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Why do Arabs brush their teeth with a stick?

Why do Arabs brush their teeth with a stick?

what’s annoying is that i’ve had to use the front-facing
camera which isn’t even 1080hp so i’m bringing you this video because i’ve
just discovered this you know what it is, most of you know what
it is some of you won’t, some of you will be like
‘he’s found a piece of wood on the floor, and he’s gonna make a video on it cos he’s
that bored on a weekend’ which, by the way is Friday in this part of the world it’s called, what’s it called? that’s right – miswak some of you might have said miswich because
in Kuwait, which is where i’m living at the moment, it’s called miswach and it’s written like this sometimes it’s called siwak not entirely sure of the history of the word
and everything, but it comes from this tree here the miswak tree basically, like, it’s effectively just a piece
of wood right? the bark, when you first get it, the bark
does smell a little… … a little bit um… … rank but, you chew the end like that, i’ve already
done this here’s one i made earlier and you end up with these little bristles which look like this and, can you see that? It kinda looks like a toothbrush well, it doesn’t really look like a toothbrush
at all but it effectively is a toothbrush so you get it up in your teeth, give them
a stroke give ’em a polish and I’m kind of exaggerating now, because
i’m filming but and like I honestly can’t tell you how good
that feels it’s so good it’s like you’re stroking your
gums with some really nice soft like weird finger thing all these little bristles are like Mr Blobby’s
finger like stroking your gums and making them feel really clean and fresh I don’t know what it’s like to be honest but
you have to get it and try it and find out I mean these things are huge in the middle
east and, I think Africa as well but you don’t really find them in England,
where i’m from if you ask me, I reckon they’ll be quite big I think people will get quite into these because
they’re completely natural, they’re anti bacterial they’re anti viral maybe? They are organic they’re just pieces of wood,
so healthy they remove plaque, decay, clean teeth, make
them white they say that they can even improve your memory? not sure about that one but – who knows it’s just a really cool thing i’ve just found,
just discovered and i thought why not share it with you guys and – who knows, maybe they’ll be quite big
in a few years I’m not sure, i’m not gonna be going into
business in them but i’ll tell you what I will be doing is filling my suitcase with them when i come
home, i’m gonna fly home with 40kg of these things they’re 50p each I got 2 for a dinar so it’s called miswak, siwak, miswich i’ll spell it here for you, there siwak, miswich, miswak and yeah, check it out – now you’ve learned
something every day’s a school day, as they say… anyway… I love it, yeah i’ve got a bit of an obscure
taste in stuff – not literally taste but you know, interest in things but yeah like, who knows… anyway, if you don’t mind… i’m gonna …carry
on so i’ll see you later

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