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Hello everybody, welcome back to channel Mehdi is here again with another video today I want to talk about Longest-lasting fragrances from least to the most! Let’s talk About them At Number 10 spot Bentley intense for man you shocked! yeah? because this is the least Long-lasting fragrances on the list By 12 hours Plus. This is the least performer on this list. Now. You can understand what kind of the Top 10 I made for you such a beast mode fragrances. We have today guys by 12 hours plus Longevity on the skin this. at number 10 spot bentley for men intense is one of the best cheapie fragrances ever out there if You are not into niche fragrances daring Complex out standing type of scent profiles then this fragrance is not for you bentley for men intense is very mature very masculine very Pokerface and not laughing at all to not smiling anything nothing very serious and upscale smells boozy niche toned down sweetness that like Amber or cinnamon a type of sweetness very very less in the background and By somehow leathery and little bit smoked not smoky fragrance a smoke that comes from frankincense and resins resiny leathery I cannot say woody so less but much more in the leathery and Boozy side of the fragrance very outstanding 12 hours plus longevity 3-4 hours plus projection sillage . You know, how much? what is the price? 30 bucks another beast on the list by 16 hours longevity coming out from house of Profumum roma Acqua viva, so this fragrance smells spring and summery type of fragrance not winter scent profile but… by for I forget what I was … fragrance is projecting to my nose but by this scent profiled by this woody citrusy scent profile sixteen hours is a success in the perfumery game by great compliment getting factor acqua viva is extrait de parfum means very concentrated. We have eau fraiche eau de toilets eau de colon eau fraiche eau de colon eau de toilette eau de parfum pure parfum extrait de parfum 40% oil concentration in this fragrance! highly oily expensive long-lasting out standing and compliment getter type of fragrance. Not a magnet. but compliment getting factor is very good 16 plus longevity by a average because it is Not that easy to project. highly oily… by five six hours projection and sillage Near to skin or 10 – 15 centimeters something Acqua viva number 9 spot 16 hours plus longevity At number eight spot. I have one animal here for you Sorry, I can not be more polite by this fragrance in terms of longevity it is an animal in my hand by Freaking 18 hours longevity. I didn’t classified these times by for example 18th hour. You have to dig your skin to find half a drop of some dead fragrances on your skin It’s not like that. Then it would be easily at 24 hours Performance good performance 18 hours on the skin coming out from house of Aramis from line of calligraphy rose Look at this color of juice at first. I would like so much to Show you I hope the camera will catch it. The light is good look at the color of this juice guys! Man it makes spot on the clothings. Be careful also can make spot on the skin Aramis rose is not for everybody. It is niche smelling type of rose by the best ambergris natural ambergris The most natural ambergris that I’ve ever sniffed in my life! Creed fragrances are famous to having the best Ambergris the most natural smelling type of Ambergris, which is true, but I found it better because this one smells Animalic Ambergris …if you have sniffed animalic ambergris , natural ambergris. youcan find it here … it’s not synthetic a smelling type of ambergris which shines after 18th hour on your skin when fragrance going to be 19 – 20 hour on the skin then you can feel that Ambergris will be there because the other notes Disappeared already and ambergris staying great Ambergris here… this resiny rosy Niche smelling type of rose fragrance… Rose is main player here Two kinds of rose. I can catch here 1- Normal Bulgarian turkish Rose. Bulgarian or Turkish rose The second one jamy rose. the cooked rose like rose jam plus fresh jam together both are catchable here touchable Very long-lasting very Niche smelling unisex fragrance. I believe it is Perfectly unisex, maybe 10% or 5% more A bit in the masculine side Resiny Rosy Wood? I have I cannot catch that much Wood here musk and Saffron. Also I can catch her.Rose musk saffron. Resiny type of fragrance Very outstanding scent profile is fall/winter. Absolutely. You cannot go wrong by this fragrance if you are into rose and Niche smelling type of rose fragrances… Aramis At number 7 spot 20 hours longevity on the skin 20 hours coming out from house of Gucci none other than Intense Oud! so Gucci intense oud is all About… Look at this man! Look at this!!! Scent… royal. smells so class. So royal so luxury Some mulberry ish vibe, reminds me of that Middle Eastern Herbal stores the