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Vinyl Friday – Converting handwriting to a fun vinyl project!

– Hey, everybody. – [Jessica] Okay, go. You’re good
– Okay, okay. – [Jessica] The connection is- – Today just some technical difficulty and if it glitches right at the beginning, hopefully it won’t throughout. But good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to Vinyl Friday today. Let us know what your weekend plans are. I don’t have any fun ones, but let us know what
you’re weekend plans are (laughs) if you’ve got
anything fun planned. So today, we wanted to do just, I don’t know if you’ve
ever converted handwriting into a gift or something like that. This is one, this is actually
my grandmother’s recipe. I’m gonna show you how to convert that really quickly on Cricut and then put it on a towel to make a fun gift. So let us know if you’ve ever done that. If you’ve converted handwriting
or done something like that. So I’m gonna go over to
my program in Design Space and hopefully you can see here. So really quickly to do
it, you go to upload. You’re in Design Space. Let me get back out of here. So in Design Space, just go to upload on the bottom left hand corner. And then upload your image wherever you’ve got it
saved on your computer. I’ve downloaded several of her recipes and now I can’t remember which ones, so we’ll just pick one of these. (laughs) It may not be the same one that I’m actually going to use. – [Jessica] So, I don’t see
any comments coming through. So if you guys are here, let us know. – Yeah, let us know if you’re on and if you’ve ever done this, let us know. Share this if you know somebody
that would like to do this, something like this,
converting handwriting. – [Jessica] We’ve got
a couple people saying they can’t see anything
and a black screen. That’s weird. Hold on just a second. – If you’re tuning in
right now and can’t see us, give us a second. We’re trying to figure this out. – Sorry.
– Before we get any further, we’ll try to figure out
what might be happening. – [Jessica] Can you see the screen? – Give us a second. – [Jessica] We’ve got
a couple people saying that all they see is a black screen. You got it? Okay. – So people still just
seeing a black screen or can more see us now?
– A lot of people are saying they can
see and Starla can see, so…
– Okay. – Okay, awesome.
– I’m not sure why there’s a black screen but
thank you for commenting and letting us know.
– Yes, thank you. (laughs) Awesome. – This morning is yeah, just
a few technical difficulties, but we’ll work through it. We’ll work through it. So back in Design Space,
if you’ve got your image. This is just a picture
of a recipe that I had of my grandmother’s and
it’s in her handwriting. So I’ve got it in there and now I’m just gonna
convert it to a cut file. You can choose either one
of these that you want that is based on how much, how much you wanna work with the image. So click that. I always go to complex when it’s something that’s got just two colors
that I’m working with. And let me zoom out a little bit. – [Jessica] Awesome,
thank you so much, guys. I’m glad you’re telling us you can see. That makes me feel
better, I was (laughs)… Nervous about that. – [Joanne] And these next couple steps, it depends on the image and you can play around with
different things if you want. This one, I do the advanced and then I click on
reduce colors to just two so I don’t have to worry
about all the different grays, tones of gray, I just
switch it to two colors. Now I’m ready to go and
select the image that I want, and I’m gonna crop it down. I don’t want those edges on there. – [Jessica] So, Carrie’s wondering
what software you are in. – [Joanne] Oh, I am using
Cricut Design Space. So this one’s in Cricut Design Space. If you use a Silhouette,
it’s not a problem, we’ve got a video where Starla
does this exact same thing with one of her grandmother’s recipes, so we will post that in the
comments when we’re done. So now I’m just selecting what I want to get rid of some of those edges. Okay, crop those out and zoom back out. And now here I use the
select and erase tool most of the time, and you just select the
color you don’t want and it pulls all of it out. Then you can go through and click in each of the letters and pull those insides
out that you don’t want. And if there’s lines that
you want out of there, go over to the erase, change
from the select and erase and go to the erase and then
change the size of that eraser, and then just erase those things out. Let me get a little bigger. There you go. And then just erase those things out. Then if you want the rest of the insides of the letters, keep going back into those
and clicking those out. But I’m not gonna make you wait for me (laughs) to do this whole thing, but that’s how you do it. It’s that simple. And then go to continue and it’ll show you what it looks like. And mine, I didn’t get all the insides out so I just kind of ignore that. And it gives you the option to save as a print then cut or
save as a cut image. And this one, I will never
use as a print then cut, so I’m gonna save it as a cut image. So just click on the save image, title it whatever you wanna title it, and then save it. So it’s that easy to get that in there. I always, let me move this off and I’ll show you the rest of it. I won’t make us wait through cutting it because it does take a while to cut it when there’s this much detail in it. So let me move these off. Okay. Shifting around a little bit. – [Jessica] Get some light
on that so we can see. – [Joanne] So then once
you’ve got it cut out, and again, it’s, it takes a
little while to get it cut out depending on the image. And this one I’ve got
cut out of our EasyWeed. And I can’t remember what color that is. – [Jessica] It looks like
either burgundy, or no. – [Joanne] I can’t remember the color but it looked like it matched the towel. I wanted it to match the towel, so. (banging) (laughing) What’s with the? We are throwing things, – [Jessica] I just threw the
iron at Joanne, I’m sorry. – [Joanne] We’re all good though. We’re all good.
