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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Ramadan

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Ramadan

[سلام (salam)] It’s Chaima again. Welcome
to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s Ramadan. Those
who don’t know what it is, it’s the holy month for Muslims. It’s when we fast for
almost 30 days and Ramadan is the word for in Darija, it’s the same word for Fusa.
In English, people also call it Ramadan. So let’s get started. First word is فطور Iftar. Iftar is a meal. [I’d call it] breaking
the fast meal. In Darija, we say [fṭūr]. Some people say
[fṭūr] some other people say Iftar ف المغرب الفطور الناس كايشربو
الحريرة و التمر و البيض و كاياكلو
بالزاف الحاجا ت أخرين. fi lmagrib lfṭūr nnās kayishrbū lḥrīra
w ttmar w lbīḍ w kayāklu bzzaf lḥajāt lukhrīn. In Morocco for breaking the fast meal, people
have [حريرة ( ḥarira)] which is a word we’ve seen before, dates, hard boiled eggs
and other things yeah. Next word سحور ṣḥūr early morning meal and it’s the meal we
have right before the prayer, the first prayer in the morning [In general] this meal is pretty
small. A sentence with this word would be, yesterday for the early morning meal, I had
cup of tea and a cake. البارح ف الصّحور شربت كاس
ديال أتاي و طرف ديال كيكة. lbāraḥ fi ṣṣḥūr shrabt kās dyal
atāy w ṭarf dyal kīka. Next word لعيد الصغي Eid-al-Fitr yeah one of my favorite holidays. Eid-al-Fitr it means holiday and Fitr has
the same root as [lʻīd ṣṣghīr]. So it’s the holiday when people break their
fast. So it’s next day after Ramadan. In Darija, we call it [lʻīd ṣṣghīr] like
the small holiday because we also had a big holiday like [لعيد لكبير (lʻīd
lkbīr)] is when we slaughter the sheep. A good sentence with this would be ف العيد الصغير الناس كايشريو
الحوايج جدا د كايمشيو لمصلّى ف الصباح
و كايزور و بعضياتهم. fi lʻīd ṣṣghīr nnās kayishrīw ḥwāyij
jdād kayimshīw lmṣallā fi ṣṣbāḥ w kayzūrū
baʻḍiyāthum. In Eid-al-Fitr, people buy – wear new clothes,
go early in the morning to the Mosque and visit [each other]. Next word ثمر dates, same word in Darija, we say [ttmar]. It’s the same thing with [ت] and [ث].
In Darija, it’s a little lazy. So instead of [ث] we say [ت] and instead of [ذ] we
say [د]. ف جنوب المغرب كاين التّمر
بزاف. f janūb lmaghrib kāyin ttmar bizzaf. In the South of Morocco, there are a lot of
dates. And next word لیلة القدر laylat lqadr And literal translation for this word would
be the Night of Destiny. This night is really important during Ramadan
and it’s one of the last ten nights of Ramadan. Why is it important is because it’s when
the Quran, the holy book was transmitted to the prophet peace be upon him (0:02:45) upon
him. so [laylat lqadr] I am just going to use this sentence that was used in the quran ليلة القدر خير من ألف شهر. laylatu lqadr khayrun min alfi shahr. So the Night of Destiny is 10 times better
than 1000 months, sorry [ألف شهر (alf shahr)] a 1000 months, sorry. We are done with this series of words and
thank you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة (bslama)]

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