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Using Vinyl to Make a Stencil for a Chalkboard

Using Vinyl to Make a Stencil for a Chalkboard

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jessica
with Expressions Vinyl, and I am going to show you today how to cheat on a chalkboard. So I have horrible handwriting, and there’s all these beautiful chalkboards on Pinterest that I cannot do. So I’m going to use my
silhouette cameo and cheat. So I’ve got my vinyl cut here, I am using our Series
31, it has a removable adhesive so it works great for stenciling. And since we are using it for a stencil, the color doesn’t matter, so you can just use a scrap piece left over from a different project. And as you’ll notice I am
weeding it out opposite, you would, if you were
using for, like a decal. So we’ve got that weeded out, and I’ll put my transfer
tape over the top. And these are really fun, you can use them for
weddings, or birthday parties, you can customize them however you want. Now we’re just going to
trim off our transfer tape, And you can use any
kind of chalk you want, you can use colored chalk, I like the plain white for this one. So I’m going to take my frame, and this is just a chalkboard frame I got from Hobby Lobby, and I am going to apply my vinyl to it. So I’m going to peel of
my vinyl from the backing and just make sure that
all my vinyl comes up. And lay it on my frame where I want it, make sure I get it straight, and then take my application tool and just make sure it’s rubbed down good. Okay, and now I’m just
going to take the corner and peel off my transfer tape, leaving my vinyl on the chalkboard. And you can tell I made a
little edge on each piece, so it didn’t go quite to the edge there, I needed a little room
for when I’m stenciling. So now I’m just going to take my chalk and fill it in all over, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, because you’re going to take your finger after this and rub it down. So just fill that in as much as you can. And this part does get a little messy, but it’s fun, so it’s okay. Make sure you get it rubbed
in all the little tiny cracks. Once I’ve got that filled
in really well all over, I’m just going to take my finger, and I’m going to rub
the chalk in even more, to make sure it gets a
nice, filled in look. And if it looks a little light to you, just take your chalk and go over it again and fill it in some more, and then rub it in with you finger. And this is fun too, you can mix your chalk
colors to make new colors. You could also use a chalk
pen, or a chalk marker. Alright, and once you
have it all filled in, now you’ll just peel off your vinyl. And when you peel it off, be careful not to touch
where you’ve chalked, and I like to take just a utility knife, or you could use an Exacto knife to peel, get your little middles out, And that is how you cheat on a chalkboard. Thank guys. (upbeat music)

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