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Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Tips on Names: Part 1

Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Tips on Names: Part 1

Alright now, we’re still sort of on the theme
of names. I often am hired to put names on things other than single page types of things.
It’s easy enough when you make a mistake on an envelope or on a diploma to throw it away
and start again. But supposing what you’re doing is inscribing a manuscript of some kind,
a book. For example, I put new, a new page on a particular book for the Gilford Conservation
Land Trust every year, and the book, over a period of so many years, has become rather,
rather valuable. So what I have to do is I have to be exceedingly careful about how I
put the names in. I can’t make a mistake. So if you can’t make a mistake, what you do
is you take every precaution that you can possibly think of. I did just now place the
name over, I made sure that I had spelled it right and that I used my peripheral vision.
I would cover up the areas that are not in use. I would double check on my lining. So
that’s, that’s something that’s pretty typical for names to go on. There’s another way that
names come into play and that, here’s an example of a name of a young friend named Beau. And
his mother had me do this for him for his birthday and it’s on a frame in his room.
And these are things that he loves.

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