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Weight of my FONTS/Alphabet for HTML CLASS and COMPUTER CODING on Dusty Scale November 18, 2019

Weight of my FONTS/Alphabet for HTML CLASS and COMPUTER CODING on Dusty Scale November 18, 2019

okay so I just wanted to show you guys
like it’s been a while since I’ve used the scale and it’s just kind of sitting
under the bed collecting dust literally but I wanted to wait my fonts today so
I’m weighing my fonts and so I want to see how much my fonts way because that’s
a common thing with HTML and coding on the Internet is font weight so some
fonts are bigger than other fonts oh like this one looks like a gold gold it
looks like a bold bold is what I meant to say not gold and these are smaller
these fonts don’t weigh as much down here this font weighs more and so I’m
weighing my fonts today so I just wanted to show you guys how to weight fonts and
so this is gonna get put back onto the bed there’s my fingerprints I did a
fingerprint on my scale so my fingerprints actually have a weight as
well because they’re on the scale so I’m weighing my fingerprints too in the dust
and maybe maybe this explains this just might explain the white-nose bat
syndrome too because they said they get dust on their fur in the winter time now
I was thinking it could have been like ice so when it when someone has a beard
and they go outside in the winter and their beard freezes and it turns white
because it’s all it’s all what what is it it’s all uh frozen and so I was
thinking like but if the bats cave if the bat cave actually is in a place
and there’s a lot of dust blowing into it wouldn’t that kind of make sense that
they collect dust over the winter time just hang in there and not doing
anything in the cave and not moving around all winter but then I was
watching the usgs and they actually poked holes in there they hole punched
their wings while they’re alive they hole punch their wings to take samples
for the for the white-nose bat syndrome and so I
very strange but anyway yes so this is going to go back under the bed where it
belongs and it’s going to collect more dust and this concludes this video for
how to waive fonts

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