– You didn’t get to see that, but I just about, yeah, I
just threw it right at her. Sorry. (laughs) – Okay, got my heart rate up. – [Jessica] Sorry. (laughs) Good catch. Glad you didn’t catch it with your hand. Okay, so Lisa says what is the difference between print then cut and print? Or probably cut. – Yeah, print then cut is if it’s an image you import a picture and then you can print it on your computer,
send it back to the machine, and it’ll cut the outline of your image. So, I’m gonna show you
now, I showed you this, and if you’re just joining us we’re just converting
handwriting into a fun gift. And this is one I did with adhesive vinyl. You can do, I, you can
do heat transfer vinyl on wood as well, but this one’s adhesive. – [Jessica] Get this really close. – So I’m gonna show you how I weeded that because I know a lot of you right now are thinking ugh, don’t want to weed that. Gonna show you a quick way, quick and easy way to weed that. – [Jessica] Carol says
what setting did you use for when you cut it out
with the heat transfer on your Cricut?
– Oh. With the heat transfer on the Cricut, I just the iron on setting. And this one I just
used the vinyl setting. So this is series 51. So it’s the permanent and
it’s kind of the glossy, and that’s what I used on this one. So to show you how to cut, how to weed this one out really quick. If you notice, I’m not
doing anything with it. I’m just putting the
transfer tape right on top. And then smooth it out really well. – [Jessica] Which transfer tape is this? – This is… This is our grid line transfer tape. And this is a good one to help you align. It’s clear and it’ll help you align with all the lines on
it, so that’s a fun one. We’ll put a link to that. So smooth everything out. Then save that piece for later. – [Jessica] Very nice. – [Joanne] Then turn it upside down and peel the backing off. And if you’re still
wondering what I’m doing, this, you go back in, it’s almost like you’re weeding heat
transfer at this point. Now you peel this piece off. And this whole technique
is called reverse weeding and it is so handy when you got little teeny things like this. So then you just slowly peel that off. Try not to touch the other
pieces, the other words, but keep your fingers on the transfer tape because that’s gonna do
anything to the transfer tape. I know I have more words
in there somewhere. There we go. – [Jessica] Now I can see them. – [Joanne] Awesome trick. So then just slowly pull those pieces off. And it makes it a whole
lot easier to weed, especially when all
these little tiny pieces. – [Jessica] Give us a
thumbs up or let us know if you guys have ever tried this before. This is definitely a time saver. – [Joanne] Yes. I got it stuck a little bit down there but I think I’m, okay, there we go. I did get a lot of it on there. Just start to cut pieces off. – [Jessica] We got lots
of thumbs up going across, awesome.