store that selling hHerbals Medicinal herbs, when you go inside, you can catch this Scent. They have some oud They have some spices. They have dried fruits like that one Of childhood so this fragrance is Wet Oud! to my nose is not dried by some berry ish Mulberry ish vibes at the top which is gives to this fragrance fresh fruity sourness and After half an hour that fresh fruity sourness will disappear or will calm down It’s better to say. and you have smoky Oudy type of fragrance Some raisins like frankincense. Also I can catch so woody Resiny by a bit Very less fruitiness at the top so gucci intense oud is not pleasant type of fragrance but it is compliment getter… I have no idea why because based on my experiences This fragrance is not a smelling Mass-Appealing not for everybody at least not for 80% 85% out there But in the air can get for the compliments 20 hours plus easily longevity Also crazy sillage projection is more than 10 hours by this fragrance. For example when i test this fargrance on my wrist I have another fragrances. Just I want to test this fragrance. When I am moving after 10 hours still somehow. Ok, it projects Projection is not loud not big animalic but it is for a long time near to a skin and near to your area easily I can have by this fragrance projection 10 hoursd and longevity 20 hours, very long-lasting outstanding half compliment getter type of fragrance for fall and winter .Gucci Intense Oud at number six spot another beast on the list 24 hours longevity Coming out from House of Dior Dior Homme Parfum… hands down. So if you know dior homme online Dior homme, Dior homme eau Dior Homme intense these three fragrances If your familiar buy them you going to get another thing here it’s not like that backbone of Dior Homme line is iris lipstickyvibe! which reduced here or Almost disappeared very very way back at the background this is a different thing more unisex or more even feminine in the feminine side classified as a for men, but I Believe it is unisex and even feminine in the feminine side.Smells more feminine compared to the other fragrances on the line and Lasts more longer also so 20 hours longevity they go by this fragrance in the rose oudleather combo rather than Lipsticky chocolate iris combo. here we have rose oud . I can catch oud. I hope it is not in from my hand Because of Gucci oud…I don’t think so. I can catch very less at the background on my skin after three hours three four hours turns a bit to the smoky because of leather smokey not so woody smoky type of scent and A bit rose starts shining after four hours on my skin some says at all They cannot catch rose? But I Have to say what I get. I get rose leather and oudy woody type of fragrance They went to that direction by this fragrance So… Dior Homme Parfum by 24 hours longevity, at number six spot 32 hours longevity pure longevity 10 hours plus performance in terms of projection and sillage on the skin Coming out from house of mMaison Francis Kurkdjian! king of sexy fragrances Oud Satin Mood… I have not full bottle of this fragrance because it is way feminine for me at all at all. Nothing for me in this fragrance Maybe one day if I purchase it. It is for gifting to my girlfriend. So Very sexy Rose oud combo but I have to say I can not catch oud here… it is baccarat Rouge famous baccarat Rouge plus roses here together BOOM! oud satin mood so very wearable then I have to say oud fragrance the color of juice is grey, bright grey … Check it out So oud satin mood is highly compliment getter fragrance 2 ml sample I’ve worn here one ml for two times and in these two times, I don’t exaggerate it I got more than 10 12 compliments by this fragrance, but compliment getting factor is important for me but not Everything for me, don’t enjoy it. Also. I do enjoy bacc… baccarat Rouge very Famous successful fragrances. I respect the success of this fragrance, but not for me if you are into baccarat Rouge and You want some rosy vibe mixed by baccarat Rouge then this beast is for you by 32 hours longevity I believe they have 70 MLS and 200 ml forget about 200 ml if you purchase 70 ml of oud satin mood will enough for you, I guarantee until last of your life If you don’t want to live 200 years… 34 hours longevity! another beast on the list at number 4 spot coming out from house of Mancera! Black Gold! You can check out my full review on this fragrance for a brief a short review BOMB of lavender lavender is the first thing that I can test and this fragrance…soapy lavendery Toned on sweetness not sweet sweet fragrance. I can hear some says that reminds them of 1 million by Paco Rabanne, I can understand them but not that much big-time -to my nose smells like very luxury high-class expensive bar of soap in very expensive hotel like that smoky Smoke is toned down like some smoky soaps, you know what I mean … when the soap is harsh like that