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Watercolor Calligraphy For Beginners

Watercolor Calligraphy For Beginners

If you love how calligraphy looks, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to invest in a special ink watercolor calligraphy is a great place to start It lets you make beautifully artistic writing with virtually unlimited color combinations And you might already have the supplies you need You can make watercolor calligraphy with a pointed pen or a brush We’ll use a brush in this video You will need watercolor paints, water, a paintbrush, and heavy paper You might also need a palette, but that’s up to you Prepare the paint by adding warm water and letting it sit for a minute or so, so that the colors are more intense Aim for the consistency of milk Mix the colors to the hue you want in the lid from your watercolor set or a separate palette Twist the brush in the pigment to load the paint evenly on the bristles and ensure controlled applying Now you’re ready to write If you’d like some tips on strokes check out the blog posts in the boxes on the screen You will run out of paint quickly When that happens just reload your brush and keep writing The new paint will blend in seamlessly To alternate colors, start writing then add a coordinating color to your brush and keep writing You don’t even need to rinse out your brush if the colors go well together You can also dab colors onto wet writing Use the heavy paper and tape it down to prevent warping Then use a brush to write in plain water When you’ve finished writing Load a brush with paint and gently dab it into the writing do the same thing with your other colors They will naturally meld with the underlying water and each other For an artistic faded effect use a water brush Start with plenty of paint and don’t reload the brush when it starts to run out You can also mix watercolors with water soluble ink fill a water brush with a less saturated ink Using a separate hand dip the brush into the [watercolor] and write the color will come through for a subtle effect To make negative space watercolor calligraphy, write with masking fluid instead of paint or ink When it’s dry paint the background When that’s dry peel or rub the masking fluid off to finish the piece If your brush doesn’t write well the paint could be too thick or have dried out Gently touch the brush to some water to get it writing Try cleaning it or thin your paint out further If you feel like your brush isn’t doing what you want it to try holding it closer to the tip for better control Do you want to learn more about watercolor calligraphy? Check out our blog post in the description box below

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