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a few people have asked me where do I
get my fonts from and how do I install them on my computer so today I’m going
to show you where I source my fonts my graphic design projects as well as give
you a few tips on installing them you can jump to the timecard in the corner
if you want to skip the intro what is up people welcome by two satori graphics
home of graphic design content right here on YouTube just a heads up for you
guys but next week I’m going away traveling but I’m going to try and
record a few videos over the weekend in advance
however if have a busy weekend it might mean the nanny upload one or two videos
next week but the week after that I’m going to be back to normal with for
weekly graphic design uploads the first website is called 1001 fonts
and the great thing about this website is that some funds are free for you to
use across your projects you notice at the very top there are categories of
font styles such as San serif and written and so forth but you can also
use the search bar the pink icon lets you know that our font is only for
personal use but the green icon tells you that the font is downloadable for
you to use anywhere on your graphic design work this next website is a little more
pricey but you do have peace of mind that you can use your font anywhere you
want without any corporations phone shop has categories such as bestsellers new
fonts and there’s not many free fonts on here to be honest with you but you can
check out the sales section but yeah if you have the money and you really like a
specific font it might be worth purchasing it to
obtain the license I will quickly show you a great tip for
managing your fonts on your computer over here in 1000 1000
I would go to download this phone and as you can see it’s free for me to use
anywhere my work once you download it there locate the file on your computer on a Mac you will need to open up the
phone book window and then once you have it drop the font
file into your phonebook you only want to use a TTF file now once you’ve done that you will
notice up a folder where I keep all of my typefaces I saved this folder on a
computer and also an external hard drive because trust me you don’t want to lose
your files so I save it in two places if you had a demonstrator open while
students thought the font you’re going to need to close it to be illustrator
and then reopen it for the fun to appear so there are two great places online to
download in source fonts some are free and some are not let me know where you get
your phones from and if you found today’s graphic design video useful
subscribe to Satori graphics for for weekly graphic design uploads but
remember the next week I might only have one or two uploads until next time this
on your future today peace

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