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Where Is The Bathroom? Arabic Phrases #26

Where Is The Bathroom? Arabic Phrases #26

Where is the toilet? Where’s the bathroom? Where’s the bathroom, I need to go (to the) bathroom Where’s the toilet? ‘Where’s the bathroom?’ in Arabic, how do you say it? Maybe you’re going on holiday to an Arabic country or maybe you just want to know how to say, ‘where’s the bathroom? Where’s the restroom?’ ‘where’s the toilet?’ where’s the water closet? In Arabic… ‘where’s the bathroom? I’ve just said it is the video over 12 seconds in? no it’s not, there’s more I’m going to write it, I’m going to talk to you about the words, I’m going to talk to you about Arabic so… ‘where’s the bathroom?’ How do you say, ‘where’s the bathroom?’ there are two ways of saying this and that’s because in Arabic, there are several different dialects so in fusha, which I’ll just put here, umm… I think I’ll do it…yeah black is…. blue’s better Fusha: ‘fusha’, which I just write like that fusha ayna is where in a dialect like gulf dialect for example, you might say ‘wayn’ same word so slightly different, and then in terms of the word for bathroom it’s just the same my writings’s not particularly neat but you can see that I’ve got an alif, lam to make it ‘the’ – ‘the bathoom’ that’s the same letter, but I’ve just joined it up nice short video today, ‘where’s the bathroom?’ if you like this video, you can subscribe for loads more like this, I make videos quite often so you’ll see another one soon

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