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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Shopping

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Shopping

Hi welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s
find out this week’s topic. It’s something all girls are crazy about, it’s shopping.
Shopping is – you know in Fusa its [التسوق (attasawuq)] but in Darija, we say just [نتقداو
(ntqedaw)] is like to go shopping and that is to buy things. First word is [تخفيضا ت] sales. We have the same word in Darija, we say takhfidat كنمشي نشري لحوايج غي فاش
كايكون و التخفيضات kanimshī nishrī laḥwāyij ghīr kīf ykūnu
ttakhfīḍāt. I only buy clothes when there are sales. Next word إشترى ishtara)] [إشترى (is to buy and in Moroccan Arabic Darija we say [شرى (sh’ra)]
that close يالاه شرى دار و طوموبيل
جديدة yallāh shra dār w ṭumubīl jdīda. He just bought a house and a new car. Next word ساوم [ساوم] is to bargain. In Darija, we say [تاوا (tawa)] a good
sentence with this would be إلا مشيتي للسوق ف مراكش
ضروري خاص ك تاوا ilā mshīti lissūq f marrāksh ḍarūri
khaṣṣk tāwā if you go to shops in Marrakesh, you really
have to bargain. And next word is مركز تجاري [المول] it means mall and in Moroccan Darija, we could just say [المول
(lmall)] just an English word ف مراكش تحلو بزاف ديال لمول
مؤخرا fmarrāksh tḥallū bizzaf dyāl li mūl
muʾakhkharan. Recently in Marrakesh, many, many new malls
often opened (0:01:22). Next word, سوق market. Market or [سوق(sūq)] it means
market and it’s the same word in Arabic. In Morocco,
when we say [sūq] it could be like a market for clothes and market for like vegetables
and fruits and market like anywhere where you can buy stuff. هي خاصها بزاف تلحوايج خاصها
تمشي للسوق دابا hiya khāṣha bizzaf laḥwāyij khāṣha
timshī lissūq dāba. She needs a lot of things. She has to go to
the market now. That was the serial words for shopping. Thank
you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة( bslama)]

6 Replies to “Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Shopping”

  • Conako says:

    Here is a lesson to learn Morocco's dialect not Arabic to be honest.

  • سارة says:

    I like how you teach words in both Fus-ha and Darija , but I think it'll be better to give examples in "fus-ha" instead of Moroccan Arabic.
    Thank you !

  • Michael Jannes says:

    she pronounces the phrases too fast, which isn't  helpful for a learner 

  • Bklyn_Butterfly says:

    I love your videos but is it possible to slow down when saying the words? Im learning fus-ha too so will you mention if the word is Moroccan dialect or fus-ha? Thanks!!!

  • mr. Graten says:

    is this saudi arabic

  • Fela Kadrolp says:

    now I learn Darija its fine for me, but before I HATED your Videos, is it so hard to write it in the title. people like you, Im really sorry, but its a fact, keep a loooot of people from learning Arabic. u try, try, try,but nobody is honest about Dialect and Standard….
    Russian, Chinese teachers they ALWAYS tell when going into dialect. why especially the quranic language is made so hard by you people????

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