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Watercolor Week: You NEED a Color Mixing Chart + Altenew Watercolors

Watercolor Week: You NEED a Color Mixing Chart + Altenew Watercolors

– Hi, everyone. Kristina here. Welcome back again for watercolor week. Today, I’m gonna be playing with some new watercolor paints from Altenew. These are great, vibrant paints, and I’m gonna swatch ’em,
kinda get to know them a little bit, and then
do some color mixing. I’m gonna do a color
mixing chart that I’ve been meaning to experiment
with for quite some time. I’ve seen examples of this everywhere, and they teach you to do
this in a lot of watercolor classes, but I can’t say
I’ve ever done it myself. So, I think it’ll be a really
good learning experience, and if you wanna really
get to know your paints, you might paint along with me. So, let’s get into it. This is what the watercolor set looks like when you first get it, and I won’t spend too much time on the look of the palette, since I know we wanna
get into the swatching, and the color mixing chart. But it does come well wrapped. It’s nice and protected, so none of your paints will be broken. And I noticed first when
I opened up this palette that the lid didn’t fold all the way back, so it did snap off, as I
was trying to fold it back, because you do need it
flat to do color mixing on that side of the palette. So, it does snap off, and you just can kind of force it down with the, with your hand, just kind of pop it back in place, and it seems to work. In fact, it closed even
tighter than it was before, so I ended up using my
scissors to open it, because I don’t use my nails. As they say, “Your nails
are jewels, not tools.” That’s how you can keep your nails long. So, I used scissors to open that. But you know what? I eventually just snapped
that lid right off. I can put it back on later. And I kind of liked being able to use it independently from the sets,
the pans of watercolor. Speaking of those pans of watercolor, each of them have the name
of the color on the back. And these color names
coincide with the colors of inks in Altenew’s ink line. These colors look exactly like the inks, as far as I can tell,
and the names of the inks are listed on the box, and I think I might even cut out this little
area with all the names, and keep it with the palette, just because I think it would be convenient to have those names all in one place. Of course, when you do a
swatch for your palette, you could definitely write the names on each one of the little boxes of color. I ended up not writing the names, ’cause they were kind
of a super small box, but you could do that if you wanted to. I made my little swatch map here, small enough to fit inside the palette, and it’s actually quite a bit smaller. I was just using a spare
piece of watercolor paper. So, if you wanted to make
it a little bit larger, you could definitely label
each one of these colors. So, speaking of the colors,
my first impressions of them. The first thing I thought
of when I was using them, is actually, I was comparing
them to another set of watercolors that are within the scrap booking and paper crafting industry, which is the Watercolor
Confections from Prima. I think they have a very similar feel. However, I do like that this
is a larger set of colors. The Prima sets, I think they only have 10, maybe 12 colors in each set, and this set of 36 colors feels really nice to me. It feels really complete, with all the different color selections. There were a few colors that
I think were overrepresented. I think there’s too many
reds, and not enough greens, but like you’ll see later in the video, you can definitely mix a myriad of different green shades, using what’s in the palette. So, each one of these seems
to blend out pretty well. There were a couple shades
that didn’t want to move as much as others, but
I find that’s the case with a lot of different
types of watercolors, that some pigments and some shades just move a little bit more than others. And also, there are some colors that have a little more granulation. I’m not the biggest fan of granulation. So, those colors, I would probably use sparingly, in my own
painting, but if you love the kind of gritty texture of granulation, those colors, you’re gonna really, really love in this palette. So, there’s a good mix of some browns, and some darker shades, as well. There’s a few purples. All three purples look pretty similar. Two look almost the same, and one has a little more red tint to, you can see them on screen right now. I think they could have done
away with one of the purples. Put in that green that I was asking for. But all in all, it’s a pretty
good selection of color. And I’m pretty happy
with how they perform. Like I said before, if you’re familiar with the Prima Watercolor Confection sets, you’ll probably really,
really like this one, too. It kinda has a similar
feel, but I like the layout of this a little bit better. It’s a little easier to use. So, that’s my swatch map, and I’ll keep that with my palette. And now, I’m gonna do
a color mixing chart. And I’ve narrowed the colors
