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Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Logo Tips: Part 1

Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Logo Tips: Part 1

Sometimes, I’m asked to design logos. Certain
calligraphers are really great at designing logos. May I mention one of my mentors, Raphael
Boguslav? You can check out his work just by going to the internet. I can’t really say
that I’ve had a zillion jobs doing logos, so I can’t really say that I specialize in
it. I find that, as a calligrapher, there are certain types of businesses that a hand
done logo works for. Obviously, obviously, I’m going to do my own logo. And so, I would
call, you know, this is a trade card design. It winds up to be a little tiny thing like
this, of course. I wonder if you remember in the beginning when I showed you that fancy
P from the Book of Kells? This is actually a clever reference to that. Black, white and
gray. Can you see the black,white and gray in this? Alright so, let me show you a few
other logos that I’ve done. There is a, an absolutely magnificent patisseire chocolatere
gelatere in Mt. Kisco, New York, and it’s called La Tulipe Desserts, and I designed
their logo. And it is just an absolutely enchanting place to visit with absolutely delicious pastries
and so on. And a logo like this, alright, winds up going on all kinds of things. So,
designing a logo has certain requirements and one of them is that it’s a design that
needs to go up and it needs to go down. And it needs to get battered by different kinds
of media that might be taking it on. This is an example of an advertisement that I did
for them when I first started. And you see here’s the logo.

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