– Yay. It is a time saver and
a sanity saver (laughs) when you’re trying to weed this. So then keep peeling it off. Oh, I let it stick on there though. There we go. – [Jessica] So if you’re just tuning in, Joanne has… Is it called, it’s not
called trace in Cricut. What’s it called? – You just, your import, and you just-
– Import. So this is her grandma’s recipe she imported into the Cricut program, and then she’s cutting this out in vinyl. – So I won’t make you wait for me to weed all of it,
but see how nice that is? And then you just keep weeding
the rest of the pieces. So much easier than pulling
the piece off this way and hoping it doesn’t pull all
the little dots to your eyes and this kept a lot of
the dots to the eyes and everything like that, so
so handy to do it this way. And it’s reverse weeding. If you’re not quite sure how to do it, we do have a video on it. We can post that link to it. So how many, I think Jessica asked, but how many again have done
the reverse weeding before? And if you didn’t know, it’s
Jessica behind the camera. (laughing) – [Jessica] That threw the iron at Joanne. – Yeah, threw the iron at me. – [Jessica] (laughs) We
got just too many cords. I was trying to move things and I promise it wasn’t a kill tactic. – How many people have done a project with handwriting like this with a recipe or with handwriting? Especially at this time of year. It’s close to Mother’s Day. Find a cute, just a fun recipe
or your kid’s handwriting, anything like that and it
would make a fun, fun project. And I wanna know, sometimes I have viewers
out there that know me. Relatives of mine, I wanna know if they can guess which grandma this is from. (Jessica laughs) If I had, if they’re on. I don’t know if they’re on. Okay. So now, I did the other
one in heat transfer, and that one is just the same. Peel it off, it’s just the same kind of, you’re weeding this the right way but it’s almost like reverse weeding. And this part becomes a labor of love. You wanna make sure you got, keep all your letters on
there as you’re weeding it. – [Jessica] Is this Siser EasyWeed? – [Joanne] Yes, this is
just the Siser EasyWeed and I can’t remember what color it is. – [Jessica] Is it, is there cardinal red? It looks like their red.
– It might be cardinal red. – [Jessica] Yeah, I think it might be. – [Joanne] It might be cardinal red. And just start weeding. And I know what lots of
you are thinking right now. She’s gonna weed the whole thing. No. (Jessica laughs) I won’t make you wait
through the whole thing. I’ve got that much, but I won’t make you wait
through the whole thing. – [Jessica] Okay, hold
on, hold that up again. Oh, the other one. – This one? Here’s the one I’ve already got done. – [Jessica] Look how fast she is. – Fast, that was fast.
(Jessica laughs) Did you see how fast I weeded that? And this is my grandma’s recipe. Again, if you’re just joining us, we were converting, at the very beginning I showed you how to
quickly convert a picture that I took into an image that
you can use as a cut file. And if you use, I use a Cricut,
but if you use a Silhouette, we’ve got a video for that and we can post it right after this, post it in the comments,
so watch for that. So now, this one is ready
to be put on a towel. Let me put it on the towel. Are there any questions out there? – [Jessica] Carol says
I’m always having trouble cutting small words like that, and Casey says this is a game changer. – (laughs) Yes.
– So awesome. So let’s hear if you guys
use a Cricut or a Silhouette. Let us know. – [Joanne] Yeah, let us know which, which you use.
– Or a Brother ScanNCut, or, or, or, or. (laughs) – [Joanne] Whatever machine you use. Always curious to find out
who uses what type of machine. Okay, and I’m just
using our multiuse paper to put this on to save it for a while. So that’s another great
use of the multiuse paper. And I have this towel because it kind of reminds me
of my grandma a little bit. Put them on, put this on. – [Jessica] Where is your towel from? – This towel is from Ikea, but I’m sure you could find some similar at different places. This one’s an Ikea one. Wal-Mart has some that I’ve seen lately. Just they’re white, kind of the crinkly just a tea towel, not a tea towel. A flower sack towel. I don’t know if people will know what I’m talking about with that (laughs) but a flower sack towel. That would have been good to
put my grandma’s recipe on because that would have been something she would have used. – [Jessica] We got lots
of Cricuts, Silhouette, Silhouette, Silhouette, all the way. Brother ScanNCut. – Yay. – [Jessica] Elizabeth has
Maker still in the box. Get that baby out.
