm says:

    Language is such an amazing thing. I am in my last year of highschool and I only have 4 months before ill be forced to pick a major for college. I really want to major in "language and translation " however people who take up this major usually have low Averages and ive worked so hard to have my average at 97 percent and i feel like its a waste if i dont choose a major that requires a high average ?. Ive been pressured to enter the kind of "scientific route"" instead of the " literature route" in highschool, partly because I didnt want people to think that I have a low average – normally in saudi arabia the literature route is looked down upon because its considered easy- I dont want to be pressure again into picking a major I dont like but I fear for my future.

    yes i can defenitely major in something that would give me a six figure salary but whats the point if I am not happy. Like you said in the video, there are things that cant be bought.

    I am a realist so people dont " inspire me " but ive gotta say your really making me rethink my descion on taking up buisness school instead of majoring in language and translation.

    I rambled alot and swayed out if topic i just needed to get this off my chest. Its nice to see your channel growing, good luck man.?

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    Unfortunately nobody actually speaks MSA, it sounds strange. Better off learning a dialect first and then learning MSA to round out your knowledge, particularly for media (TV news, newspapers, etc) … in my opinion. People will understand you speaking MSA I suppose, and the whole point is to be able to communicate, but I feel like why hold yourself back from the beginning. Learn a regional dialect and pick up others/MSA from there.

    The reason most teachers teach MSA is simply because there's more teaching material out there. Just means you have to find a good dialect course/teacher. If you want to be anywhere close to fluency or sound like an Arabic speaker, then MSA is not the best way.

    I'm currently learning Levantine Arabic dialect and it's going great so far! I actually want to travel to Western Sahara and Mauritania, where Hassaniya Arabic is spoken, but there are still plenty of similarities to hit the ground running. I doubt any Mauritanians speak MSA (many are not literate)

    Shukran! 🙂

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    وأيضاً إذا كنت مسلم قراءة القرآن باللغة الأم وفهمة أمر مميز جداً ومهم لكل مسلم يعقل أهمية هذا الكتاب

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