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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Falling in Love

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Falling in Love

[سلام (salam)] This is Chaima again. Welcome
to Arabic weekly words and let’s discover the theme of this week. It’s falling in
love. How cute! In Fusa, falling in love would be translated to [الوقوع في الحب
(alwuquʻ fi lḥub] I don’t know how to say that in Darija, we don’t really have
like a phrase to say exactly like fall in love, but we would say he loves someone or
she loves someone [كيبغي شي حد (kaybghi shi ḥedd] or [كتبغي شي حد (katbghi
shi ḥed)]. Now let’s get started. First word [جلس مع] our first expression here [glis
mʻa] is to hang out with. Hanging out with people is important. Yeah
before falling in love with them. [قضى الوقت مع (qada lwaqta maʻa]
is not only it means to spend time with. In Darija, we just say [glis mʻa] to hang out
with people or just sit with them [جلس مع ] it’s from [jalassa ] in Fusa. So
[جلس] is literally sit with someone. I am hanging out with you, I am sitting with
you. That’s how we say it. So كيعجبني نڨلس مع صحابي و
نهدر معاه م فشي بلاصة زوينة. kayiʻjibni niglis mʻa ṣḥābī w nahdir
mʻāhum fi shiblāṣa zwīna. I like to hang out with my friends and just
talk to them somewhere nice. Next word, يحب [يحب] is to love because love is [الحب] So same word. In
Darija, if someone loves someone, we say [كيبغي ] kayibghī باين عليه كيبغيها. bāyn ʻlīh kayibghīha. it’s very obvious that he loves her. Next word, رفض [رفض ] is to reject and in Darija, we say [ما قبلش maqbalsh]
it’s exactly the negative form of [قبل (qbel)] which means accept. So not to accept
is to reject هو عرض عليها الجّواج و لكن
هي مابغاتش. huwa ʻraḍ ʻlī ha jjwāj wa lakin hiya
mabghātsh. He proposed to marry her, but she said no.
He asked but she said no. Next word وعد [وعد] is to date and in Darija, we say just [ خرج معkhraj
mʻa] like go out with. هي كانت كتخرج معاه و لكن
كانت عارفا م ا بغاش يتجوّج بيها. hiya kānit katukhruj mʻāh wa lakin kānt
ʻārfa mabghāsh yitjuwwij bīha. She went out with him even if she knew he
wouldn’t marry her. Complicated situation…. Next word اعترف بمشاعري [اعترف بمشاعري aʻtarif bi mashāʻiri]
to confess my feeling. In Darija, we say [نعترف بلمشاعر
ديالي (niʻtarif bilmashāʻr dyāli)] A good sentence with this would be وخّا عترف بلمشاعر ديالو
هي مابغاتش تعطيه فرصة. wakha ʻtaraf bilmashāʻir dyālu hiya mabghātsh
taʻṭīh furṣa. Even if he confessed his feelings to her,
she doesn’t want to give him a chance, sad! Yeah that was the end of the Falling in love
series of words and thank you for joining us. I will see you next week, bye.

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