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Watercolor Brush Marker Demo and Review || Marabu Creabox Watercolor Pen from Lidl

Hi everyone! Today I’ll talk about this watercolor pen
set I got from Lidl and show you how they work by swatching them and making a quick
painting. I haven’t tried watercolor markers by any
other brand before, so I can’t say whether these are better or worse than some other
brand. So, this is a Creabox Marabu set of 8 watercolor
pens and they work kind of like watercolor pencils or watersoluble chalk pastels. They’re water-based markers so you can draw
with them and paint over with a wet brush to get a watercolor effect. They are dual tip pens meaning that there’s
a fine tip and a flexible brush tip in each pen. I liked the brush tip, because I don’t have
any brush tip markers and you can use them to draw a thin line by pressing it softly
on the paper and a thicker line by pressing it harder and you can even color in some larger
areas. The instructions say to draw on watercolor
paper. I did also try them on normal printer paper
and it didn’t work at all. The marker would not spread out at all when
I applied water with a brush afterwards. You need to first draw on the paper with the
pen and then paint over it with a wet brush to make the color dissolve and spread out. So, don’t dip the pen in water, you’ll just
waste pigment that way. I think some of the colors activate better
with water than others. The pink and light blue are so light that
they get completely washed out when you add water. Others like the black one will immediately
spread out even if you touch it with a wet brush a tiniest bit. You can also mix the colors together. I tried swatching some of them side by side
and then blending them together into a gradient with water and I think it works well. You can also use them just as markers to add
accent colors on your art. Many of them are quite pigmented so they’ll
look pretty bold on a watercolor painting, if you don’t water them down. You could also swatch them on another paper
and just get a bit of the color on a wet brush and paint with that instead to get lighter
colors, if you want. The pigment doesn’t reactivate completely
though so with some of the colors you can still see the original lines you drew even
after watering it down. I don’t know if that’s a common thing with
watercolor pens. But you can also use it to your advantage. I decided to test the watercolor pens out
by painting a quick mermaid partly because it’s May and MerMay and partly because I wanted
to see how the scales of the mermaid tail would turn out. I drew the scales in green and blue and then
added water to activate and blend them together. And since the marker doesn’t completely dissolve,
you continue to see hints of the scale texture underneath. I had some trouble with the face especially,
because the parts I already painted over would reactivate so easily. So, these pens are kind of tricky for small
details if you need to paint something else right next to them. In a previous painting I also tried painting
some white highlights over them with acrylic paint and they reactivated then too. I didn’t mind it for that painting, but it’s
a good thing to keep in mind so you don’t accidentally ruin your painting. If you’re interested in getting these watercolor
pens, I got them from Lidl in March, but they’ll probably bring them back every once in a while. The stock changes nearly every week in Lild,
so it’s best to check their weekly offers on their website. I’ll also put a link below, if I can find
this set online. Before we do the tape peeling, I want to remind
you of a couple of things. First of all, the next YouTube Artists Collective
is on June 8. And the theme is Masquerade Ball and you can
participate if you want to make art on that theme and then post it on social media and
or YouTube on that day. And the other thing is that there is a new
discord server for art youtubers called TheArtRoom started by HulloAlice and JellieBee. I’ll put the link below and you can join if
you have a YouTube channel of any size and make art or craft videos. Ok, thank you so much for watching and see
you next week! I post a new video every week on Friday and
sometimes an extra one on Tuesday. Bye!

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