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Why Font Option is Vanished From XTheme | Can we change the font on Infinix Phones?? | A U R

Why Font Option is Vanished From XTheme | Can we change the font on Infinix Phones?? | A U R

Hello guys. Today I will be addressing an issue which have been asked from me so much on the comments of my video. I’ve been asked that why the font option isn’t availabe anymore on xtheme. previously it has work around which required downgrading the xtheme app and then you was able to change fonts but it is now vanished from there and how we can bring it back. First thing to understand here that Your cellphone is made up of many software elements. One vendor provides one feature and other provides other features This contains hardware and software. i.e. Your screen is made by samsung processor is made by mediatek or snapdragon. battery is from infinix and camera is from sony. Company can not afford to make mobile on their own. They just buy different components from different compaies and assemble it and call it their own. Same case with software too. If you’re using an android phone then it is from google if it has google apps. You can also see apps from other developers too in your mobile. for example some mobile come with phx browser some come with jumia store some with messenger facebook pre-installed. They are different companies which pay small fee to be added in the apps list. These are not infinx apps. This is how your mobile is made up of. To provide you a better android experience infinix does agreements with other OEMs to provide all the apps and hardware needed to run android on a device. Same is the case with XOS. the operating system you use mostly on Infinix devices. There are wallpapers themes and etc. As you’re seeing this video you woul have noticed that font option is not available anymore. Previously it has work around so If someone downgrades xtheme font came back. Well not anymore. This option isn’t coming back soon. Let me Explain why? I’ve talked with infinix official staff. They told me that their agreement with “lovelyfonts” (company that provides font in xtheme) has expired. Till they renew the agreement or do agreement with other company you won’t be able to use fonts on xos based infinix phones. If you are using other font and want to bring it back to default then you have to restore your mobile.’

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