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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Hiking

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Hiking

[سلام (salam)] It’s me again Chaima
and welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s get started. This week’s topic is hiking.
I love hiking. Hiking in Arabic would be translated just into walking in the mountains [المشي
في الجبال (al mashy fi ljibal] or yeah [المشي في الجبال (al mashy
fi ljibal]. but in Darija, we say like to hike, to go up a mountain, we say [طلع
في الجبل] (ṭliʻ fi jjbil). So let’s get started. The first word is [مشا في الجبل (masha fi ljabal] [مشا في الجبل] exactly what I just
said [masha fi ljabal] would be the Fusa translation but for Darija it would be [طلع في الجبل
(ṭliʻ fi jjbil)] بزّاف تلمراكشيّين كيطلعو
جبل توبقال الّي ه و أعلى قمة في المغرب. bizzaf talmarrakshiyyīn kayiṭlʻu jbal
tubqāl allī huwa aʻla qimma fi lmaghrib. So many Marakkeshi people like to hike up
the [Toubqal] mountain which is the highest mountain in Morocco. Next word [جبال] means mountains and in Darija, we just say [jbil] like to refer
to many mountains [جبل] almost the same word أنا كنفضّل الجّبل ع البحر. āna kanfiddil jjbil ʻalbḥar. I prefer the mountains to the beach. Next word is [مرشد] means guide. In Moroccan Arabic, we say the French word
which is [guide] just like English guide بعض المناطق الجبليّة في
المغرب ضروري م ن القيد باش طلع في الجبل إذا
ما خديتيش القي د غادي ترد. baʻḍ lmanaṭiq ljabaliyya fi lmaghrib
ḍarurī min lqīd bash ṭliʻ fi jjbil idhā makhditī sh lqīd
ghād trud. In some mountains in Morocco, it’s necessary
to have a guide with you for the hike. Otherwise you will get lost there. The another word that’s related to hiking
is tent. [خيمة] In Fusa and Darija, we would say [khīma] it’s the same
word so بغينا نباتو هنايا و لكن
خصّنا خيمة. bghīna nbātu hnāya wa lakin khaṣṣana
khīma. we would like to spend the night here but
we need a tent to do so. Next word is [خيم] is from [خيمة] and it means to
camp. And like in general people to camp they use
like tents. So that’s why the word [خيمة (khima)] is related to the verb مشينا نخيّمو في الجّبال
كان الجّو زوين. mshīna nkhiyymu fi jjbil kān ejjuw zwīn. we went to camp in the mountains, the weather
was great but that’s nothing like this. Yeah thank you for joining us for this series
of words and I will see you next week.

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  • archduke says:

    Why do you look Indian ? Great vid btw

  • Passagère dans ce monde. says:

    Shoukraan you marrocaan ?

  • brelupus says:

    Hi Chaima! Great video, could you please speak a little slower when you say the Arabic words? Thank you!

  • Serazad - Freethinker says:

    please speak slowly. it looks like your purpose is not to teach arabic rather confuse the mind of the learners:)))))

  • Learn Arabic with says:

    NEW Video Lesson! Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Hiking.

    In this lesson, you'll learn five hiking-related words. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

  • Indran Fernando says:

    حلو. دايما كنت افكر في نفس شو ترجمة هالكلمة hiking بالعربي . معناها اذا الواحد يقوم بهالهواية بالغابة أو بالبرية ومش بالجبال، نقول مشي ب____________ على كل الاحوال مش هيك؟

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