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Watercolor Techniques | Watercolor for Beginners | Philippines

hi everyone so for today’s video is watercolor techniques let’s start again first technique is flat wash mag lagana enough colors a pallet mas o kena sobre esta : casa para hindi matança Padma pepin da Gama the flat brush mcglue don enough paint test nature a pata guillotine brush kapag McGee strop a spittoon your first layer become a patent down another layer mask maganda dynamically Rincon a flat wash who-whoa kakadu solid coder param it was a new mystique the spoons and k2 miguel epic Petula ulong yawn kappa do you name first layer mug a doula Thailand same color paramus majima tinted same flat brush if a tag lead at swiveling impact stroke number ash make sure in the same pressure impact I would say brush who woke Macedon tienen but you in elite this is the final layer pero dependents in Johann Gutenberg advocate a post natal same tone on color blue at same process London saturate layer by step and Daniel on the same amount of pressure a continuum stroke wounds and at apples layering at / – you in bow at Lyon Anika wat so pate in Manhattan – Anisha epic metaluna next is wet on dry vacuum Pitney poppin cool I said dry in a paper Katie now ignore wet on dry gamma tan color yellow Kagawa on on simple son McGann been going it on technique natok epoxy details param as precise Atmos control atom paint magley shop human edges happened to you young Pinta next watercolor technique is wet on wet bus in Mona young watercolor paper bergamot apply on wet paint Perez Visayan paper at young watercolor paper Katie now ignore wet on wet technique yes Ani Guinea Gabon Coweta 16 Paramus is mood at Hindi sharpen edges the pad enough water long Denia apply param control myeongsu disappointing watercolor console and my water DAPA diamond 300 GS Ampata assume watercolor paper Nakagawa 10 Machado passing cocoa the bottom paper cup augmentation gamut in this technique is lifting dry paint paint militant on color bronzer watercolor paper hospital in natin atin brasha water touch aha Yoga movin on details a dry paint techno to build an analogous rush Goa voila ahead and opened on piccata Posca Mohan and t-shirt as a passer Parmalee fume paint neguin after desolate watercolor kappa neelagandan water means engine ago it was a her strands over at Makaha maha param abura McGinn white elite no Aryan active para means anime manga pen and a guillotine as a people clear Hindi Machado Mehbooba raha – dead until blue as a super-strong Cornetto next one is lifting wet paint at a nominal if not in young people bomba sapa so and Laguna de Nicola boom background Tesco Mohan and tissue the opposite by Don Augusto new indie film wet paint for example Yankee no corticon clouds dry brush technique so mixed I named a greenish color at alludes a brush major it bites a dry tissue Parimal a lion to Big Sur brush Mahindra embrasures indecisive Cygnet issue into big pyramid pigment Parramatta Terrace a brush Yamaha natira Union goddammit in attempt and paint it a glittery naka unta universe kappahd McGee’s trope Aramis effect impact a dry brush at disclaimer Allah I’m not claiming that this is the best tutorial video at him via Hamish Adam gamma-gamma tamanna terminologies or whatsoever pero hopefully NASA simply explanation in India nudie bar also kinda like this video to support this channel this technique is drop color and red color Millinocket I know watercolor hey bomba sapling water color for example gaga – a flower loose tile and gamma Tom opera folder keno corticon flower Hammond bass a peon first layer neck drop on wet color so wet area Magdalenian – hollers Atma – to la anzhela pero más Maremma hop over you arianna mesmera mean water maganda I’m agin ventanilla Canyon kupuna – Union water code or attend a man a splatter watercolor technique Magdalene paints a brush tap was it popped up new brush para man is sprinkling water colors of paper kappa goose an anomaly laughing a sprinkle must smell of embrace younger meeting at the mija unload no water vice versa hypocrisy anomaly it pneumonia dads must be eaten brush at own in water lung merger makalah atop a Allegheny an antiquarian parts na ano Malaga no water code or atop Atlantean Brussels Enugu stomach I’ll sprinkle usually Kanagawa photos of stars and galaxies obvious animal loose style painting next technique is using sponge may sponge nana be beliefs art store in the major melon boat impediment is shape google on embedded in it on expansion upon who Jason plateau wine doramas Mura opinion a new sponge to paint the opposite pads a paper meadow and Iranian delegation is sprinkle new effects new parapet enamel madam a dependence Augusto no control control and sapling degree water on wet paint technique painted and fired color tapas album by Saba young people again attending water mahaki Tanana Pinot pushed on water young pimp out er the me handle new waters a brush kappa goose anonymous malefic effect