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Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Emotions

Weekly Arabic Words with Chaima – Emotions

Hello, welcome to Arabic weekly words. I am
Chaima from Morocco and I am going to be hosting your videos. So let’s find out today – not
today’s, this week’s topic. Its emotions. Yeah [مشاعر (macha3ir)] first word is [فرحانة] or [فرحان] female means happy. In Darija Moroccan Arabic, we say [farḥān/farḥāna]. A sentence for this word would be أنا فرحانة اليوم حنت أنا
معكم anā farḥāna lyūma ḥint ana mʿākum. I am happy today because I am with you, that’s
true. Next word is متفاجىء/متفاجئ ة
[mitfājaʾ]surprised. We say the same word in Darija [mitfājaʾ]
it’s pronounced slightly different like [mitfājʾa] A sentence for this would be كنت متفاجئة فاش تلاقيت
معها anā kint mitfāj’a fash tlāqit mʿaha. I was surprised when I met her. Next word, غضبان / غضبان ة [ghiḍbān/ghiḍbāna] for female and it
means angry. We have the same word in Darija, we say [ghiḍbān/ghiḍbāna] أنا غضبانة حنت خويا ما صوبش
الواجب anā ghiḍbāna ḥint khūya ma ṣawabsh
alwājib المدرسي ديالو. almadrasi dyālu. I am angry because my brother didn’t do
his homework. Next word متوتر/متوتر ة [mtwattar/mtwattra] and it is nervous أنا ماشي متوترة واخا أنا
قدام الكامرا anā mashi mtwattra wākha ana qddām lkamira. I am not nervous even if I am in front of
the camera. Next word متحمس/متحمس ة excited mitḥammas/
mitḥammsa كنت متحمسة بزاف فاش مشيت
نتفرج فلماتش kint mitḥammsa bzzāf fash mshit nitfarraj
fil mātsh. I was so excited when I went to watch the
game. That was it, so bye bye. [بسلامة (bslama)]
See you next week.

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