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Western Calligraphy Techniques : Repairing Calligraphy Mistakes: Part 1

Western Calligraphy Techniques : Repairing Calligraphy Mistakes: Part 1

So let’s talk about what happens when you
actually make a mistake and how you’re going to deal with it because there are a number
of mistakes that you can make. So let’s say that I’ve just written this line o.k. and
here’s a very blaring mistake right here because my “I” is slanted backwards and that’s really;
that’s, that’s a big no no. You don’t want your; your verticals to slant backwards. So
what I might do in a case like this is
I might try to correct it like that by drawing, actually drawing and filling in with a very
fine tool. I happen to have a fair amount of control with a tool like this so, ok. And
you draw; you know what you want it to look like. And then this is really rough paper
so all of these letters need a little bit of filling in and what I also need to do of
course is to; is to strengthen some of these in terms of width because I’ve just done that
with my eye. So this, this is manuscript work; when you, you; you just really cannot cut
and paste. You can cut and paste on a manuscript or, or I wouldn’t anyway; ok. There are no
hard and fast rules. See when I’m correcting I can turn this guy any ole’ way I want. So
here I am; ok, so you get the idea alright. But here’s another mistake. Oh dear! Here’s
another mistake that I have made which is that I didn’t end up centering this thing
the way I wanted to and the whole line ended up being a little bit to far over this way;
so I have this glaring little space here. So I’m just going to add a bit of a serif
on here.

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