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Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam

Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam

100 Replies to “Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam”

  • Mickael Khan says:

    There is a lot of hate in the comments .

  • Vloodz ! says:

    And here i am never doing my prayers…

  • yusuf osman says:

    MashaAllah.,when her mom became a muslim i was crying no joke MashaAllah..😢😢🇰🇪

  • Hunter Martinez says:

    F that? I'm a Athiest I don't belive in a god unless you've got any Evidence in to what one is preaching! 😒

  • Борис Карпычев says:

    Actually in his speach about islam's differences from Catholicism he just reproduced main reason why Protestant church is basically a thing LMAO

  • Ramiro Acosta says:

    Hispanics need to come back to Roman Catholicism. Allah is a false god (moon goddess) of the Arab Bedouin tribes, taught by a false prophet named Muhammad, and wrote a false book. Islam is destroying the world and is evil. It must be destroyed before it destroys you.

  • Nomi Kiyani says:

    To cut story in short …. truth always prevails ….. Islam is Truth & it shows

  • Maxrsn says:

    I'm concerned that Islam is spreading in the west. Muhammad was a deluded pedophile warlord. He had a 7 year old wife that he impregnated at 9, stole the wife of his adopted son, and he was poison by a Jewish women whose family he slaughtered. After being poisoned, Muhammad's last words were "curse the Jews and the Christians". Compare that to Jesus' words "father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing" as he was nailed to the cross after his own people tortured and humiliated him.

  • FBI says:

    If that man was a real believer of Christianity he would show love to different faiths not bring them down.

  • Ja the Venerable Divi Filius says:

    Should have gone to Buddha

  • Cameron says:

    The way that this man used his “weakness” of being Latino and Muslim as strengths.

  • Fruit Mucho says:

    the brainwashed will believe anything you tell em they will accept the lie over truth anyday thats quite sad
    that's why no matter how much you try to warn someone the truth about their religion all they do is freak out and call you racist and say its hate speech when their is no such thing in a free society anyways
    to worship a rapie misogynist is beyond insanity to deny others freedom of choice
    illegal to drink alcohol illegal to be trans gay
    when a religion try's to control every second of your life is that still really a religion or more like a tyrannical police state of dictatorship or what ever it is ya wanna call it nowadays its nothing more then modern day slavery demanding obedience and for you to live how they want you 2

  • Akhdan Krisna says:

    the thing is, muslim who lives as minority usually kind and good people cause they know its good and choose it themselves….
    but in islamic country, many is crazy and extreme but still labeled as muslim… most of them taking advantage of islamic rules to do bad things…

  • thesteelworm crawl says:

    15 March 2019 – forever

  • X Y says:

    9/11 was an inside job

  • last mc96 says:

    Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam?
    qur'an 28:56

  • Doctor Sleep says:

    If you want to study a religion then study the book and not the person.

  • Aditya Saha says:

    goodbye planet earth. its been good to live here.

  • ebu Straßenaphoteker says:

    Alllahhhuuuuu akbarrrrrr

  • loulou HJ says:

    Latino men are so kind .i wish to get married to a Latino Muslim man ..

    Peace and love from Tunisia 🇹🇳 ❤️

  • habibtanos says:

    This guy in the suite is just full of HATE … You can feel it, you can hear it!!!!

  • Souri Royal says:

    His mother felt peace because of her son not Islam… How can you introduce religion in someone’s emotions ??

  • Tabish Rahman says:

    i feel bad for being human these days due to some humans, not muslim.

  • Luis says:

    I’m Latino and I’m nothing b

  • MountTrillion says:

    i know many muslim mexican

  • The East says:

    I have much see the IslamicPhobia may God given us to the right path, manhajus salaf

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of Muslim Latino community. What an interesting topic! I am amazed to see the diversity of Islam growing 😀

  • MR Skillz says:

    islam spreads love not hate…..simple as that

  • Extreme says:

    اشهد الا اله الى الله وان محمد رسول الله

  • Fuat Emin Altintaş says:

    Masha Allah , masha Allah , Masha Allah

    may Allah protect your from all evil and anchor your hearts in Islam.. Amin

  • RAHMAN says:

    One point stuck in my mind .that is the way media potraits Islam, this is were the devastation takes place.

  • Miami Gaming Hoodie says:


  • Yasamin Hasan El says:

    The Moors are waking up.

  • pakart1 Truthful says:

    MashaAllah old lady n son

  • Cosmic Creature says:

    Most of the muslims are running away from this religion… because there are violent verses in it, newly converts don't know about it..

  • Taka Osoba says:

    Religion in any form is an enemy of the workers

  • KoalasFuckingSuck69 says:

    im a latino converting to cbt

  • Damon Mora says:

    All I see is people of color trying to live better, more enlightened lives and white people getting pissed off about it.