herbal … sweet, some nutmeggy vibe is also here catchable, very long-lasting projection is not as great as the Performance as the longevity, but you gonna get noticed Not a compliment getter but you will get easily noticed and smelling fresh lavendery soapy and luxury by Mancera black gold At Number three spot why i’m laughing the fragrance is projecting in my hand guys Coming out from house of mancera another black Mancera but not black cold black to black 36 freaking hours longevity. It’s crazy was predicting than my hand before I opening the atomizer so Very niche it is difficult to get used to this fragrance if you are not into niche fragrances at the first if you will throw it out or You will say that ok … If you sample it you’ll say it’s not for me it is rose… 70% oud leather saffron DONE! that simple. but projection is nuclear forever 36 hours longevity, also 36 hours projection 36 hours plus sillage… like that These fragrance can kill you if you want to purchase it Be careful just one puff at the back of the neck because if you spray it here 36 hours 40 hours will project to your nose and even showering take a shower also will not help you You will not get rid of your skill. That’s why Just I applied like this one puff on the back of the neck sometimes one puff under the shirt on the chest done more than this one will kill you or if it is not killing you will kill people around the thing that is crazy in this fragrance is longevity projection and sillage.. in the same time, for example, you have fragrance on your skin until 36 hours some fragrances can project first 10 hour or first 8 hour But this fragrance no 36 hours plus longevity 36 hours plus projection 36 hours plus sillage Very crazy fragrance. If you apply this fragrance can cut everything around even your cell phones will not work it can cut Easily cut them signals as well. I have to say to you Radios will not work. Everything will disappear 🙂 every sillage of other fragrances out there if they have another great smelling expensive fragrances by 2 puffs All will be disappeared you can cut them sillage projection so easy by this fragrance so mancera black to black at number 3 spot 36 hours plus 48 hours 48 hours two days longevity on the skin coming out from house of Aramis at number two spot aramis the king so I’m sure at least you have a sniffed this fragrance one time or you have had heard of this fragrance. So Aramis! fragrance scent of my dad scent of my father shoutout to my dad green Masculine john wayne smelling fragrance john wayne smelling fragrance performe.. Very masculine. It is not for boys. Absolutely not under 30. I have to say also Not easy to wear this fragrance. So masculine so manly man in the bottle all the school green Complex Leathery herbal Artemisia is very shining in this fragrance to my nose. Be careful of applying guys. I have to say because On the clothings. I am not kidding with you I can catch it from the before years guys one freaking year one year. It’s not kidding It is not it is very serious time man one year This fragrance. Can stay on the clothings But 48 hours plus on the skin by very loud protection and sillage.. Just for winter. I Don’t suggest you even in the spring in the fall Maybe if it is cold like Denmark very cold air guys do not apply it in other times and It is not mass appealing because it is not smelling that modern. I Cannot get compliment by this fragrance, but I love it because it reminds me of my dad That’s why I have it in my collection. I smell my dad than this fragrance…Aramis number two spots I hope you enjoyed the video until now if you did give one of this to me and if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe at number one spot 50 hours oh man more than 2 days 50 hours longevity on the skin 24 hours projections sillage…on the clothings It cannot stay one year like Aramis, but can stay long For 6 months all heavy stuffs in the world is in this bottle all heavy stuff! leather oud resins herbls smokes Amouage! blue beast interlude man, so Holy smoke smells peppery oudy leathery black pepper like the black pepper is.. which is burning on the fire and smokes and Burning wood. The smoke inside is not nuance, it is really smoke real burning wood You will smelling like bonfire like that Huge projection and sillage not a mass appealing fragrance Not a compliment getter. I have it because of my personal enjoyment I cannot get any compliment by this one But one of the longest lasting fragrances I’ve ever sniffed in my life. This fragrance is known as blue beast in the fragrance game Amouage interlude man 50 hours plus don’t forget subscribe the channel That was my longest lasting fragrances in the collection If you have any opinion suggestion question, let me know in the comments below. I will answer you SEE YOU IN ANOTHER VIDEO…


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