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Weekly Moroccan Arabic Words with Chiama – Direction Words

Weekly Moroccan Arabic Words with Chiama – Direction Words

It’s me again. Welcome to Arabic weekly
words. Let’s find out this week’s topic. Direction words [كلمات الاتجاهات
(kalimat al ittijahat)] or in Moroccan Arabic, we would say [ (littijahat)الاتجاهات]
but people use a specific word [نعت (na3t)] is to give directions. It’s a good word
to know. First word is ليمن it means right. In Darija we say liman سير طول و دور عل ليمن غتلقى
البنكة sīr ṭūl w dūr ʻa līman ghatlqa lbanka. go straight, turn right and you will find
a bank. Next word [ليسر] means left. In Darija, we say [līsar] they are close
اليسار/ليسر A good sentence would be: the convenience store is on your left الحانوت جا عل ليسر lḥanūt ja ʻal līsar. Next word [طول / نيشا ن] it means straight ahead
and in Darija, we just say [ṭūl] but there
is also another very common word. We say [nīshān] like if someone is giving
you directions, they would say سير نيشان sīr nīshān. go straight. Next word [دار] means to turn. dar كان غادي طول… دار عل ليمن
… و هو يدور عل ليسر kan ghādī ṭūl … dar ʻal līman … w
huwa ydur ʻal līsar. He was going straight and he turned right
and then left. [قطع] is to cross. In Darija, we say [q’taà] literally means
to cut but we use it like to like to cross the street قبل ما تقطع الشنطي، شوف
عل ليمن …شو ف qbal ma tqṭaʻ shshanṭī shuf ʻal līman
… shuf ʻal عل ليسر …عاد سير līsar … ʻād sīr. before crossing the street, look at your right,
then at your left and then cross and then go. Next word [Oh,] that was the end [Bye bye,
بسلامة (bslama)] see you next week.

7 Replies to “Weekly Moroccan Arabic Words with Chiama – Direction Words”

  • Dhiyaa Alhndi says:

    شكراً جزيلاً
    Thank you so much

  • سليمان محسن عبد العزيز العقيلي says:

    شكراً لكم على الجهود المبذولة لتبسيط تعليم اللغة العربية .. انا اتسائل الآن لماذا اخترتم ان تتجهون نحو تعليم اللهجة المغربية بدل التركيز على لغتنا الجميلة الغنية ؟؟؟ هل اللهجة اهم من الفصحى الثرية بالمفردات والتي هي بالفعل اغلى ما نملك .. هل يُراد ان تصبح العربية مثل اللاتينية وتصبح اللهجات هي اللغات السائدة ؟؟ ارجو منكم رجاء مُحب ان تعدلوا عن قراركم هذا وان تركزوا فقط على العربية الفصحى ولا شئ سواها .. مع فائق التقدير 

  • Eva Md Salleh says:

    Now THAT's a better and honest title. At least viewers know up front that it's Arabic for specific country. 

  • Mr Alef says:

    Why the Moroccan dialect??? It's so much different :-[:-[

  • Mamio Gaming says:

    arabs sucks proud to speak language of north africa tamazight

  • Adeel Khan says:

    shut up 😛

  • Rifay Abdurrahman says:

    YOu talk too fast.. I can't understand what you said in arabic…

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