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White Pen & Marker Comparison (2017 update)

White Pen & Marker Comparison (2017 update)

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to
be revisiting a video from many years ago where
I compared white gel pens, and this time I’m going
to be using the white ink pen sampler from JetPens. They come in a bundle
and you get quite a few different pens to compare. Full disclosure, JetPens
sent these to me, so even though I didn’t
purchase them personally, I am going to give
you my honest opinions and tell you which
ones I liked the most and what I would recommend
for each of these pens. So this first one is the
Uni-Ball Signo Broad. If you’ve seen that
video from years ago, this was the clear winner
for the most bright and easiest to use, and
I don’t know that I would keep it in this
category for this video. Kind of a spoiler, but I
think it works really well, but there were some
other surprising pens included in this pen sampler
that I really enjoyed, including this next one,
which is the Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip DX. This one has one millimeter
tip, so it’s a similar line weight to the
Uni-ball Signo Broad, and I found it to be of
a similar brightness. Now it didn’t, looking
at it onscreen, I’m seeing that
there are some areas that fade just a
tiny bit, but I think it’s very comparable to
the Uni-ball Signo Broad, and almost better in some
cases because the ink flow was a little bit
more consistent. You’ll see a little
bit later in the video that all of these have
instances of skipping when you write too
quickly, but I found that the Pentel Hybrid had a
little bit of a smoother feel when I was writing with it. So that was one pen that
kind of surprised me, I had never tried this
pen before, and I thought it worked really, really well. This next one’s the
Sakura Gelly Roll Classic, and this one I’ve been
using in my crafting and envelope projects
for quite some time. Of all of these pens
that I’m using today, that is the most fine-lined
pen, so I really like it for writing in smaller
letters or an address on an envelope or
something like that, or very, very small
details on a stamped image. I think it works
really well for that. This next one, which is
the Sharpie Water-Based Paint Marker is one of
the thicker line weights and this is actually a
fade-resistant marker, and you can use it
on multiple surfaces, not just on paper, and
so it’s really versatile in that way. I found that it was a little
bit harder to write with, maybe because I wasn’t
expecting it to be so thick, but it was still a good marker. This next one is the
Posca Paint Marker, and this is the medium point, which is interesting because
it’s the thickest line of all of the markers and
pens that I’m comparing in this video. So I would probably
reserve this for posters or bigger projects that would
need a larger letter for it. Also wanted to mention that
it’s interesting to see what the Posca medium
point is compared to the medium point of
the Sakura Gelly Roll, because they consider that
a medium weight as well, so huge difference
between the two. The Posca Paint Marker
is much thicker. They do have a different
version though, this is the extra fine
Posca Paint Marker, and I did want to mention
with both of these paint markers that
the tip of the marker is kind of porous, it
has a little bit of a scratchy texture, so
depending on the surface that you’re writing on,
you might get some little splatters of paint. I got a few little splatters
when I went to write with this Posca Paint Marker. And you can prevent
that by slowing down and tipping the
marker a little bit just so that it doesn’t
scratch the paper, but that is something
to be aware of. So this is the Raymay
Fluorescent Board Marker, this is a two
millimeter as well, and this marker in particular
I almost didn’t include it because it’s actually
not meant for paper. As you can see all of that
white, bright white color is seeping into the paper. This is a marker that works
better on blackboards, glass, and acrylic,
anything that’s non-porous. That’s what it’s meant for
and that’s when it will stay bright white, but I
did like the look of it on this black kind of
seeping into the paper. I thought it looked a
little bit like chalk on a chalkboard, so I did
wanna include it here. This last one is a
Sakura Decorese Gel Pen. This one’s a little
bit different as well. It’s meant to work on paper,
metal, glass, and photos, so it works on a bunch
of different surfaces and I would say
with the exception of the extra fine
Posca Paint Marker, this is the most fine tip
one that’s meant to be used on slick surfaces. But the thing that’s
interesting about this one is that the line weight
changes depending on how fast or slow you’re
writing, so it really varies. So I had four favorites
for a fine line kind of what I would
use for my projects, and the projects I’m
thinking of are like addressing envelopes,
or adding small details onto a scene or image
or a stamped image, or just writing on a
black surface in general. So there were four that I
thought were my favorites, and all of them are really
good, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I would say that
the Posca Extra Fine is the one that skips the least. I had no skipping issues at all, and I had a really consistent
line weight throughout. It was very easy to
use and there are a ton of other Posca colors
to choose from, so if you wanted to
do a black envelope with lots of really
colorful details on it you could use all Posca pens and you’d have a
really great result. The Signo Broad,
the Pentel Hybrid, and the Gelly Roll, they
all skipped a little bit, with the Gelly Roll
skipping the least once you got it going. So I do like to scribble a
little bit off to the side before I start using these. So like I mentioned before,
the Posca Extra Fine can splatter a little bit
if you’re not careful, so I found that slowing down
and also tipping the marker so it’s at more of an
angle as you’re writing really prevents all
of those splatters. So I think overall I
would say that this Posca Extra Fine is my favorite
of all of the white pens that I’ve shown
in today’s video. I think it’s the one that
I will reach the most for when it comes to
addressing envelopes or adding details
on stamped images, things like that,
and I chose this one because it doesn’t
skip, and because it has a really even line and
it stays bright white. I think it’s a really great
result, so the overall winner for me this time is
the Posca Extra Fine. Before I wrap up this
video, I wanted to show you a little bit of experimentation with the Sakura Decorese pen. I wanted to see how thick
of a line I could get if I slowed down, and it’s
actually quite a bit thicker than my original kind of
sampling of writing out this with this pen, I
thought it’s interesting. And this particular pen has
kind of a raised appearance and if you do it super thick
like this, you can actually run your fingertips
over it and you can feel the ink a little bit. So because of that, it does
take a little bit longer to dry, in fact all of
these need a minute or two to dry after you’ve used
them, so you aren’t going to be able to go over
these right away at all, any of them. You do have to let them dry,
but this one in particular can smudge pretty easily. It’s a really pretty pen, I
wanted to show it on camera. It’s got a fun kind of
angled tip on the end. So here’s the comparison of
all of the different markers that I’ve shown today. I did wanna mention
that I did not show one pen that is included
in the white pen sampler from JetPens, and that
is the Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze Pen, it might
not be Gelly Roll, it might just be Glaze,
and that’s because that one does not stay bright white,
and so for the properties I was comparing for today,
that one didn’t really apply. So I’m just gonna show
you this little example of using some of the
different pens here, and also wrap it up
with all of my thoughts. So like I said before,
I think the winner is the Posca Extra Fine. However, if you’re going to
be doing only small details on your projects, and you
want a really fine line, the next one that
I would recommend is the Gelly Roll Pen,
and that’s because it, like the Posca Extra Fine,
it doesn’t skip as much, especially if you kinda scribble
off on some scratch paper before moving onto your
project, and it stays fairly bright white. I think it does a
pretty good job. So if you were going to have
two pens in your crafting or writing stash, I would
say you definitely need the Posca Extra Fine and
also the Sakura Gelly Roll. I think both of those
are fantastic options. That wraps up my video for
my 2017 White Pen Comparison. Hope you guys enjoyed. I will see you over at my
blog and in my next video. And thanks for watching. (calm guitar music)

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