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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Music

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Music

Hi I am Chaima. Welcome back to Arabic weekly
words and let’s find out together this week’s topic. Music, [الموسيقى (almussiqa)]
it’s the same word in Darija, we say [الموسيقى(lmussiqa)] in Darija too. The first word is [أغنية] means song and ughniya,
ʾuġneyyah in Arabic, in Moroccan Arabic, [أغنية]
actually is the same word أُغْنِيتي المفضّلة هادي
الأيّام هي وحد الأغني ة سميتها “زينا” كيغنّيوها
واحد القروپ جزائري. ughniyati lmufaḍala hādi layyam hiya wahid
lughniya smitha zina kayghannuha wahid lgrup jazairī . These days my favorite song is a song called
[zina] and it’s by [an algerian] band, yeah. [مغنية] and [مغني] singer and in Darija we say [mughanni/mughanniya] same
word. بيونسي مغنية معروفة في
العالم كلّو. biyunsī mughinniya ma’rūfa fil’ālam kullu. Beyonce is known all over the world [كلما ت] lyrics and we have the same word in Darija but [kalimāt]
is the plural of word. Word is [كلمة (kalima)] so the plural is [kalimāt] كاين أغاني زوينين ولكن
كلماتهم خايبة. kāyin aghāni zwinīn wa lākin kalimāthum
khāyba. There are good songs but with bad lyrics. [آلة موسيقية] Instrument. In Darija, we would say āla musiqiya آنا ما كنعزف على حتّى شآلة
موسيقيّة. anā makana’zif ‘lā ḥatta shi āla mūsīqiyya. I don’t play any instrument sadly. Next word [غنى] to sing. We have the same word in Darija, it’s ghannā غنّى شعشرات الأغاني. ghannā shi’ashrāt laghāni. In the party, he sang like 10 songs. Yeah that was it for the music section. And
thank you for joining us and see you next week. Bye bye.

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