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What Is Handwriting Analysis? | Psychic Abilities

What Is Handwriting Analysis? | Psychic Abilities

What is handwriting analysis and how it maybe
used by a psychic? Now, I’ve got to jump right in there and say
handwriting analysis is nothing to do with being a psychic. It is between an art and a science. It has a very, very long history. I think and I don’t remember his name a Roman
historian back in the day realized that he was doing a history of the three Caesar’s
before and he realized that there were variations in the handwriting. Now think about that. It wasn’t in this day and age where we’ve
got paper galore. No. Everything written had to be written very,
very carefully on parchment which was precious even if you were a Caesar. So, one would imagine that the writing would
be very rigid and the historian didn’t know what it meant, but he recognized that different
people have different handwritings. Over the years this was developed, I’m not
gonna tell the whole story about the Abbott’s and the monastery and so on and so on. Let’s bring it further forward. I think it basically started in the modern
world in Germany, Switzerland, Austria as again, I’ve got to say between an art and
a science. I knew that it works and you do as well. No I don’t know you’re going to say I don’t
know that at all. Oh, yes you do. Why? Signatures. You know a signature is legally binding. Why? It’s unique. To do a handwriting analysis as I do and I
was trained way back in the 70s. I’ve got a long history with this. The sample has to be script cursive and by
here, New York city in this modern age, most people print. I say, you’ve got to do script or cursive. They haven’t done that since grade school. Whatever, whatever, whatever. They scratch out the lines that I need which
is quite simply, I live in New York city and my name is with a signature. That gives me all the letters that I need
and even if they swore blind they couldn’t do cursive the particular personality comes
through. In my sessions with clients I always start
with a sample of the client’s own handwriting. Compatibility if they bought it. Why? Well apart from the fact it reveals a lot,
it also tells me the basic strength or perhaps not of the client.

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