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Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Surfaces & Tools

Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Surfaces & Tools

So let me just run down some of, some of the
ideas. First of all, you got paper, and along with paper, you have books, and along with
books you have mats. A lot of times I get hired to put names or something, some kind
of an inscription on a mat. Alright, every time you work on a different surface, you’re
dealing with different materials. So you’re most likely to be dealing with different tools
in terms of tools and paints or whatever. So little by little you, you’re gaining in
your repertoire over a period of years, I would say. Some people work on glass. I’ve
never, well I’ve done designs, but then someone else has put them on the glass. I’ve never
worked directly on glass. You can work in concrete. You can work and have fun in sand.
Check out the movie “Hero” for sand. And a nice, really nice, gorgeous surface to work
on is skin. And you might want to check out the movie called “The Pillow Book” for absolutely
gorgeous calligraphy going, going, going onto skin. Working on skin, you just need the right
materials. Also comes to mind, of course, tattooing. So if you’re a tattoo artist, go
for calligraphy. The one lament that I have is that one of my deep concerns is that the
most perfect, basic tool in terms of education for our young children is the blackboard,
chalk and a blackboard. And guess what guys? They’ve taken away the blackboards. So I don’t
know what to say about that. But I hope you have fun with the other surfaces.

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