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Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Document Tips: Designs

Western Calligraphy Techniques : Calligraphy Document Tips: Designs

These are all just colored copies of the real,
the real things are in frames on somebody’s wall. Here’s one for For Sister Anne Virginie,
stemming from St. Raphael’s Hospital. Now in this case there wasn’t a signature, but
it was still legitimate. Presented at a certain point in time with fanfare you know. The presentation
documented well enough. Here’s an appreciation so you have documents of appreciation, you
have documents of resolutions, all different ideas, document being a very generic term.
Here’s one that was presented by the Long Wharf Theater, the Mary L. Murphy award in
design and you know I get to decide what goes there, they were happy. And then there were
these signatures, and here is the date, see. Notice that I’ve got roman capitals up here
making the whole thing look very grand and official. Alright and then you know once you’ve
got documents and are having fun with documents, you can have a lot of fun with documents and
this is one that I made and it’s an extra credit document. So you know maybe someday
you’re going to end up getting one of these from me. And lastly I want to show you a document
that I presented to my absolutely adorable grandson when he turned two years old because
he had given me a hug that was so wonderful that I decided that he would get a super calligraphic
order of excellence for his hug and as you can see here this is the hug o meter. And
the hug o meter for his hug went all the way up to here, it’ll start you know, it goes
from here and all the way up to here. This would be needs more heart, this one is warm
and toasty, but this one he got all the way up to heart opens heart, so he’s got a little
ways to go to improved his hug to the point that it saves the world. But anyway I was
very proud of him so I presented him with a document and he also got a laminated copy
of it so he could carry it around.

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  • Susan Brown Peck says:

    You are just terrific. I bet you are a great teacher. Would love to learn from you! Thank you for sharing you gifts in video.

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