down to just eight colors. When you’re doing a color mixing chart, you have to do eight
colors across the top, eight colors down the
side, and to do all 36, I just didn’t have watercolor
paper that was big enough for that, so, I might eventually
do that in the future, do all 36, and maybe spread it across two different nine by 12 sheets, just because I found this
exercise so valuable. Like I mentioned in the intro, I have never done a color
mixing chart like this. I’ve showed you guys in the past, kind of a simplified color mixing chart, using complementary colors,
but not one like this, where I’m comparing different colors across the board, and mixing each one of them with each other. So, I’ll link up to that
video up in the top corner, if you wanna check that
out, but this color mixing chart is very
complete and thorough. So, I have eight colors. So, I’m using some nine
by 12 watercolor paper, and I’m marking one inch segments. And I’m drawing those in
with my T-square ruler. And then, I’m gonna take some
quarter inch masking tape. This is masking tape
that I found on Amazon, and I’ve used it a few times in the past. I used it on a really fun
Christmas card a couple years ago. I’ll link that up in the top corner, if you wanna check it
out, ’cause it’s another use for this really thin masking tape. But if you don’t have
masking tape this thin, you can definitely cut down your tape, or even just use the floor with the tape, and you can make it totally work. So, I labeled all eight
colors across the top, and then I also labeled
them down the side. And like other charts,
the way this is read is, you’re gonna connect the one on the top with the one on the
side, and those are the colors that are mixed together. So, for this first row of colors, I’m gonna be mixing all of the colors with this red shade, so that first box is where the Rubellite and the Rubellite horizontal, they meet,
so that’s the pure color. And the pure color of these eight colors that I’m using, they’re gonna kinda go all the way down diagonal
from that top corner. You can see on the second row, that I just painted in Fresh Lemon. The second box in is the one that matches Fresh Lemon on the top. So, I’m gonna go through and mix these. If you wanna be really
thorough with this mixing, you’ll want to pick, like, each row, for example, this Fresh
Lemon, as I’m mixing, each one of these has a little bit more of that yellow than the other shade. That makes it so that when
I go onto the other colors, they’re gonna be mixed
so that that other color is a little bit stronger than Fresh Lemon. So, I’m gonna get a variety
of different color mixings and later, when I look back at this chart, I can pick out a color, I’m like, “Mm, I really like that color. “How do I mix that color?” And then, I can read the
chart, and figure out the two colors I need to use
to get that particular shade. So, I did want to mention how I came about with my color selection
of these different paints. I was actually watching a video by Steve Mitchell, he has
a YouTube channel here called The Mind of Watercolor. Hey, Steve. Love that guy. He had a video a while back, where he shared his eight favorite
colors for watercolor, and I just loved how those colors mixed. And I watched that video, I think it was a couple weeks ago, and
I wasn’t really thinking of it much, until I went
to pick these colors. And I was kind of baffled. I’m like, “How, what colors do I choose?” And I decided, I would
go look at his video, and see the colors that he chose, and then, as best I could,
pick the same color equivalent, out of this set of
watercolors from Altenew. So, this was the most satisfying part of this color mixing chart, when I removed all of those little,
itty bitty, narrow strips of masking tape, was the best ever. I did want to mention
that when I put these strips of masking tape
down, I did make sure to really press them down into the paper. I didn’t want any bleeding, or seeping underneath the tape, and it worked great. And then, I’m left with this weird, birthday present bow looking
thing, with all that tape. I did erase the lines, the pencil lines, and it took off a little bit of the paint. So, if you do end up erasing after you’ve painted your projects, maybe erasing some pencil lines, you
want to be aware of that, and maybe just consciously avoid erasing directly over your painting. So, that is the Altenew watercolor set, and a color mixing chart. I found this exercise so, so, so valuable. I can’t wait to do this for
my other watercolor sets. Yes, it was time consuming, but I think it’s completely worth it. So, those are the new Altenew paints. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you wanna check those paints out, I’ve got links down below. You can click over, and
you can get your own set. If you liked this video,
give it a big thumbs up, and if you liked it so much that you think someone else would like
it, too, please hit that share button, and
share it with a friend. Before you go, don’t forget to subscribe, and I will see you guys in
another video very soon.

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