  • Bellazme says:

    Welcome ..we accept you all in the name of Allah.

  • iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers says:

    White People want to force religion on people… That's why people are running from it

  • Lone farid says:

    I tried to watch this video but in vain because of the internet restrictions by Indian government 😂😂😂😂

  • badri says:

    pretty cool. I think it is interesting that Spain was part of the Islamic Caliphate for close to 800 years. The same year that Christopher Colombus sailed to the Americas is the same year that the Islamic rule in Spain ended. And now with Latino people converting to Islam, in a sense, is like them reconnecting with that

  • Durbin Ramsey says:

    Islamic latinos. Sounds like a republicans worst nightmare

  • parvez syed masud says:

    ☝️☪️☝️ AllahuAkbar ☝️😭🤲😭☝️

  • Nesty says:

    Many ppl leave many religions,cus ppl think is just sittin on a chair and u gonna get a lot promise acomplished but no ,life in religion although it gives u peace is really complicated and only the ones that are up to commit and sacrify are the ones that triumph the most

  • Nesty says:

    never do a prayer you dnt know what it means ,if ureally want to be in a x or y church or cult read and study their bible if they speak different from it get outta there

  • Skinny Cacitas says:

    Christians: Go To ChUrCh Or DiE iN hElL
    Also Christian's: DoN't PuSh YoUr ReLiGoN

  • derekkt49 says:

    Vice, you are so good at placing clips of Trump, just at the right time, to be taken out of context.

  • Edmund Castellanos says:

    Damn but then I gotta stop eating chicharrones 😒


  • WATER DEATH says:

    the connections between drug cartel and islamic terrorist are about to be merged

  • Affan_ Aly says:

    The weird thing is the non-Muslims are converting to Islam and we Muslims are actually forgetting what blessing we got since the day we were born so please dont leave the path that is true .I was actually watching the phone and now goin to offer Maghrib prayer …Stand up Muslims find peace ….and that is only in Islam

  • Mukakanga Konkola says:

    The hidden truths of Islam… Shines like gold but scratch the surface and watch what happens

  • bobbo fisher says:

    “ Islam is misunderstood “ Hahaha exactly!!! You don’t understand Islam it’s not a peaceful religion.

  • bobbo fisher says:

    He was drawn to a gang… then Islam. Yeah sound right. Control

  • bobbo fisher says:

    It became their identity. Look it changed them. Why? Be yourself or you will never be happy. Just going from one gang to another

  • SandyRiverBlue says:

    Never had a problem breathing brah.


    allah di maa di phen di


    i am a muslim too!
    assalamualaikum from

    allahs ass

  • VONKADELIC says:

    "God works in delirious ways"

  • VONKADELIC says:

    Thats why you people won so many Nobel prizes

  • SWIFTY_WINS says:

    If you aren't willing to follow every single rule and thought process that Islam teaches then don't even bother because true Muslims should not drink alcohol or use any mind altering substances, you need to inwardly be suspect of Jews and all other religions that aren't Islam because Islam teaches that every other religion and holy book is wrong and has been corrupted (while simultaneously using Bible verses as evidence of things the Koran says lol), and you have to believe that the Koran is the perfect flawless word of God so you must strive to live up to everything it teaches including that men get basically all life/law benefits and women get stepped on at every turn. As a man you are not to have sexual relations of any kind until you are married and then only to your wife or wives plural which Islam allows. Oh, and their profit was literally a sex fiend and therefore wrote the rules in the Koran from that type of man's perspective. You are allowed to engage in sex with prostitutes if you like even if you're married, as long as you follow the rules and get permission to have a 1 day or even just a few hour temporary marriage certificate. Because all knowing perfect Allah doesn't care so much about the act of sex with someone other than your wife, so much as he cares that you follow his fine print and get "married" to the prostitute for an hour or 2 first… Then you're good lol, oh and you can always have sex with any sex slaves you might own from spoils of war because Allah is cool with that even if the sex slave you just captured is already married and her husband is still alive. I mean shit, makes sense right you just punked this whole city's army so why not completely humiliate their men further by taking their daughters and wives as your personal new sex slaves in front of him. But guys, never forget Islam is "the religion of peace". You need to treat other human beings well because everyone is a child of God like you… Wait, that's Christianity not Islam… sorry. Oh, while you're at it never forget to enter the bathroom with your left foot only every single time, because it's important and God apparently cares what foot you enter the bathroom with. You must also finish every morsel of food at every meal because Allah puts blessings in all our food, but you never know which part of the food contains the blessing so you must finish it all including licking the finger's of your family and/or friends if necessary. Any food or drop of sauce or grease you might leave behind could be the blessing and Allah forbid if the evil trickster Shayton grabbed that left over blessing! Those who are still reading this you probably wish I was lying or at least exaggerating some of this, but no folks, everything I've said above is literally spelled out and commanded in the flawless Koran… The perfect, unfaltering, unchangeable, and definitely 100% authentic word of God.

