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Weekly Egyptian Arabic Words with Peryhan – Your Face

Weekly Egyptian Arabic Words with Peryhan – Your Face

let’s get started hi everyone i’m priy
hemming zips and arabic weekly words so today’s topic is about your face
let’s get started awesome within here
awesome awesome and that means here and in the dialects we usually use the word
weddin wedding and for plural we then we then so for example i can say an ax and
a hill and food Amy and I’m the head and food and I have piercings in my ears and
manage ear nose and and nose and in the dialect we say men are here men are here
so that’s a funny word as a sentence we can say man he must do that and Angie
belt man I hear you must do that and Angie bet my nose is stuffy because I
have cold I mean I I’m I’m I and then the director
the same a and sentence I have for you is Sokka FATCA Tibbets tamil tau is a
centerman of salmon in Hazzard Chaka Fattah tidbits tamil Tommy’s I sent him
enough Salmonella hustled many cultures use terms to protect themselves from the
evil eye and for example I’m going to show you the i/os and Egypt that is this
and usually people hang it in front of their houses or stores to keep away the
evil or envious eyes away from them and to help them protect their jobs or
business or families like that they also use it in Turkey some book mouse some
fun that means mouth but in the dialect we usually use the word book book so for
example you can say fill up went up table if elbow up when tactical eat with
your mouth closed cut cheek had had cheek
so for example you can say who do the at-fault lottery forgive them who do the
odd fall naughty forgive them baby sticks are very cute and that’s it for
today I hope you liked the lessons why don’t you comment below about your
favorite part of your face in arabic and don’t forget to subscribe and check out
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