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Why Academic Presenter? (Part 5 – Handwriting)

Why Academic Presenter? (Part 5 – Handwriting)

Hello everyone. If you remember from previous
videos, I promised an impressive gift for professor and instructors. Today I am going
to explain a new feature of Academic Presenter which changes the course of presentation software
products. Generally in abstract courses like Mathematics
and physics, professors use slides to show the propositions or theorems. However, when
they want to prove those theorems, they will have to use chalk or marker and prove the
theorem on board. There are some subtle psychological and logical reasons behind proving by hand. The first and the most important reason is
about focusing on proof stage by stage to avoid distraction and confusion by students.
If the students see the whole proof, they may be intimidated by complexity. The second
reason is physiological. When students see the handwriting on board, unconsciously, they
think it is more likely to be understood. Also, professors are more comfortable since
they can see their own handwriting on board and feel everything is under control. But there is a big problem in here. The problem
is arising when we sit back and look the entire life of instructor. Instructors always writing
the same thing each semester again and again. It needs a lot of energy and attention to
do all of them with the same level of quality. How can we get benefit from good points and
resolve the issues? Nowadays, new computers support digitizer.
They either have them as necessary component or as accessories. Even for the old computers,
there are some accessories to simulate pen on computer.
Because of their cheap price, students and professors can use them very easily for the
educational purposes. By help of digitizer, Academic Presenter introduces
new feature calling handwriting simulator. By using this feature, professor can record
handwriting movements on canvas and reanimate them at specific frames with different speeds. To use this feature, you need to choose handwriting
tools from insert menu. Now you can write on visible canvas with pen. There are some
tools in the handwriting panel. In the handwriting panel, you can choose different pens including
highlighter and normal pens with different colors and widths. You can also customize
your current pen and change its width and color. Finally, if you did a mistake you can
easily invert your pen and erase the mistake. Academic Presenter offers two types of erasers:
point and stroke. The point eraser clears just the pixels under eraser unlike stroke
eraser which clears the whole stroke. The writing speed can be modified from animation
speed. User can slowdown or accelerate the writing speed by changing the number from
0.1X to 10X of normal speed when it was written. After finishing the annotation, you can terminate
recording process by clicking on Finish Recording. The software encapsulates the annotation inside
an image object. It worth noting that user can edit the annotation by selecting the image
and pressing edit handwriting. Finally I want to exhibit a sample made by the handwriting
tool. I would like to remind that this feature will
be seen in Academic Presenter version 2. Thanks for watching this tutorial video. In
the next video, we will explain another new feature of academic presenter that helps researchers
to keep track of published works related to presentation. See you soon. Bye.

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