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Using the Convert All to Curves Extension for CorelDRAW X8

Using the Convert All to Curves Extension for CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we’re going to examine
the Convert All to Curves Extension within CorelDRAW x8. The Convert to
Curve feature in CorelDRAW allows the user to convert an object or text to a
curved element. This new extension opens up a whole new set of possibilities. You can convert text included in groups, leaving power clip objects untouched, or
convert all text in groups and powerclips. Be it the current selection, on the
active page, or on all pages within a document. And all with a single click, while preserving the look of your
document when sharing it with others. You may also choose to display a dialog box that reports the total number of objects converted to curves. This is a free extension. To get it, go to
the welcome screen and select Get More. Click on extensions, and all you need to
do is click download. It’s a very quick install. Close this
palette off. I’m going to go to my sample file that I’ve opened up. In the sample
file, you’ll see that I have text elements on this page, here I have
contours, as well as a five-pointed star, and groups of objects. These are a series of ellipses, here we
have grouped objects, as well as ungrouped objects. I have drop shadows, contours, and
blends, and then the final page I have a power clip with text contained
within that power clip. Let’s go back to my first page. To access the extension, from the Tools menu, go down to Macros and Run Macro. In the run macro dialog
box under Macros In, I’m going to select Convert All to Curves, and then simply click on run. Again, here you have the option to select the types of objects that you want to convert, be it in groups, or groups and
power clips. You’ll notice that it’s detected I have
a six-page document and I can dictate which page or pages I want to modify. I’ll simply click on
convert. It’s going to go through the entire document and convert all of these
elements to curves. That’s all there is to it. A hundred fifty
eight items processed on six pages. I’ll click OK. Now on this last page this is my power clip. I’m going to a control click on this powerclip, and that allows me to go into the Edit state of the power clip. You’ll notice that here my text is now a group of two objects. If I ungroup this, you can see it is no longer text, it’s actually a curve within that container. With a control click outside to remove
myself from the power clip container, and go back to the beginning of the document. Very quick and very easy to convert a single page, multi-page document to
curves so if you do have to share it with a colleague, maybe a print shop and they do not have
the fonts it won’t be an issue at their end. If you enjoyed this tutorial and you’re
looking for additional resources, head on over to the discovery center at You’ll also find a number of regularly
scheduled training events, Corel customer forums, as well as my book
entitled Bring it Home with CorelDRAW: A Guide to In-House Graphic Design and The
Essentials of CorelDRAW x8 from Thanks for watching! what yeah

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