  • prima says:

    Bible Verses About Muslims
    Bible verses related to Muslims from the King James Version (KJV)

    John 3:16-19 – For God so loved the world, that he give his only begotten Son, that who so ever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (Read More…)

    John 14:6 – Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man come unto the Father, but by me.

    John 8:58 – Jesus said unto them, truily, truily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

    Matthew 24:11 – And many false prophets will rise, and will trick many.

    John 4:25-26 – The woman said unto him, I know that Messias come, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things. (Read More…)

  • Brook DesHarnais says:

    See that islam logo at the start?
    You can find it on every government and religion building worldwide; it is the happy human homosexual christian logo.
    Wake up! This is satan's world and to worship any other than satan, you have to go against the grain of every religion and every worldly heart.

  • Billy Bow says:

    You must read about Hinduism, it has written books and practise of 15000 years written records and after all it works

  • Brook DesHarnais says:

    Why does VICE report on religious subjects?
    To tear down the gospel of Jesus Christ and to usher in the global catherican beast dictatorship.

  • Mohamad Al Halabi says:

    Islam will be the one with the most population, whether they like it or not

  • east west says:

    America and Europe will become Muslim countries and i can forsee that happening.

  • razeel2196 says:

    By paying money you convert these innocent people to radicalism.We all know that.

  • Mike Jordan says:

    We have been here well before this video.

  • I say I say says:

    Remember when vice didn’t just try and make you think a certain way?

  • AR rahi says:

    Shutdown your TV
    and turn on the holy Quran.
    Your mind will be change
    and your soul will find peace.
    Media can be controlled
    But they can't hide the truth.
    The rating of conversion all over the world
    is shows that Islam is the way of life.

  • VisualGourmet says:

    I know why! Because following a religion that promotes violence comes in handy for them.

  • Juan Juarez says:


  • Juan Juarez says:

    Not being white in this country comes with certain barriers

  • Juan Juarez says:


  • PEPEGA LORD says:

    It's sad to see how stupid Humans have become,
    Religion was created for controlling the masses…

  • Z Mokhtar says:

    Masha Allah

  • Mohammad Srour says:

    Why this horror music man 👻😂

  • J Chino says:

    Pero que hacen hay dios mío yo sé que muchos de los latinos reciben juicio pero eso no significa que necesitas cambiar tu religión , en mi opinión yo no creo que haciendo esto va a cambie lo que está pasando . yo no odio a los musulmanas como dicen “ im surprised”

  • saem on the percocet says:

    we finna have thick latinas in islam now hamdulilah allah is great

  • Adriel Segui says:

    So sad that Latinos are leaving their Christian identity. Our lady of Guadalupe, pray for us 🙏

  • raptor 95 says:

    Western media always hostile to Islam and associate it with many violence and misguided thing. Yet, more and more people from different races convert to Islam. The same thing happen to Arabs long time ago when they violently rejected Islam and try to kill prophet Muhammad countless times. But thousand years later, 99% Arabs are Muslim.

  • Йохан Либерт says:

    ISLAM is the only truth. Every other religions are worshipping anti-christ and iblis.

  • Provin Ripon says:

    Why send a black reporter and not a Muslim one? It would make more sense

  • carpediemdeii says:

    As a Turkish muslim I was almost crying when Raul's mom converted Islam. I really proud of my brothers and sisters that converted Islam in Western countries. And I believe you manage to do something more difficult than us. Because we born in Islam our families were Muslim but you guys are in a different world you do not know Islam, just know what media told you but finally you understand the truth and became Muslim. Congrats you all, may Allah increase your numbers as Western Muslims.

  • official gangster says:

    god bless america

  • Ariefand A7X says:

    please add Indonesian subtitles, so that some Indonesian people who don't understand English can be understood

  • Buddy Inacar says:

    as a muslim i noticed that they're praying in the same room as the women. Which is strange because every mosque i go to they're separated. But it is beautiful they're praying together like a family.

  • HaveNoNumbers says:

    Thank you VICE for not being arrogant and for making this truthful documentary.

  • Valentino Desantis says:

    I am a German Muslim of Italian origin. Assalamu alaykum and lots of love to all my brothers and sister around the world

  • Salcedo Nicoe says:

    I dont get how religion like Islam, christianity where even listening to songs , homosexuality and klinefelters are sin , are not reformed yet .

  • bienexmaya x says:


  • compadre amigo says:

    Because they're stupid??

  • compadre amigo says:

    2 Thessalonians 2:11

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  • Biggi Zz says:

    Media should show this rather than those negative things about those isis that aren’t even real Muslims

  • _____ says:

    Allah ackbar esse

  • Mohamed Gomaa says:

    Amazing ❤️

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