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Welcome to Vermont’s Dog Mountain

Welcome to Vermont’s Dog Mountain

– Do you want me to talk about like, Vincent’s death? Like, Vincent passed away
in June ’18, of cancer. Just to provide context?
– [People In Background] Yeah. If you wanna talk to what that was like. – [Sam] Yeah. Let’s, let’s go there. Yeah. (laughs) – [Woman In Background] We
just didn’t wanna push you. – [Man In Background] Yeah. – [Sam] Nah it’s, I mean, let’s try, yeah. – I’m Sam O’Brien, I’m an editor at Atlas Obscura. And I’m here on Dog Mountain, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont with my own dog Garbanzo,
to visit the dog chapel. Hey Garbanzo, come here! Come on! Ah, good boy! Good boy!
(clapping) Thank you. You having fun? Good boy. – Dog Mountain was founded by Stephen and Gwen Huneck. They met in art school, in the ’80s. And spent their whole lives together doing art and pursuing their dreams. Stephen recognized that
we had so many important rituals and places for other
milestones in our lives. But there was nothing to
sort of signify or mark the passing of our pet friends. He really felt dogs represented all that was so good and joyful and comforting about life. – [Sam] I’ve had Garbanzo
for about three years now. He is mostly chihuahua. He’s probably around
five or six years old. He is a very calm chihuahua, loves affection, loves attention, is very popular with pretty
much everyone he meets. He’s just a love machine. Banzo’s not really used
to being off leash. So, this has been a bit
of a learning experience with him coming when called. Yeah, I think it just
means, he’s really excited and he’s really having a good time. Bye. So many smells. Banzo, you wanna follow me? Oh wow, that’s so pretty. It almost feels like a monastery. It’s very remote,
everything’s very spread out. It very much feels like this is a space that’s built with dogs in mind. Aww!
(clapping) Come here! – [Scott] Dogs are family. In some ways they’re
almost better than family. But they don’t talk back to you. They’re always happy to see you. Their general nature
is just basic goodness and unconditional love. And that’s something that
Stephen was just so tuned in to. – [Sam] Come here. Agh! (laughs) Gotcha. Come on. (door closes) – [Scott] The dog chapel
is really the centerpiece and spiritual ground around
which Dog Mountain’s built. I myself have been in it hundreds of times and each time I go in the dog chapel, I have the same experience. I’m held very still. You’ll see that the walls
are covered in inches thick of notes and photographs commemorating dogs that were once part of a family. – [Sam] Gizmo and Trouble, may be gone, but never ever forgotten. I miss you, and look
forward to seeing you again. My precious companions, who knew and loved me unconditionally. Love, Mama. To my one and only Scout, how lucky I am to have
shared 16 years with you. There will be no other. My sweet brilliant girl. You were so, so loved. Banzo, who’s that? Big brother? Vincent, died in June of 2018, after a heartfelt battle with cancer. He was an incredibly tough dog. And just up until the
end just very tenacious and strong, and I loved him for it. I need tissues. (laughs) (crying and laughing) Thanks. Thank you. (sniffling) – [Scott] Stephen was just
an amazing personality and a creative genius. – [Sam] Banzo, let’s go! – [Scott] In addition to all the great art that he produced, he had a lot of really great sayings that also captured sort of
the spirit of Dog Mountain. And one of them, was that, Dog Mountain was the happiest place to be sad. – [Sam] Go man, go! (laughs) Go man, go! Good boy! We’re out of breath. (laughs)

22 Replies to “Welcome to Vermont’s Dog Mountain”

  • Rasheed Satterfield says:

    Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Valeria Balocco says:


  • Barbara Hardenbrook says:

    I knew Stephen and Gwen and have been to Dog Mountain several times. A must go place. The place is as wonderful as they both were.

  • Nicholas Yanes says:

    I'm not crying

  • Ethan Jakum says:

    A beautiful place and a beautiful love clearly shown in all parts of this video. Thank you so very much for this.

  • Denele Sakata says:

    What a beautiful and heart full place to honor our Angels with fur. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Calling All Hands On Deck! says:

    My dog is 13 & within the past few months he's started to have severe health problems. This video popped into my subs & I told myself I wouldn't cry. Well…… I'm crying a lot while I'm looking at him sleeping just to my left. He doesn't leave my side & won't leave his. If I do get up, he will cry for me in this high pitched baby cry. We really are attached at the hip. Thanks, for this video. I'm glad there's a place like this that exists & I'm certain I was supposed to see this video :3


    Got to put on my "To Do List"! Love my little one. He is like a child to me.

  • Arya1999 says:

    Garbanzo is the best name. I'm guessing mostly chihuahua with a dash of corgy.

  • Lori Hilliard says:

    I was on Dog Mountain last year with my rescue, Miss Lizzy. She loved splashing in the pond and running over the hills off-leash. Our visit to the chapel was moving, and I left messages for the dogs I've lost. This is a beautiful tribute every dog owner should visit.

  • Roger Stalker says:

    Died of after a "hard fought" not "heartfelt" battle.  Closed captioner messed up a couple of times.

  • jwbarnhartmusic says:

    I’m mourning the loss of a 10 yo Labradoodle (122019). We have created a beautiful memorial in our home that has her urn in the center. This dog chapel is beautiful. My girl was the center of my life and she will be missed as long as I have memory. It is nice to see that others love their furry children as much as I love mine. Thank you for this beautiful video.

  • Nelix82 says:

    I definitely shouldn't have watched that at work.

  • Aaron Smith says:

    When I started watching this I wasn't expecting to cry.

  • Janice McSherry says:

    We have visited there and it is indeed very special. Well worth the trip off the main road as you meander through Vermont/New Hampshire. And, yeah, I'm not crying either.

  • Dana Cox says:

    Beautiful story. This place is such a lovely way to establish rituals to help with pet loss.

  • rhijulbec1 says:

    I truly believe our humanity is most evident when we take these wonderful creatures into our homes and especially our hearts, knowing full well we'll have to say goodbye loooong before we're ready. Yet we love them with our entire beings anyway and mourn them as family. Because they are family
    Jenn 🇨🇦

  • Lori Stc says:

    Wonderful video and amazing place for our pet family. Once inside the chapel, I was not able to stop the tears. I so much wish I had the land to create one similar on the West coast. Thank you Dog Mountain hosts and guardians.

  • Norther56 says:

    I'd like to visit this place; my four beloved canine furbabies would have loved to run around there.

  • msmcquade says:

    Dog Mountain is a magical place. My girls pictures are hanging in the chapel.

  • Mike ego says:

    It’s hands down one of the greatest places I have ever been. I wish more people knew about it and the whole story behind it. Thanks for making great content on this because there isn’t much out there which is unfortunate

  • Hannah Tingle says:

    As I teared up watching this, my sweet boy came up and snuggled with me. What did we do to deserve dogs?

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