– Out of the box. Whatever machine you have,
get it out of the box. Okay, so now I’m ready to press it and I’m not gonna do
anything else with it. I’ve just got the cover sheet
here and I’m using my iron, so anybody can use this, can do this. – [Jessica] So I think I was up, I didn’t have the camera down. What have you got underneath you here? – [Joanne] Oh. Underneath it’s just a board that I wrapped with heat transfer cover sheets. And we’ve got those available as well. I just wrapped it because we needed, I needed a hard surface to
iron on and weary on the table, we don’t wanna melt the table at work. (laughing) So I just wrapped one of
those around the board and it has come in so handy
for a lot of different things. And then just put my, put my recipe on it and now I’m going to press
it with just the iron, so you can do this at home. And I’ve got my iron set just
below the cotton setting. A good way to test if
your iron is too hot, if you hit the corner of your sheet and it starts to crinkle,
then it’s way too hot. Just turn it down. This one’s doing fine and I’m not using a cover sheet. If you’ve got a cover sheet that comes with your iron on, that’s perfectly fine to use. If that makes you a little nervous, then you can go ahead and
use a cover sheet on it. So then just press it
down for a few seconds. Are there any other questions
that were coming in? – [Jessica] Ashley says this would make such a cool wedding gift. – [Joanne] Yeah, this would be great. – [Jessica] And we’ve
got more Cricuts, Makers, Maker, an Air 2, Silhouette, a Silhouette. So it’s a good mix. – [Joanne] Just press that down. I wanna make sure it got
all the little spots. Yeah, this would be a great
Mother’s Day, wedding gift, Mother’s Day gift, anything like that. So now the fun part. Did I miss a dot? Oh. – [Jessica] Did you say above
cotton setting or below? – [Joanne] Just below the cotton setting, but all irons are different, so you may wanna check your iron and do the test on the corner. But ours, we usually set just
below the cotton setting. So keep pulling this off,
I think I got them all. There we go. – [Jessica] Cute, cute. – [Joanne] And just for safe measure, I’m just gonna go over
it again really quick. There’s lots of teeny tiny lines on there. – [Jessica] Where was
your towel again from? Your towel? – [Joanne] The towel I
got at Ikea, there we go. The towel is from Ikea. – That is so-
– Here’s the recipe on it. – [Jessica] I’m gonna look closer. That is so awesome. – [Joanne] Just a fun gift idea. – [Jessica] So personalized. – If you’ve done one after
we’re done with this, go ahead and post it in the comments and let us see because we’d love to see what other people have done. If you’ve done something like this or converted handwriting as a project. That is so fun and easy to do. It does take a little time to cut, you gotta let it cut out and then a little time to weed, but it’s a labor of love and if you’re gonna use it as a gift, then it means that much more. So are there any other
questions out there? – [Jessica] Awesome, so
we’ve got a couple people that are just tuning in and wondering how you did the
first part, the writing part. – Oh, okay. I used Design Space for Cricut and I just had this recipe as a picture and imported the image and then take out any of the
pieces you don’t want cut, and then had it, change it to a cut file and then use it from there. And we’ll post in the comments, there’s a couple different
videos we’ve done. Starla’s done one with a
Silhouette and I’ve done some, or the beginning of this on the Cricut, so you can see the different ways to do it with both of those machines. But it’s an easy process and a fun process for a gift like this. – [Jessica] So fun, and
once you have the file, she did an adhesive project right here. – I wanted to do a different one. This is adhesive, not head transfer. And I showed at the beginning
how to do reverse weeding, so if you tuned in late, go back and watch this from the beginning and you can see how we
did the reverse weeding, which is a sanity saver (laughs) when you go to weed something
this small with adhesive. All of us have done it, it’s hard, and you pull up a word,
and you pull up a letter, and then, yeah, it ruins
your projects and your day. But reverse weeding is so much easier. It’s basically the same
as weeding heat transfer. If you’ve got more
questions, keep them coming. We’ll get on there and answer them and post those other links
to the products we used. This I just used the series 51 adhesive, which all adhesive is on sale right now. And the grid line transfer
tape, which is the fun one. It’s got the lines on it, so it’ll help you align your project if you are nervous about that and it’s also clear. And this is just the EasyWeed,
Siser EasyWeed on this towel. So grab yourself some
EasyWeed or some of that and your iron, and make a
fun project from a recipe. – [Jessica] Kathy says she loves it and Lisa says I’m so excited to make this, thank for showing. – I have a trivia question, though. If you watch a lot of our videos, there’s something in the background that gets moved every time a different person does a video. So if you know exactly what it is, I want you to say something. But in the background, there’s one thing that gets moved every time. So if you watch a lot of our videos, yeah, it’s gonna be different
for different people. (laughing) So if you know, let us know
what gets moved back there. So if you’ve got any other questions, leave them down below
and we’ll get to them and hopefully you guys
have a wonderful Friday. Share this with whoever wants
to do a project like this. If you’ve got friends who
wanna know how to do this go ahead and share this video and have fun making your projects. Have a good day, guys.

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