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Video Game Gunman David Katz Detailed Hatred for Mother in Handwritten Letter

it’s David Katz in his own words Katz then 16 years old sent a handwritten letter to the judge presiding over his parents bitter divorce case I hate her more than anything in the world he wrote about his mother I hate everything about her cats had severe mental issues and was treated at two mental hospitals as a teenager he also spent more than three months at this wilderness survival camp in Utah for troubled teens according to his parents divorce papers Katz was treated for schizophrenia with antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs David would go days without bathing would play video games until 4:00 a.m. on school nights would walk around the house in circles said the judge once when his mother hid his game controller he punched a hole in her bedroom door sometimes he’d curl up in a ball and sob forensic psychologist dr. Judy ho David was playing games for the majority of time that he was awake on some days I mean really he was playing games exclusive to the fact that he wasn’t even taking care of the rest of his life anymore he was failing school he wasn’t doing his homework he wasn’t engaging in the real world with anybody and this was really his entire identity Kevin osai who attended high school and the University of Maryland with Katz says Katz had an explosive temper if he got like upset he would get a vehement very upset you know all at once he was seeing the school counselor fairly often throughout pretty much like all of high school the shooting spree in Jacksonville is shedding light on the world of pro gaming now a 1 billion dollar industry this is the spectacular opening ceremony of a tournament for a game called League of Legends 360 million people worldwide watched the events stream live online last year three times as many as watched the Super Bowl [Music] you [Music]

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