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Weekly Egyptian Arabic Words with Peryhan – Being Sick

Weekly Egyptian Arabic Words with Peryhan – Being Sick

Hi everyone, this is Peryhan and this is the
Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Are you excited for today’s words? So if you are, let’s
get started. Today’s theme is about being sick. Let’s go! وجع البطن
waǧaʿ el-baṭn Stomach ache وجع البطن
waǧaʿ el-baṭn that is stomachache أنا أكلت كتير فبطني وجعتني.
ʾanā ʾakalt ktīr fabaṭnī waǧaʿetnī I ate too much, so I got a stomachache حساسية
ḥasāseyyah allergy [ḥasāseyyah] allergy مقدرش أربي قطط عشان بابا عنده حساسية.
maqdarš ʾarabbī quṭaṭ ʿašān bābā ʿanduh ḥasāseyyah I cannot have a cat because my dad has allergy. Too bad, I love cats as you can see. حمى
ḥummā fever [ḥummā] Fever أخدت إبني للمستشفى لإن كان عنده حمى.
ʾaḫadt ʾebnī lelmustašfā laʾeen kān
ʿanduh ḥummā.ʾ I took my son to the hospital because he had a fever. I don’t have a son, but he has a fever obviously. زكام
zukām Cold [zukām] that is cold. أظن إني أصبت بالزكام.
aẓun ʾennī ʾuṣebt belzukām I think I caught a cold, my throat hurts. صداع
ṣudāʿ صداع
ṣudāʿ Headache المذاكرة الكتير بتجبلي صداع.
ālmuḏākrah el-ketīr betǧeblī ṣudāʿ Studying too much gives me a headache.
That’s why I don’t study. So oh that’s it. The end, so I hope you
had fun. Please repeat the words and memorize it and use it with your friends when you are
sick. I hope you stay healthy though. Thank you for watching us. Please check out the
site and subscribe, bye bye. I’m gonna have a panic attack!

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