nagging young Unicaja todo hapax a baccarat at Mamadou style ganancia happened to you meeting of the pins Kagami the one on two primary colors red the left side does happen bicep and the Pinta fauna color blue the right side hungins a magnet on the low wampum cosa cinema goblin at market onion in Aqaba Occidental secondary color in a violet paramatma Carolyn MPEG patina man kite now in the primaries in committee and Padma complementary or anything you desire this technique is blowing mulligan and paddle of paints a peeper dial bowel noms throw gamut of an embodied involvement in angle : you in a position to keep the soon young dynamic open blown on watercolor I blow Nolan Z direction Augusto Numa Ponte on paint a tournament IP prices the gamut on a masking tape era in massive area gonnago p20 parameter lumia tune size faded in a kite irregular shape gamma k hobby knife – Tejano it cut maja simply la ng Nagoya hop Aramis Madeleine in Indian accent on the scattered Milligan a masking tape says partner a paper search ahamill Allegheny watercolor rainbow holder in Kanagawa ho hop Agnetha union pinch Apple Newton Galena masking tip super satisfying it on walk through seas watercolor technique the gamut I know white crayon para McGinn totally worthless spinel again Umaga wanna building building faded in a man manga a body bank polar depends in yo eatin a man kappa nelligan banana crayon hindi Manama Alice Kea be careful sapa delegate laguna cappuccino bug ohina lagina not in a watercolor on paper Yankee Dan Union draw in a genome ago before at K de Malaga new Arianna my walks indica carpet Nagri visas to watercolor so works editing a gamete intended inaudible what’s even next watercolor technique is spraying alcohol paint pain and violet color at hey bombas a panic spray apostle right side an alcohol test nigiri system water colors alcohol maganda tango ancestors and galaxy Hindi Monica Ilana white Ohio say my background attend a man a glazing technique the gamut of Anam primary colors Paramus Makita young effect Neela negligee of a non color yellow tap was put to you in bergamot aDNA another layer topic total adrenaline color yellow mug add tiny color blue at major yo overlap william drugh’s a yellow paramachaitanya combination and blue at yellow at nuna overlap named Lucy yellow Mahabharat ionic order green so Gannon Gracie map a patent patent anima color param maha bua Nanda Serena color useful in a similar increase in some monochromatic underpinning past dynamic we built on colder Gina go to seminary listen to add more contrast color saturation add to unify the whole painting Guinea Gabon Dunedin techniques oil painting next is plastic wrap on wet paint go mama tahun and green color test neck paint on live huh bomba shopping watercolor Iligan plastics a Babbitt opposed major is sheep news a desire effects caponata una caja tangle indian plastic effortless simple one and details adamandeva this watercolor technique is graded wash negligee hamara mean watercolor paint atlas waters a brush thus union palapa paint code a reckless people deny halide cosa water you brush her bump up on tan right side para Maggie Malaysian pigment top was even a deluge cold a parameter mobile app IM pigment peroxide happen by sobbing watercolor pad in japan a loosen or remove young team padded in a manner right or left or potassium graded wash dependence abstinence a technique nominate or gag Amita you know masking fluid para a preserving white area for example guma guava nampalli grape in the love who are using committing you mama Holly no favorite brush new SMS Cyrano masking fluid Casa super police a tomatillo guma meet Lana mammalian brush desk about to you name masking fluid chaja I am Allegheny watercolor parody neato masking tape aromas precise Tehama so cadena toka sadness of wax whistles casa para mobile again on watercolor you tapas Capanna to uni watercolor predominant Angelino masking fluid Madera Langham entangle in Arab Newland a finger Okuma beaten eraser next like a gamut a young salt they paid Monohan and green at yellow Tosca bomba Sabah young paint the gun on sodium on our area negocio microRNA effects goo Mago attention and white effects Catalan anza alcohol chaja ordinal in Scotland on Guinea gamut : nothing special Hinton you Matteo baguette Angeline young salt less watercolor technique is runny watercolor mcdonough maraming water surprise chocolate gun and watercolor meta Gilad erdan papel CAPA Magica in a pant leg and on a more water param a grip young watercolor kappa gyoo McDreamy joe atactic new young people also mara upon watercolor technique Nepali Nyong’o Veneto Dyneema common alam KO and this is just my humble opinion suggestion and preference and process and kindly support this channel by liking this video subscribe to my youtube channel and trap the bell to get notified whenever I upload a new video and thank you so so much for watching see you on my next video bye [Music]

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